Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden is one of those actresses we often see in films and can only remember them as "oh crap..what else have I seen her in".  I never truly realized just how many horror related roles she's played.  Recently, she played the older sister of our favorite blonde sister duo on AMC's The Walking Dead.  However, we're more likely to remember her from her roles in The Mist, Silent Hill, and The X-Files

Laurie has a dual citizenship in both Canada as well as The United States.  Her parents were both actors and her brother is an actor/assistant director.  Oh yeah, and her grandmother is Gloria freaking Holden.  Like most children of entertainment parents, she began her career as a child.  Holden traveled the world with her family on various locations growing up and got her first break as Rock Hudson's daughter in the Ray Bradbury sci-fi mini-series The Martian Chronicles.  As it turns out, the young actress who was cast to play Mr. Hudson's daughter suddenly fell through, and at the tender age of six Laurie was thrown in to take over.  She got her BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA and there was awarded the prestigious Natalie Wood Acting Award.

Laurie is an extremely diverse actress and has given solid performances in just about everything she's done thus far. A lot of people disliked her interpretation of Cybill Bennett in Silent Hill, but I found her to be very powerful and convincing.  It wasn't until her roles in The Mist and The Walking Dead that I truly began to respect her.  I will say though, one of her eyebrows is always raised higher than the other. :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Around 3pm or so today, I had my very first experience with a car accident.  My best friend, her roommate, and myself were going on an adventure to buy a couch for her new apartment.  As we pulled out of my driveway, a white truck that had just driven past us, switched into reverse and floored it.  Turns out he was trying to catch up with his friend down the block, but never thought to look in his mirror for cars assuming he'd continue going straight (considering driving backwards more than 15 feet is illegal).  Regardless, he didn't look, and he smashed right into us.  I can honestly say that I've never been more scared in my entire life.  It felt like everything was in slow motion.  By some act of the universe, I noticed that his point of impact was going to be right next to me, I undid my seat-belt, and I jumped like hell into the next seat.  Next thing we knew, the door was folded in on my lap, and we were covered in window glass.  I'm not injured, except a SWEET bruise on my leg, but my friend's car is most likely totaled (RIP Gladys). 

You know when you watch a movie and you watch the people look at the camera while a car is coming in behind them and you want to scream but you know it's not going to stop the car from hitting them? That is exactly, 100% what it felt like today.  I could barely muster words to warn my friends of our impending trauma, but I could see her looking at me, while a white Chevy Truck was giving me the eye. I've always been pretty panicky about car crash scenes in movies, and that was before I realized how dead on (pun intended) their filming was.  I mean, hell, I just pulled out yet ANOTHER shard of window from my scarf as I'm typing this. 

I've made mention plenty of times before that the premonition scene in Final Destination 2 is quite possibly the scariest car wreck scene of all time.   There's something so unbelievably horrifying about the whole ordeal.  FD is famous for having some of the most unthinkable deaths in horror history, but this car wreck is extremely realistic.  To quote the movie Jawbreaker "They'll believe it because it's their worst nightmare".  That statement rings absofckinglutely true.  You watch these insane car wrecks in horror movies with trains, pile ups, logs through windshields, and our hearts begin racing a mile a minute. Why? Because this is one of the times in horror films where the actions could very easily happen to us.  What's the likelihood that a masked murder is going to kill us while babysitting because we happen to be their long lost sister? Slim to none.  What are the odds that we'll be in a car accident? Well, there's someone injured in a car accident every 14 I'm going to go out on a limb and say the odds are pretty high. 
 My friends, this is one of those times where watching horror movies pays off.  I've seen enough terrible car accidents to know to move out of the way if you think someone is coming towards you.  When I saw that bumper rearing towards us, the first image that came in my mind was from the remake of Last House On The Left when the truck just smashes into the cop car.  While injured badly, the one who was further from impact was still alive.  That scene alone seriously prevented me from any serious injury.  If I hadn't moved over, I would have definitely done some major damage.

Moral of the story: 

Monday, December 20, 2010

BLACK SWAN: Can Aronofsky Shine Oscar Light To The Forgotten Genre?

