Thursday, September 30, 2010


Tomorrow, October 1st, Fright-Rags is releasing a t-shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

More specifically,

It's for a friend of Fright-Rags, Leisha who is currently battling an aggressive breast cancer at only 34 years old.  

This shirt will be available throughout the month of October and ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Leisha and her family.  We all know I'm a sucker for a good cause, so I am BEGGING you all out there to nab up one of these shirts.  Not only is it an absolutely fabulous shirt, but it's going for a good cause.  

This shirt will be on sale for $19.95 and it will go live on the site around 10:00am EST on Friday, October 1.

^^THIS WILL ONLY WORK AFTER 10:00AM EST on Friday, October 1st!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As much as I badmouthed the VH1 series Scream Queens, I've gone on record on different sites to express my love for the contestant, Sierra Holmes.  I felt early on that Sierra was the only contestant with any sort of love for the genre she was trying to break out in, and I was very heartbroken to see her go.  Now that the season has come to a close and a new Scream Queen has been crowned, I was lucky enough to nab an interview with my favorite contestant.  So I present to you, Sierra Holmes as this week's WotW.  

Sierra Holmes was born September 27, 1987 and just turned 23. A native of Suffern, NY, her whole life was spent in a small town about 30 minutes from the city. She's mostly Italian and has a very big family. She says she is  very close to her older brother, Matt, her younger sister, Capri and her mom and dad, without them she says that she would be nothing. Growing up, she was not the most popular girl in school, and says she was actually picked on all the time. She was book smart and loved cheerleading, track, the plays, and musicals. She was actually exceptional in track, and even broke some records. She was offered a scholarship for college, however she turned it down because acting was her main passion.  She performed in every single one of the plays and musicals in school growing up, as well as all over the community. Her favorite part, she says would have to be playing Val, in A Chorus Line and Corie in Barefoot in the Park   She graduated highschool and received a scholarship to the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Hollywood.  

1) When did you know you wanted to act?

When I was little, I always loved being in the spotlight and loved attention. When I was 7 years old, my mom put me in the musical theatre production of Beauty and the Beast. I absolutely loved being on stage and in front of an audience. From that moment on, I knew acting was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I continued acting in tons of musical theatre productions where I became quite skilled as well in singing and dancing. Every opportunity I had that had to do with acting, I took it! I started taking acting, singing, dancing and improv classes weekly. I auditioned and qualified to attend the IMTA convention (International Music and Talent Agent) in NYC, where I performed in front of many important people and got offered Agent and Manager representation. I knew since I was little when I graduated highschool, I was packing my bags for California going for my dream!

2) From Beauty and the Beast and now Scream Queens! What draws you to horror films?

Ever since I was a little girl, I would always have my dad take me to Blockbuster and beg him to rent me scary movies.When little girls my age were watching Disney movies, I was watching blood and guts! There was something about horror movies that always kept me on my toes in suspension. I liked being scared and not knowing what was going to happen next. I remember my very first scary movie which was Gremlins. I snuck down to the living room one night and it was on TV. I was so little and they were so creepy and scared me so much, I still have nightmares about them today! Whenever I would start to get really scared in a movie, I would just root for the "bad guy" and that would calm me down. Horror movies are still my favorite type of movies to watch and my collection of them at home take up an entire bookcase!

3) Good thing Gizmo didn't have a cameo this season.  When did you find out you were going to be on the show?

I went to an open casting call in August 2009 and auditioned in front of a panel of people. Two weeks later, I got called in for another audition, where I had to memorize a scene and perform in in front of a camera. After that second call back, it became a very long process. I had about 8 more callbacks after that including one where it just happened to be my 22 birthday. I had to go to a hotel and get blood and psychiatric tests done all day. Then in the beginning of November, I was told I was going to be on the show and to have all my bags packed because a car was coming to pick me up and bring me to a hotel the next week. I was placed in my hotel room and was not allowed to have a key or leave the room unless someone escorted me. I was there for about 3 days still doing some more tests, photos, and on camera interviews. Then on my last night at the hotel, I was told that 11 other girls were at the hotel also and they had to cut two! All along I thought I was already on the show, but the day before we started filming, they still had to get rid of two more girls, I was so scared! That night, I received a phone call in my hotel room that I would be getting escorted down to a conference room in the hotel where they would be announcing the final 10! I got to the room and I saw 10 chairs sitting in a circle and one by one the girls were arriving to the room but we weren't allowed to talk to each other. Then the producers arrived and announced congratulations we were the final 10! I felt like I was in a dream and I cant even explain how happy I was!

