Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bollywood culture has always been something my worldly little interests have been peaked by, so when I was informed one of the highest grossing Bollywood films of 2010 was a Christmas themed thriller, I had to dive right in and see what all the talk was about.  While I was less than thrilled with the results, I was gleaming with delight when I discovered the shiteous poster and knew that the return of Terrible Poster Tuesday just HAD to be with this one.

I would like to know who the frack came up with the unwritten rule of reflections on a knife blade.  This concept has worked ONCE and it was with American Psycho.  Seriously, this looks ridiculous.  Are you really going to tell me that these six people stood in a totem pole and put on their best pouty model faces while awaiting their doom from a Bollywood Santa?  Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Can we also discuss the fact the blade doesn't look like it has a handle?  The photoshopping is so terrible, it looks like a rounded rectangle was just superimposed into his hand and given a "shiny" effect.  I don't know about you, but I don't know of a single blade that looks like it glows in the dark and doesn't require a handle.

We all know how much I love to rip on taglines, and luckily, this one doesn't disappoint.  "Christmas will never be the same again".  Alright, not that bad.  Yet, they didn't space it properly.  When taglines are put line after line, they are read, line after line.  Technically speaking, this tagline is "Christmas. Will Never. Be The Same Again."  Why?  Are you going to get your Red Ryder BB Gun?  Give me a break,  the one time you're allowed to have a cheesy pun, you don't even go for it.  I'm disappointed in you Bollywood Christmas Thriller.

Surprisingly, I like the background.  Silent Hill-esque shopping malls tend to go over well in my book, but it could use a little less period blood, rust water, orange tint and a little more holiday fear.  ZING!

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Unknown said...

If you read the tagline with a William Shatner inflection, it's not so bad.

Erin said...

but monkeys DO fly out of your butt! and now they're running all over the house!

Spike Ghost said...

ohhh, how i missed those awful posters :D
You are the Queen at finding out these awfulness, and you make me train my eyes. because i want to become a graphic designer, but sometimes i don't look well enough and let go really awful mistakes...

Now, oh great queen of horror, i will go read this, i needed to post that now before i was so excited to see a new Terrible poster analysis :D

Spike Ghost said...

awesome as usual. The tagline should have been something like Christman. Will never be. The Same Again... would have been fuul of cheesy goodness...

I'm happy i'm not the only one who's tired of people reflecting in the knife thing... the only one i remembered that did it well was Jason X. And that movie seems cheesy as hell so i think it fits well.

I don't like the background, because it's too contrasted. i barely see that's in the light and the rest is just pitch black. I agree they should have made it more festive. Something Holyday-ish. Anyway, from what you say it seems to be at the level of the movie lol.

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