I've mentioned on DotW before that I've never been one to enjoy posting reviews (as I find them to be repetitive after a while) on my personally run blog, but sometimes a film comes along that deserves its page in the spotlight. A week or so ago I mentioned my desire to see the ballet thriller Black Swan. Well, I've seen the film and putting together words even somewhat worthy to describe this film is going to be extremely difficult.
Darren Aronofsky has recently garnered the utmost respect of thriller/psychological/horror cinephiles everywhere with his masterpiece Black Swan.  This film, which was arguably the most highly anticipated film of the year, was finally released to the public and welcomed with an overabundance of positive reviews.  I waited (in vain) to finally give my mind a sensation that hadn't been experienced since 2008.  Let me tell was well worth the wait.  Not since Let The Right One In has a film been able to draw me in to the magnitude that Black Swan has.  Strangely enough, the two most powerful films I've seen in the past 10 years are both films that dabble in the horror genre.  Aronofsky is no stranger to creating films that fester within the very depths of the psyche, but Black Swan is in an absolute league of its own.  Last year at the Oscars, the Academy paid tribute to the horror genre and even admitted to looking past some of the greatest cinematic masterpieces simply because they are tagged under "horror".  Sans the Twilight reference, the Academy did showcase films like Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, The Shining, JAWS, and The Silence of the Lambs, which leads me to believe they actually do share an affinity for quality films...regardless of genre.  There were plenty of films left out, sure, but the power of Black Swan is something the academy cannot ignore.  Unlike the snuffed over LTROI, Black Swan is in English, and very well may be the film to wake up the Academy to an under-appreciated sub-genre of films.
Perfectionist ballerina, Nina Sayers, is the absolute personification of every overworked ballet dancer.  Nina is timid, fragile, soft-spoken, and yet extremely dedicated.  She lives with her overbearing mother, a former ballet dancer who ended her non-existent career in place of giving birth to Nina and establishing herself as the typical "mother living her dreams through her child" persona.  Although dedicating her entire life to the art of ballet, Nina has an incredibly difficult time showcasing any sort of passion through her performances.  Concentrating solely on aesthetics, Nina has technique out of this world...but no emotion.  The dance company's upcoming season will open with “Swan Lake” and they’ll need to cast a new lead to play the Swan Queen. The role of The Swan Queen requires a dancer with the ability to transform between a dual role as both the virginal White Swan and her tauntingly seductive twin sister, the Black Swan. Nina completely embodies the White Swan flawlessly, but to pull off the Black Swan she’ll have to find a new form of perfection from within.
Coming from a film reviewer with a dance background and a 16 + year dedication to baton twirling for a world renown company, I can verify that the emotional turmoil Natalie Portman portrays as Nina Sayers is 100% on par.  Honestly, I may have found this film twice as scary as the average viewer, because I've met girls just like Nina.  Aronofsky showed the world the horrifying truth behind performance artists of all sorts, and he did it horrifically accurate.  I can personally admit to experiencing a loss of reality after throwing myself completely into a performance.  I could almost empathize with Nina with the question not if she was going to succeed in her role...but if she was going to survive it.
While Natalie Portman was the clear-cut star as Nina Sayers, I was surprisingly floored by Mila Kunis' portrayal of Lily, the Black Swan to Nina's White Swan.  Unfortunately, I have a difficult time disassociating actors from notable roles.  When it comes to Mila Kunis, I look at her and immediately picture her trying to seduce William Shatner in American Psycho 2.  I can't help it.  Every role I've seen her in after AP2, I've immediately resorted to that character.  I don't know if it was the way her character was introduced, or the incredibly intricate tattoo on her back, but I believed her character through and through.  The role of Lily isn't an easy one to play, as she is constantly the center of Nina's possible hallucinations.  Both of the women were remarkably brilliant and deserve the absolute highest honors.
Black Swan was easily the best film of 2010, and definitely one of the best films of the past ten years.  An eerily beautiful glimpse into the dangerous world of professional performers, Aronofsky's masterpiece turned the cinematic world back into one of quality filmmaking.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have no idea how I hadn't seen this until recently. I seriously almost peed my pants and I firmly believe that this is better than the actual film.
Tosh.0Tosh Tuesdays 9pm / 8c
Spoiler Alert - Human Centipede - Uncut
Tosh.0 VideosDaniel ToshWeb Redemption

