Thursday, October 14, 2010


I complain more than anyone else I know around the Halloween season about my lack of creative ideas, and especially my lack of fundage.  Thanks to the insufferable Kristy Jett, she has shown me the way to obscure costume designs for extremely cheap.  Over at founditemclothing, they've compiled a snazzy 80's inspired Halloween costume guide, with the use of shirts you can buy at founditemclothing!  They specialize in iconic shirts from cult movies of yesteryear, so unlike that slutty ladybug costume you had your eye on, you can continue to be Cameron Frye or Nigel Tufnel all year long!

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Annika Petersson said...

Hey you, I was searching for a Halloween-costume on google and accidentally found your blog! Your blog is exactly the kind I´ve been looking for, you cant imagine how excited I got!

I´ve always loved Horror, when I was small and all the other girls where drawing Princesses I would draw Vampires, Ghosts and Frankensteins Monster. Then I read loads of Goosebumps-books; you probably know them, written by R.L. Stine. Then I started to secretly sneak downstairs at night to watch horrormovies on TV and yeah, my love for horror grows stronger every year!

It´s great to read about Horror from a female point of view, because as you said the Horror industry is extremely male dominated.

Looking forward to follow your blog! Do you have a fanpage on Facebook?

/ Annika from Sweden

Annika said...

Well I´m obviously retarded, NOW I saw your "Contact me" box with a facebook-link.
SO just pretend I never asked you about that...

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