4) How nerve-wracking! First that and then you had to deal with celebrities! How was working with Tim Sullivan?

Tim Sullivan is an amazing director! He really knows what hes talking about and how to get what he wants from an actor/actress. Every critique he gave me was extremely helpful and helped me improve so much as an actress. Not only is he an incredible director, but hes such a sweetheart! He would always give us hugs and crack jokes with us off set. He's such a nice, kind hearted person and I still keep in touch with him today and am proud to call him one of my good friends! I hope to work with him again someday soon.

5) He seems like such a cool guy, you're extremely lucky.  Did you ever get any "fangirl" feelings on set surrounded by so many big names?

I was so consumed with the competition and stressed out that I didnt have time to have "fangirl" feelings! Of course, it definitely was an amazing opportunity getting to work with the judges and I was always wanting to do my very best and impress them but I didnt let myself get side tracked that they were famous. I had to keep my head in the competition and focus on that. John Homa, Jaime King, and Tim Sullivan are just like the rest of us being very down to earth, funny and nice. I developed a friendship with all of them and consider them my friends rather than a celebrity.

6) What do you think makes a horror actress?

To be a Scream Queen, I definitely feel you have to be able to play the girl next door but at the same time play a vicious killer. Horror movies run on the believability of the actress/actor, otherwise it just comes off as comedy. They have to be able to tap in and out of their emotions very quickly. You have to be able to be vulnerable and crying and then in a split second consume yourself with rage to attack your killer! I know being able to tap into my emotions quickly is one of my strengths, but as an actress there’s always room to work and perfect everything.

7) As an acting student, I feel you that horror acting is extremely difficult.  What do you think was the hardest part of the show?

The hardest part about being on the show was definitely having to do your absolute best each and every time on the first try. Theres so much pressure and competition, its really easy to screw up. Knowing I was so close to my dream was unbelievable to me so I really pushed myself hard. I wanted to win so badly! The other girls on the show were so talented that there was no room to mess up. I always had to make sure I was focused and had my head in the game. It was also very difficult having to compete against some of my good friends. I became very close with most of the girls in the house so I had to know where to draw the line and remember that it was still a competition but still wanting to stay close with them!

8) So you sadly missed the opportunity of being in Saw 3-D (which is overrated if you ask me ;]) so I have to ask, if you could star in any horror movie ever made, what would you star in?

I would love to star as Emily Rose in The Exorcist of Emily Rose. I love that movie and movies about demons and possession like Paranormal Activity because that scares me most of all. Acting possessed isn't as easy as it looks and can come off very comical if you don't do it right, in my opinion. That role would definitely push me as an actress. I can also wiggle my eyes, contort my fingers and twist my arms over my head which might be cool to do when that character being possessed!

9) Final Question: Who's your favorite Scream Queen?

My favorite Scream Queen is the cast of VH1 Scream Queens 2! Lana, Rosanna, Karlie, Allison, Sarah, Tai, Christine, Jessica, Gabby and myself! We all worked so hard and improved so much as horror actresses and I am so proud of all of them! All of us combined make a pretty darn kick ass Scream Queen!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's not a shocker that I really, really despise anything remotely in the same realm as Twatlight.  I do an awful lot of talking on here about how Edward is a wussy vampire, the homoerotic tendencies of a certain shirtless weremorpher, and Kristen Stewart's inability to deliver a line without appearing constipated, but I've never truly dug deep and exposed Stephanie Meyer for what she truly is.  This semester I'm taking a class on Women's Literature and we've been dissecting what it really is to make a feminist novel.  I've grown extremely passionate about the subject matter and made a mention of a previous paper I had written for another class about Stephanie Meyer and how she has single handedly pushed back the feminist movement 50 years.  A fellow classmate requested a posting of this paper, and I plan on delivering.  Now.