Oh, and I'm marrying Daniel Tosh.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


You've seen her plastered all over my dastardly Obi-Wan's blog, The Vault of Horror, and I found it fitting to honor the leading lady of the Village Invasion for the welcome back edition of Woman of the Week.  The ever eloquent and always smashing zombie queen, Cruella Moxam has slowly been taking over the internet as we know it.  She's been heading zombie walks, posing for promotional calendars with B-Sol himself, and generating quite the army of "kittens".  As stated with an interview with the Captain herself, she's on a mission to bring tourism to Saugerties and is hoping her undead army is going to do exactly that.  From the amount of attention she's been generating lately, I think that she's been dripping from the mouths of horror fanatics everywhere.  

Cruella is obviously not her real name, but I won't dare be the one to unmask the sultry Saugerties undead queen.  She masterminded the whole Captain Cruelle character last July when she was starting up the Village Invasion, and in five months since she created the FB persona, she's accumulated over 1,500 friends. She's been featured in the local media, papers, television, and has become something of a social media phenomenon.  Armed with her trusty (and busty) captain's jacket and her trademarked Marilyn Manson-esque eyes, Captain Cruella is quite the sight to see.  Whether she's rocking rotting flesh, fresh wounds, a Vault of Horror t-shirt, or even her "side jaw missing", Captain Cruella is representing the undead army in the best sense one can.  
The Good Captain & B-Sol of The Vault of Horror for their calendar

It's not easy leading an army of the living dead, but Captain Cruella does it with style. The Captain of the Carnivorous Cadavers is a social networking mastermind, using her formidable powers to single-handedly put together last October's Village Invasion zombie crawl and December's Ghoul's Yule--both in idyllic Saugerties, New York. When she's not hard at work in her efforts toward world domination, Cruella is effortlessly cementing her position as the hottest zombie broad on the planet. Her presence grows by the day, with more public appearances than you can shake a severed limb at, plus a brand new website, Cruella's Crypt. This undead diva is definitely one to watch.

Friday, December 10, 2010


As I noted yesterday, 2010 wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Since 2011 is peeking its head around the corner, I had full intent to write a letter to the delightful 2011 year.  Yet, you all gobble up lists like Four Loko the day before the ban takes I've whipped one up for you.  This may be a bit cynical, and it may be a bit sarcastic, but it's  absotively exactly what I'm expectingcraving for this upcoming year.

1) I WANT A REMAKE THAT DOESN'T SUCK. We got lucky, VERY lucky with Let Me In. With the overwhelming amount of remakes in the near future, the least filmmakers can do is provide us with a remake that doesn't suck harder than Khloe Kardashian after a Lakers victory.

Someone asked me the other day what my obsessive deal was when it comes to wanting things not to suck.  Sorry for wanting quality films?  I guess?  Either way, I love everything SH related and I've been waiting for the sequel for far too long.  It would be nice if it wasn't muff cabbage.

Is that really too much to ask for? Children of the Corn has become the "Land Before Time" of horror films.  THEY JUST WON'T STAY DEAD.

I may have been slacking off a bit when it comes to my Terrible Poster Tuesday series, but I have a deep and abiding affection for beautiful poster art.  I haven't been as blown away by poster art in a long while.  This year seemed to be extremely lackluster and photoshop driven...let's see if we can fix that.  My suggestion is that we put an ad out for hipster kids armed with old school cameras everywhere and promise them an endless supply of scarves for every good picture they can take on set and turn into a poster.  When they ask for scarves, just tell them you recommended it ironically. Hipsters love irony.

