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AMC launched my favorite weekly film celebration of the year with their Halloween marathon.  They play the very best in all things Michael Myers by showing the films from the first through the fifth (yes, including Season of the Witch).  Not only does this excite me by spoon feeding my five of my favorite slasher films of all time, but I also get the opportunity to remember how freaking adorable Danielle Harris was as a child.  Now, we all know that Danielle Harris transformed from a poorly cut banged little darling into a steaming hot slice of sex...but what about the rest of the horror kids we know and love?  This is going to be a new trend that shows up from time to time, so expect to see others show up in the near future! Inspired by Danielle Harris and my overabundance of watching VH1, here's the "Where Are They Now?" of children in horror films.  [NOTE: I'm doing ones that aren't dead, well known (Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymoore, etc), aren't super notorious (Kyra Schon etc.), aaaaand I'm only picking five for today.]

DANNY PINTAURO known for Cujo
We can all remember the scared and frightened little boy being terrorized by Stephen King's little pup, or at least acting as the adorable little tyke in the popular sitcom Who's The Boss.  Pintauro didn't get nearly as much credit for his acting chops as a kid, but in response has done primarily stage work.  In 1997, Pintauro took a brave step and came out of the closet as an openly Gay man.  Shortly following, a large scandal occurred when very suggestive and very VERY nude photos of Pintauro surfaced all over the place.  He received a bit of a backlash and hasn't been getting nearly as much work as he could be.  Some people just can't overcome that 'child star' curse.


MEGAN BURNS known for 28 Days Later...
When it came to Danny Boyle's new-age zombierage infected outbreak film, genre enthusiasts quickly fell in love with the character driven masterpiece.  With an incredibly strong cast, many people were thrilled with the performance from Megan Burns as what seemed to be the youngest person in all of Britain, Hannah.  Hannah's character had to endure everything from survival, losing her father, watching her father turn into a zombierage infected creature, and the possibility of being raped by the British Armed forces.  Unless you know better, you'd probably recognize her more as the front woman for the Goth-Pop UK sensation, Betty Curse.  I'll be honest, I had no freaking clue that little ol' Hannah turned into the raven haired sultress.  Now, the lyrics of Betty Curse are a little too Hot Topic for me, but she's developed quite the following of angsty teens over in the UK, so she seems to be doing pretty well for herself.

MIKO HUGHES known for Pet Sematary
Although potentially going down in history as the cutest child to chop an Achilles tendon, Miko Hughes was one of the more predominant child actors of the late eighties and early nineties.  He seemed to be "that cute kid" with guest roles in tons of movies and plenty of television sitcoms.  (Including playing the son of Nancy Thompson, herself).  There's just something about a little boy with big brown eyes and dimples that just made audiences want to kidnap him and keep him in their pockets.  I mean, look at him!  He's about to take a scalpel to his dad and I still want to catch toads in the backyard with him.  He's had the occasional work here and there, but nothing comes even close to his winning streak as a child.  Maybe he had an awkward stint in puberty or something, because all grown up...he's kind of a babe. Granted he's got a babyface still but...I digress. Now, he's a DJ, a blogger, a dance dance revolution enthusiast, and...a beekeeper.  Yeah, you heard me.  Baby Gage, is a friggen bee-keeper. *********************************************************

DANNY LLOYD known for The Shining
His first, best, most iconic, and the role that is probably still paying the bills for him, was portraying the son of Jack Nicholson in The Shining.  Although unaware he was acting in a horror film, Danny Lloyd's performance gave an entirely new meaning to "Red Rum" and made it incredibly horrifying for children to run around hotels for the rest of eternity.  Hell, I'm a firm believer that one of the scariest scenes in Kubrick's masterpiece is when the film cuts away to Lloyd screaming and immediately cuts back to the original scene.  That kid has the scariest looking expression when he screams.  Next to potentially The Grady sisters from the same film, the character of Danny Torrence may be one of the creepiest child performances known to man.  Since scaring the sheets off of generations (and generations to come), Lloyd has become a teacher/professor of the hard sciences in the Midwest.  He has been known to hit up a convention or two throughout the years, but his primary concern has been his students. Here's hoping he doesn't foam at the mouth for texting in class.

JOHN FRANKLIN known for Children of the Corn
Alright, this one is a bit of a "trick answer", but my rules.  I take back my previous statement about Danny Lloyd, John Franklin is the CREEPIEST horror film portrayal by a "child", ever.  Maybe it's because he suffers from a growth hormone deficiency so I know that behind that 8 year old face is someone closer to around 24, or maybe it's because he has these piercing eyes that look like they could shoot lasers into your soul, either way, he's fucking horrifying.  John Franklin struck terror into the minds of adults everywhere as the child preacher, Isaac.  He also provided the voice for the literal Good Guy doll in Child's Play, Cousin Itt in two Addams Family films, and was later the bellhop in Tower of Terror.  Backtracking to what I mentioned earlier, Franklin was actually no kid when he played Isaac.  He already had obtained a BFA in Theatre and Teaching before getting cast as Isaac.  I have to hand it to him, for being nearly 24 years old, he played a damn convincing child.  Franklin has since settled down with his life partner, David, and teaches theatre at a high school in California.  

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Cortez The Killer said...

Great new feature. Can't wait to check out future posts.

I just read about the kiddo from Troll 2. Don't want to spoil anything in case you already have him in mind. But he's doing some really cool stuff.

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Great post!!

I met Danielle Harris actually. Shes a sweetheart in person. I got a pic from when I met her in my slideshow here:

John Franklin in Children of the Corn was amazing! Seriously.. totally creeped me out when I was younger!

Monster Scholar said...

Great line up! John Franklin wins hands down for me.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Imagine being taught by John Franklin?! I'd probably be too creeped out to go to class.

deadlydolls said...

Neat! VH1 did a special on these horror kids a few years back, fun stuff. I remember Gage talking about how the movie made him a lot of residuals and gave him the freedom to do what he wanted, so good on him. Plus, he was the tiny kid in Kindergarten Cop!

I look forward to hearing from lil Alex Vincent one of these days. And I totally never knew Malachi was the Good Guy!

Hud said...

Isaac is so creepy. Actually, it's the frisbee-like hat that does it, I think.

Unknown said...

i loved this post

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