A small refresher course is necessary in order for one who has yet to dabble in the Twilight universe to fully comprehend just how nonsensical Stephenie Meyer and her brainwashing wet dream truly is.  The main protagonist, Bella Swann, is your ordinary seventeen-year-old girl.  After her mother marries a baseball player, Bella decides to move to a small town in Washington to live with her father.  It is there that she meets and falls in love with the devastatingly beautiful vampire, Edward Cullen.  After a short stint of being associated with the Cullen boy, she decides that she wants to be turned into a vampire in order to live the rest of her existence as his love.

From just the small plot alone, it is understandable why someone (like myself) could be interested in such a novel.  As a horror enthusiast, anything promoting the idea of vampire love tickles my fancy, and the fantasy aspect of the perfect love story would be quite promising to hormonally charged teenage girls.  It is however, when the book is completely analyzed that one realizes the truly disturbing and dark facts that surround the life of Ms. Bella Swan.  This isn't referencing a torturous and horrific vampire tale, but a highly influential novel that is promoting some of the most frightening social problems as normal and brainwashing young girls around the world.

Bella's actions in the series can only be deemed even more ridiculous if Edward's character is analyzed first.  I've said numerous times before, how many fucking times can someone use the description "perfect face" as a means of appearance depiction?  It's a proven fact that Meyer describes Cullen OVER 100 TIMES in the first book alone, using phrases like "dazzling", "perfect", "beautiful", and "God-like".  To contrast to this, Bella is constantly characterized as being "plain".  If this isn't an outright, blatant attempt at showing how inferior the female protagonist is to the male counterpart, I don't know what is.  Putting this Edward character on such a pedestal gives girls an unrealistic view on what they should be looking for when it comes to choosing a suitor.  Instead of looking for someone with mutual interests, or compatible personalities, it promotes to them the idea that only men of God-like stature are worth your time.  This is encouraged in the first book when Bella is approached by a multitude of boys who are interested in her that very well could be better for her as a dating partner.  However, she is too intrigued by the God-like vampire boy to ever give another guy a chance.  They always did say nice guys finish last.  With Bella Swan being the "normal", "plain" teenage girl, it becomes even easier for the average reader to slip themselves into the shell that is her character and in live out her life.  Since her character is so easily relatable, it makes it even easier for girls to believe that the only way to find a good relationship is to be as shallow as a shower.

When arguing with Twi-Hards, they always tell me to stop concentrating on that damn "sparkling" thing, and to concentrate more on the "love" story.  I use hypothetical quotations because the "love" story is exactly that.  It does NOT exist.  I took a stand a long time ago that I refuse to make fun of something without giving it a shot.  I've read the series in its entirety and I've seen the films.  While I now have a greater urge to put hornets in my eardrums whenever I hear "so the lion fell in love with the lamb", I at least can honestly say that I'm one of the few twi-haters who can back up what they're saying.  In the entire series as a whole, I don't think I can recall a single conversation between Edward and Bella that wasn't either small talk or discussing how much they love each other.  Their relationship is barely two weeks old, if that, when Bella tells Edward she wants to become a vampire.  Are you kidding me?  You're in high school. HIGH SCHOOL.  Most people look back at their high school relationships and LAUGH about how lovestruck they were with their "soulmate", and yet Stephenie Meyer is promoting the idea of sticking with someone based solely on physical attraction that you've met when you're barely past your first period and too young to legally drink at your wedding.

While it may be lovely to discuss how much you love someone in metaphorical stars/moon references, you can't build a relationship based off of sexual tension and the desire to eat someone.  Oh yes, let us not forget that the only reason Edward finds Bella so alluring is because HE WANTS TO EAT HER.  He doesn't want to fall in love, he doesn't want to fuck her, he wants to suck her blood dry.  The two of them are clearly enamored with each other over superficial reasons and this "forbidden love" is nothing more than the equivalent of Hannibal Lector and some chick who finds him attractive.