I'm not approving of this whole waitingtiloctoberforseasontwo nonsense.  It's ridiculous.  It's not like I'm going to protest outside AMC or go on a hunger strike...I'm just going to be bouncing impatiently until October like that of a child dragged to the mall for back to school shopping after drinking four boxes of Juicy Juice and denied a bathroom until they pick out what pair of tennis shoes they're going to scuff up first.  I blame Obama.

I'm all for Elizabeth (Ramona Flowers) Winstead to get more horror roles, but the fact the industry has decided to create a prequel for a near-perfect film makes me want to commit despicable de-bearding a mall Santa in front of a crowd of small children the night before Christmas. I am praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster as hard as humanly possible for this film to fall apart and never see the light of day. Part of the beauty of that damn creature is not knowing what the hell it is.  Yet, thanks to idiot American mindsets, we have to know what it is...I'm pretty sure its going to successfully be shown and Wilford Brimley is going to roll in his diabeetus driven grave.

That's really all there is to it. I'm over everyone else.  I can't remember a time (recently) where there was a horror actress who starred in predominately horror films, and was much more than just a pretty face.  I'm sorry, but Shawnee Smith has less emotional delivery than a jar of mayonnaise.  I'm sick of horror films being centered around these gorgeous women who can't do anything more than scream high pitched and look constipated.  Hell, most child actors have more delivery than half the girls cast in horror films.  I'm aware that boobs go with blood better than paper cranes and the number one thousand...but can we please remember that in movies people have to, I don't know...ACT?!

This branches off of the last one, but can we start casting stupid teenagers who are acting like stupid teenagers and not...themselves?
I'll be the first to say it...I'm SICK of slashers, haunting, and exorcisms.  We seem to go back to our roots often enough with remakes and such, but never seem to pay homage to the very films that spawned the genre.  There is nothing more I want from this genre than a new monster.  Monsters are the things that used to freak us out as children, and I'm sure there's SOME undergrown Lovecraftian creature just begging to be let out.

Darren Aronofsky came damn close in this department, but I would love to see another intelligent and moving horror film.  The horror genre tends to be seen as nothing more than boobs, blood, zombies, and jump scares. If we want to be taken seriously, we sort of have to play the game.  The better quality of films we crank out, the more money we'll be given to create more films, etc. etc. etc.  It's all a big game, and we need to start playing.  LTROI became a cult hit, yes, but we need to step up our game and produce more films like it.

Okay, not really. I just want to break 1,000,000 hits...
and 1,000 friends of Day of the Woman on Facebook.
I know, huge dream...but I think we can make it happen!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The time has come the walrus said, to bitch and moan about the previous year!  Hello my darling Womanizers, it has gotten close enough to the new year (and without anything else major being released before the new year), where I can make an excuse to rant about the wonderful attributes and tragic disasters in the horror world throughout 2010.

With vampire fever at an all time high, it seemed that every company was cranking out a vampire movie at the start of the new year.  While some poor excuses for cinematic experiences were spoon-fed to us, there were the few that actually made a decent impact.  Surprisingly enough, I was a large fan of the vampire flick Daybreakers.  Go ahead, throw your stones, but I found it to bring something tastefully delightful to our fanged fiends and I'll watch anything with Willem DaFoe in it...I'm including Antichrist.

In contrast, the third installment of Twatlight was released, and sane persons everywhere were suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to self-inflict paper cuts on their eyelids.  I'd be more excited for 2011 to bring the end of this shitstorm, but copying even MORE from the perfect wizard series...they've split the final chapter into two parts.  May God have mercy on our souls.

THANK MY LUCKY STARS FOR AMC.  I've gone on record multiple times on how every television series AMC creates tends to be perfection in a can.  After the epic failure of just about every horror television series in the history of the boob tube, AMC transformed the popular comic series The Walking Dead into a highly successful television series.  After only 6, hour long episodes, viewers everywhere are HOOKED and impatiently anticipating the following season.  Which we're not going to get until AMC's fearfest in October of 2011.

It didn't suck, but I'll be honest...I'm not to thrilled with this season of Dexter.  I mean, I know it's got to be difficult trying to top last season and it's heart wrenching finale, but I'm not a fan of Julia Stiles, and I'm not digging this season.  Whatever, sue me.

Just a few short weeks ago, the horror world was forced to say good-bye to one of the original scream queens and undeniable queen of Hammer Horror.  Ingrid Pitt, star of The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula, and Beyond the Rave, passed away on November 23rd, at the age of 73.  My sincerest apologies for not doing a write-up on her earlier, but I've never been one to know what to say during a time of mourning.

Wanna know what won't fucking die? Twilight.  Sorry, I know I mentioned it already, but I felt that making another statement might add a little emphasis.  The day I can go without having to see some little "fangbanger" desiring some glitter to match their caterpillar brows, is a day that can not come soon enough.

In remake news, the remake of the classic slasher A Nightmare on Elm Street may have been one of the worst films ever made.  Not only did they get their actors from the rejected audition tapes from High School Musical, but they screwed with the storyline, nay, THE HEART of Freddy Fucking Krueger to the point of no return.  My God.  I know the film industry hasn't been losing money to the economy problem THAT bad...but what would possess a person to destroy something so iconic and wonderful to such a degree?  What was so horrid that happened to you as a child that garnered you the skill to ruin this?!  I wish I could thank Jackie Earl Hayley, but I'm pretty sure he borrowed his voice from Christian Bale...yikes.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Let Me In wasn't awful.  It pains me to admit that quite possibly the greatest horror film ever made, spawned a decently stellar remake.  While it in no way compares to the brilliance of its predecessor, it did however earn Matt Reeves a gold star in my book.

Speaking of other delightful things that make me feel like cupcake sprinkles and pegasus feathers...THE SAW FRANCHISE HAS FINALLY DIED.  I swear to God if this 3-D crap was an elaborate hoax to add more films...I'm crackin' skulls.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Shabbat Shalom Mothafuckaaas! In celebration of the start of the Festival of Lights and the return of The Vault of Horror and Brutal as Hell's Lucky 13 horror film spectaculathon, today, Day of the Woman is gettin' Torah style Horror up in here.  The Vault of Horror and Brutal as Hell were asking people to write posts on their favorite Jewish horror director, and I quite frankly can't pin-point just one.  I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to the backgrounds of my directors, I don't know jack.  I must have spent about forty-five minutes a'googalin' around teh interwebz looking for more than the three Jewish horror directors I could think of off the top of my head.  After my escapades around the triple-w, I just cut my losses and decided that instead of wearing myself thin about a ton of directors I could care less about, I've decided to just focus my time and energy on the three I feel most passionate about.

Okay, so I'm sort of splitting hairs on this one considering Cronenberg has denounced his Jewish faith and identifies himself as an Atheist.  Regardless, he was raised in a Jewish household and that's good enough for me.  Cronenberg is easily the king of venereal horror films.  No one can make a film as gruesomely intelligent as Cronenberg.  His films often times explored the fear factors humans possess when it comes to infection and bodily transformations.  Coming from someone with an uncontrollable fear of being diagnosed with Leprosy, he hits the nail on the head every. single. time.  A small little tidbit is that Cronenberg was considered to be the director for Return of the Jedi, I can honestly say that the world wouldn't have been able to handle that much awesome in one film, and the results would have been the equivalent to dividing by I guess it's a good thing he didn't pick up that job.  Cronenberg will forever be the king of body horror
Oh, Eli Roth, you sexy sexy bear jew, you.  As much as the world is fully aware of how much of a douchebag you are in real life, I can't take away the fact that you directed some of the most highly thought of horror films of the last decade.  Personally, I disliked Hostel, but I'd be a fool if I denied the fact that his films have developed an almost cult-like following.  Roth definitely has a fiery passion for the genre and for that, he has my respect.  As for his actions on twitter towards other horror journalists...he's on the fence ;)
Alright, Sam Raimi is the God of my world.  He gave me our savior, Bruce Campbell, and his Necronomicon Ex Mortis serves as my Holy Word.  There is absolutely nothing that this man touches that didn't turn to perfection.  I'm including Spider-Man 3. There, I said it.