Once the two of them finally do "unite", Bella completely abandons everything she has known in order to keep this newly found 4 day old relationship afloat.  She abandons her family, she stops hanging out with her friends, and her every move is controlled by her infatuation with Edward.  My friends, this isn't love, this is unhealthy obsession.  This is when an intervention would take place with Dr. Drew, not something to plaster on a T-Shirt.  Even before they become a couple, Edward's obsession with Bella and her alluring scent takes place...without her knowledge.  He would break into her window and watch her sleep.  When Katie got out of bed and stared at Micah for 3 hours in the middle of the night during Paranormal Activity, teenagers shit their pants in fear.  When Edward Cullen breaks into Bella's window to watch her sleep, teenagers swooned over how "romantic" it all was.  The next time a girl tells me how romantic the relationship between Bella and Edward is, I'm going to hire someone to break into their house and watch them sleep.  Tell me how romantic that is then, darling.  This isn't romantic, this is stalking.  This is the sort of thing Sting writes songs about.  Not to mention, Edward becomes even MORE of a stalker when he uses his ability to read minds by eavesdropping on the conversations and thoughts of her friends.  Even better.

The disgusting thing is that Bella finds this sort of thing wonderful and falls even more in love with him.  Sweetheart, this is where a restraining order would be handy.  She becomes 100% submissive to Edward and allows him to control just about every aspect of her life.  He even goes as far as taking the engine out of her car so she can't see her best friend.  Instead of lashing out or I don't know, breaking up with the guy, she instead continues to tell herself "it's because he loves me".  Everything she says comes straight out of a Domestic Violence prevention pamphlet and yet girls all over the world are eating this shit up and praying that their "Edward" will come.  This is the message Stephenie Meyer is trying to send to young girls, to wait around for your Prince Charming and do everything in your power to devote your life to him.  Not only is Bella incapable of doing anything to protect herself without the aide of a man, but she refers to herself as "incomplete" without a man in her life. At one point, she is almost attacked by a group of creepy men while out one night with some friends, but does not attempt to run, scream for help, or even try to fight back. The thought does pass her mind, but wouldn't you know it, she's a girl.  She couldn't POSSIBLY do any of these things because as a girl, she has zero power when being attacked.  However, if her precious Edward was there, she knows she would be safe.

In the second installment, after a 5 or so month relationship, Edward determines their relationship to be dangerous after his brother tries to eat her.  Instead of handling the breakup like a normal person, Bella loses her mind.  She becomes so depressed that she sits alone for months at a time (when not acting like a zombie at school) staring out the window, she cannot remember anything she does, and when she does dream of him, she screams like that of Kate Gosselin in labor without an epidural.  Once again, Stephenie Meyer is sending a message that girls are only valuable with their boyfriend in their lives and without them, they have no purpose.  When she discovers she can "see" him when receiving an adrenaline rush, she starts to pick up unhealthy habits like riding motorcycles on cliffs in order to get a vision of him saying "stop".  Meyer just keeps rolling with the punches on this one, buy telling girls it's okay to act like a fucking maniac if it helps you see the man of your dreams again.

I'm also convinced that Meyer has the inability to write a female character with a personality.  Each of the other "main" female characters in the series seem to have a stereotypical persona which may be easily identifiable for young girls, but also extremely sexist towards women.  Rosalie is your typical vain, materialistic bitch, Esme is the "mother" figure, Leah is that annoying obsessed type, and Jessica is the boy-crazy ditz.  None of these women exude any slight, accidental qualities of being strong or anything more than a vagina with legs.  In the first book, Alice is seen as independent and willing to break the mold and reach out to protect Bella, but it later revealed shortly after to be obsessed with shopping and partying.  Meyer, you were close with this one, but after the character development light turned off in your head, you went straight for stereotyping...again.  To make matters worse, EVERY SINGLE female character in these books has a boyfriend.  This isn't to say there haven't been times in my life when every girl I associated with was taken in some way/shape/form, but the way the men are all depicted is the real issue.  Every boyfriend is seen as being stronger, smarter, funnier, more attractive, or more interesting than their female counterpart.  Meyer claims that the book is full of strong, capable female characters, but I just don't see it.  All of the women in these books are always shown as inferior to men and it's downright disgusting.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that I'm worried about the future women of the world.  Twilight has a massive influence on these girls and if its take over of everything from clothing to music to fast food hasn't proved it to anyone, you're clearly living under a rock.  It just feels that Stephenie Meyer has undone every attempt at bettering the roles of women in the media, and with how many girls have been blinded by the idea of a perfect relationship, it scares me to see what will become of the Twi-generation.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Bollywood culture has always been something my worldly little interests have been peaked by, so when I was informed one of the highest grossing Bollywood films of 2010 was a Christmas themed thriller, I had to dive right in and see what all the talk was about.  While I was less than thrilled with the results, I was gleaming with delight when I discovered the shiteous poster and knew that the return of Terrible Poster Tuesday just HAD to be with this one.