The biggest perk of running this here ol' blog is that amongst the crap DVD's and the less than stellar screeners, something beautiful is given to me that I will cherish for a lifetime.  In the same scenario as the last time Marcus Hearn forced me to fall in love with him, I checked my mail only to find a white piece of paper signaling a pending package awaiting behind the desk. When the large box was placed on the desk, I honestly had no idea what it had contained.  I receive an abundance of free swag, and I often times forget when I'm actually waiting for something.  Let's just say, Titan Books has honestly a tighter hold on my heart than most of the people I interact with on a daily basis.  Their last book, Hammer Glamour, was a look at the gorgeous and infamous women of the Hammer Horror films.  Now, they have sent yet another fabulous book entitled The Art Of Hammer, an archive of the stunning poster art of Hammer Horror films.

"The Art of Hammer is the first ever collection of rare and iconic Hammer film posters, with nearly 300 examples drawn from Hammer’s own archive and private collections from around the world [Titan Books, Oct 2010, $29.95]! Hammer is almost as well known for the way it promoted its films as for the films themselves. The legendary British production company supported each new release with eye-catching posters that have become classics of their kind. Licensed by Coolabi, fully authorized by Hammer Films Productions Ltd and annotated by acclaimed historian Marcus Hearn, (author of the recent bestseller Hammer Glamour) The Art of Hammer is a testament to the company’s pioneering mastery of film promotion, and a celebration of movie art at its best! Over fifty years ago, with the release of The Curse of Frankenstein and Christopher Lee’s iconic performance in Dracula, Hammer Films established itself as an institution and became the most successful British film company of all time. Now, revamped for the 21st Century, Hammer Film Productions Ltd are producing a slate of new movies. The first of these, Let Me In, is due to be released this autumn!" (-From the Press Release).
The Art of Hammer is available now and you can purchase your own

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It doesn't happen too often where I find myself absolutely flabbergasted by a film's trailer.  As expected, trailers tend to be filled with the best parts of the movies, leaving the films themselves less than to be desired.  To come across a trailer that leaves behind a sense of wonderment and intrigue, is the equivalent of witnessing the planets align overhead.  However, it would seem that master filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky has concocted a most suburb trailer only to be paired with a film bursting with positive reviews.  I'll be honest, I cannot remember a time when I was this excited over a film.  From what I've been picking up from trusted colleagues and internet gossip, this may be the closest thing to a horror film to take home an Oscar in years.  Natalie Portman is easily one of the best actresses of the last decade, and to see her tackle such a commanding role has completely overwhelmed me with excitement.  This film looks beautiful, horrifying, sensual, and impacting, all tied up with the grace of Cyd Charisse. 
The film doesn't open until December 3rd and I won't have an opportunity to see it until much later, (thanks to attending a state school in the middle of NOWHERE, Illinois) but I've actually been contemplating taking a drive up to the big ol' Chicago just to indulge into a quality film. I was tweeting like crazy the other day trying to nab a screener, but alas...I'll have to wait patiently like the rest of the world. Damn.


Monthly Genre celebration BLEEDFEST FILM FESTIVAL announces schedule for its Thriller installment December 5th, 2010 

The schedule for the highly anticipated second BleedFest Film Festival has been announced. It includes a dozen female filmmakers' short films and concludes with international genre superstar's Caroline Du Potet's thriller feature IN THEIR SLEEP, her follow up to the sensational and disturbing INSIDE.

Special guests sitting in their own VIP section include World Famous Scream Queens/producers Michelle Tomlinson and Tara Cardinal, prominent journalist/filmmaker Heidi Martinuzzi, Emmy winning filmmaker Barbara Stepansky, and horror filmmaking duo Marichelle and Drew Daywalt.

The Bleedy Award, a bronze statue designed by Neal Harvey of, will finally be revealed in a video presentation at the Awards Ceremony. It will be awarded to the In Competition short voted on by the audience, and to the feature IN THEIR SLEEP. All films screened will receive an award certificate and Winner laurels to add to their publicity.

The In Competition category is comprised of five short films by female writer/directors. They are BAD GIRLS by the Soska Sisters (sensational feature films DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK and AMERICAN MARY), ALGESIA by Cathy Alberich, DEAD BOYFRIENDS by Xstine Cook, MOCKINGBIRD by Marichelle Daywalt, and MORBID CURIOUSITY by Cindy Baer (acclaimed feature film PURGATORY HOUSE).

The Out of Competition block screens short films produced and/or written by women. December's BleedFest will feature SCREAM MACHINE written by Julia Camara (screenwriter of Spring 2010's Brazillian sci-fi blockbuster AREA Q), and UP UNDER THE ROOF produced by Danielle Stallings.

The Works in Progress section of BleedFest gives the audience top secret first looks at short films by several acclaimed female filmmakers including an Emmy winner, and are screening unofficially to get editing feedback from the audience of genre lovers and and generate buzz with BleedFest's press partners.

The festival will have two Open Bar sessions featuring free wine and beer, giving the audience a crucial chance to network. During these breaks, BleedFest will screen trailers of upcoming genre films (World famous Tara Cardinal's actioner LEGEND OF THE RED REAPER, and trailers of genre work that is now available online (Marion Kerr's acclaimed feature GOLDEN EARRINGS Music videos by Sophia Segal will also be played at this time.

BleedFest's coveted Partnership Award is bestowed each month to a male filmmaker whose genre film has captured the spirit of BleedFest in its unusual, bold, and refreshing female protagonist. The recipient of December's Partnership Award is feature filmmaker Dave Reda, whose music video THE HORROR OF OUR LOVE will screen.

BleedFest has a red carpet, an event photographer, a VIP Guest section, and an open bar for only ten dollars cash at the door. You may buy half price tickets at Goldstar the week before the event, and can get two tickets for $12 by donating to their IndieGoGo campaign or using the PayPal link on

Local renowned artist Kami Lerner will be present with a display of paintings and jewelry available for purchase.

Festival founders and directors Elisabeth Fies and Brenda Fies are a filmmaking duo whose critically acclaimed feature thriller THE COMMUNE was embraced by the genre community in 2009 and 2010. They are thrilled to be filling a hole in the community by providing access to fantastic genre content by indie female filmmakers, and to disprove the widely spread myth that there are no female filmmakers making indie genre. Explains Elisabeth Fies about the discrepancy between reality and industry attention for genre female filmmakers, "It's not even about being taken seriously. It's about being discounted to the point that you're invisible and told you don't exist. BleedFest aims to prove to the world that hundreds of us ovary-challenged filmmakers are here, and we're making bold, exciting movies filmlovers need and don't want to miss. We're positive, we're fun, we're in partnership with men, and we're unstoppable." The Fies Sisters thank everyone for the outpouring of support and excitement about BleedFest that helped them reach their IndieGoGo fundraising campaign in under two weeks. 

Sunday December 5th, 2010
TIME: 11am-3:30pm 
Location: CAP Theatre
13752 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
$10 cash at door for all day ticket and open bar

Schedule subject to change, personal appearances dependent on schedule:
11am-11:15 Mixer and greeting

Works in progress:
Titles are top secret and will be revealed at event
(32 minutes)

11:40-12:00 break (open bar)

In Competition:
ALGESIA by Cathy Alberich (15 minutes) Q & A
MOCKINGBIRD by Marichelle Daywalt (3 minutes) Q & A
MORBID CURIOUSITY by Cindy Baer (6 minutes) Q & A
DEAD BOYFRIENDS by Xstine Cook (7 minutes) 
BAD GIRLS by The Soska Sisters (7 minutes) 
(39 minutes)

Ballots collected from audience

Partnership Screening and Award:
THE HORROR OF OUR LOVE by Dave Reda (6 minutes) 

1:05-1:25pm open bar

Out of Competition:
SCREAM MACHINE Written by Julia Camara (15 minutes) 
UP UNDER THE ROOF Produced by Danielle Stallings (20 minutes) 

Reveal of the new Bleedy Award design
Bleedy present to the Audience's choice 


IN THEIR SLEEP (90 minutes)

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