I would like to know who the frack came up with the unwritten rule of reflections on a knife blade.  This concept has worked ONCE and it was with American Psycho.  Seriously, this looks ridiculous.  Are you really going to tell me that these six people stood in a totem pole and put on their best pouty model faces while awaiting their doom from a Bollywood Santa?  Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Can we also discuss the fact the blade doesn't look like it has a handle?  The photoshopping is so terrible, it looks like a rounded rectangle was just superimposed into his hand and given a "shiny" effect.  I don't know about you, but I don't know of a single blade that looks like it glows in the dark and doesn't require a handle.

We all know how much I love to rip on taglines, and luckily, this one doesn't disappoint.  "Christmas will never be the same again".  Alright, not that bad.  Yet, they didn't space it properly.  When taglines are put line after line, they are read, line after line.  Technically speaking, this tagline is "Christmas. Will Never. Be The Same Again."  Why?  Are you going to get your Red Ryder BB Gun?  Give me a break,  the one time you're allowed to have a cheesy pun, you don't even go for it.  I'm disappointed in you Bollywood Christmas Thriller.

Surprisingly, I like the background.  Silent Hill-esque shopping malls tend to go over well in my book, but it could use a little less period blood, rust water, orange tint and a little more holiday fear.  ZING!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



As always, this was completely ripped off of Brian Solomon over at The Vault of Horror

Now that I'm back at school, I've been thinking that I'd have so much more free time to blog and such.  Boy, was I wrong.  I'm apologizing immensely for being so M.I.A. I'll make you a cake or something, or pretend you're the favorite child.  Whatever makes it easier for you to sleep at night.

I have been watching tons of horror movies lately with my dear friends who are NOT horror buffs.  So far, we've made the non horror kids witness Silent Hill, Fido, The Midnight Meat Train, and The Descent.  I will be doing a bigger write up on such experiences in the near future.  Not promising a date though, because deadlines and I do NOT get along.

Speaking of, I get sick pleasure watching 20 something year old men cover their eyes when scary movies are on.

Today I saw the trailer on public cable for Let Me In.  After seeing how excited everyone seems to be at my University for it, I've made it my personal goal to make sure everyone I care about sees the original one before the remake comes out.  3 down, 2 to go.

I finally picked out my Halloween costume! My friend Hutch, who helped me create the infamous chainsaw arm from last year has offered his services to help me make the mask for my Silent Hill nurse costume.  Obviously, my non horror buff buddies inspired me to do so as I watched them cringe as the dancing women started slicing and dicing one another and twitching at the light.  It has to happen. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself.

I'm a little up in the air on what I think about the casting decision of John Cusak as Edgar Allen Poe.   Part of me is extremely excited, but that could potentially be due to the fact I'm a Cusak fangirl and even sat through Must Love Dogs just to see him...

My last is a bit of a shameless plug.  I'm doing a charity event through my University's Marching Band in order to help raise money for the ALS fund.  ALS is better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease and I'm really hoping to help take a stand and raise some fundage for it.  Unlike other sites who are asking for money for their own selfish reasons, I'm doing this to help others.  So, help me help others and if you can't least spread the word of the cause. For more information, go to this link!

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