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A long time ago, in a dorm room far far away, there lived an 18 year old girl full of hope and ambition that someone out there would actually give a rat's ass about what she had to say.  Although a horror fangirl through and through, her recreational activities left her "too different" to be respected as a horror fanatic.  Yet, one opinion article written about a reality television competition changed everything.  Alright, I'm done talking about myself in past tense.  The first article I ever wrote on Day of the Woman, the very first entry on this here blog, was an opinion piece on season one of VH1's Scream Queens. I hated just about everything that had to do with the first season, but I had a slight inch of hope that they could redeem themselves in the second season.  While the first episode gave me a tiny bit of excitement, the second episode has already lost me for the rest of the season.

Meet Rosanna, she was the second girl to leave the Scream Queen competition this season.  While she may have been kicked off, I want to know this.  HOW THE HELL DID YOU EVEN GET ON THIS SHOW?!  All of these girls had to go through an audition process to even get a shot at competing, and she made it in.  Not only does the girl know jack SHIT about horror, she can't act her way out of a paper bag that's even been rolled open to make life easier.  When given an acting lesson with John Homa, which is an experience most actors/actresses would KILL for..the dumb bitch CHOKES.  I literally had to walk out of the room.  It isn't something I talk about on DotW often, but I'm a huge acting buff.  I'm a Theatre major at school, I was president of the Thespian Society in high school, and I've won numerous awards for my performances.  So whenever I see something like this, I am filled with extreme amounts of anger.  The acting business is NOT an easy business to get into, and I can't help but turn into a green monster whenever I see these no-talent bimbos making a name for themselves when they have absolutely zero credibility to back it up.

Speaking of credibility, NONE of these girls know anything about the genre they're trying to break into. When Freddy Kruegar fell from the ceiling, a girl referred to him as "the boogeyman".  Let's be honest here, she called him the boogeyman because she had no friggen clue who he was.  Don't you dare try to tell me she was referencing the "do you believe in the boogeyman?" line from A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I understand that this is an "acting" competition first and foremost, but at least do your freaking research before you show up to the set.  I would bet my college tuition money that none of these girls had any clue who Tim Sullivan was.

So last season's host, Shawnee Smith, didn't return for the show.  While I complained that Shawnee Smith had the same amount of presence as a turkey sandwich on last season's competition, I think she was more deserving of the host role than this season's host Jaime King.  The show is about becoming a HORROR actress, a Scream Queen...and I can count the amount of prominent horror films Jaime King has performed in on one hand.  Jennifer Love Hewitt is desperate for work, why didn't you just ask her?

Despite having a host that hasn't even earned the right to call herself a Scream Queen, the lack of James Gunn is extremely disappointing.  I personally like Tim Sullivan and his work, but I also love really shitty and campy horror movies.  These girls are trying to get a role in Saw 3-D which despite the franchise's dying reputation, is far from camp or cheese.

I just feel insulted as a horror fan that THIS is what we bring to the table when it comes to reality television.  It's hard enough for the horror genre to find respect within the film community as a whole, and this show isn't helping our case at all.  I've said numerous times before that horror acting is a completely different realm than any other form of acting, and none of these girls have any idea of what they're doing.  If you really pay attention to their credentials, they're all models.  Thankyou VH1 casting department for once again showing us that the film industry would rather have nice boobs and a pretty face than someone who can believably portray fear and strength in the same film.  The biggest complaint people express about modern horror films, is the fact that all of the actors are nice to look at...until they open their mouth.  How about for next season (because Saw is NOT going to die) you actually find contestants that know what they're talking about and can actually, you know, act.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree.I hated who they chose last time, and they are all unfit to act in a beer commercial.

Ashlee said...

My biggest pet peeve matches yours: these women know not the genre they so fervently seek to be in.

And it shows from the lack of the simplest task of actually studying some of the most campiest and iconic films in the genre!

Further, "plain Jane's" by Hollywood standards is why there is even the term Scream Queen and why this damn show exists for these crybaby wannabes.

Does no one get it yet? If you don't wanna be an E! True Hollywood Story casualty, it'll do you a world of good to remember that talent ALWAYS trumps looks.

Thank you for this.

admin said...


Sorry you're not loving season 2, but we love your blog. I wouldn't expect anything less than the absolute truth from you, and applaud your refusal to sugar-coat anything :-)

Sent you an email that I hope you'll read about our show. We have nothing but respect for the horror genre, and think if you stick with the show, you'll see one message comes through loud and clear: Horror deserves respect, and acting in a horror film is FAR harder than people give the genre credit for.

Fred [The Wolf] said...

These girls are terrible. Are they trying out for a daytime soap or a horror film? One seems to be wanting to star in a softcore porn film. If that's the case, I wouldn't complain. But a horror film? Nah.

Great article.

TheGirlWhoLovesHorror said...

So I've only caught a total of one episode of this show. It seems like they learn all the aspects of acting in a horror film, but something really important is that these chicks need to funking KNOW about horror films. There should be a test or something, I don't know. It would at least give them references to how the real scream queens do it.

Anonymous said...

This is mostly the reason that I refuse to even watch this show, despite my husband's repeated attempts to coax me into it. Reality TV sucks on the whole, so I can't even fathom the smoking, steaming, pile of......well, you know, that this show must be. I'd consider it insulting.

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

BRAVO!!! I agree!! I was so glad that the directors daughter got the boot on the first episode.. what was with those acting skills and that mouth??

My husband says I am bias because I love horror movies sooo much and would die to be in a role .. even an extra.. not cause I want to be a famous actress (cause I never acted a day in my life) but because I truely love the genre. To be any part of it would be amazing. Even if it means being hacked to little pieces.

And I am incredibly jealous of the fact that they are on this show (undeserving) fullfilling all the amazing things so many of us horror fans only dream of.

I like you was VERY disappointed that they picked Jamie King as well. As I loved her as Goldie in Sin City I would never in a million years consider her a Scream Queen.. I mean when they even talked about her on the show they mentioned My Bloody Valentine.. which was TERRIBLE!! ha ha ha..

Ok that was my rant for the day!

Spike Ghost said...

Yeah, this is kind of bullshit. But i have to admit one of them, a blond one is actually pretty good. not great but good (though i only watched the first test with Freddy Krueger)
It's a shame this is what we get for horror, but it just means i won't watch it. maybe it's going to get canceled and we will all be happy, or they will change the formula. but i don't think they will do that... Fuck 'em

Sonja said...

I really like what you had to say.

I'm an LA actor who was almost on this season of Scream Queens.
I made it to the final 14 finalists in the callback stage and then I was cut at the last minute after under going screentests, the mandatory psychological evaluation, background checks and interviews with Liongate & the producers. I have to say that so much of the process had nothing to do with acting even though they swore that they were looking for a real artist.

Like you, I have a BFA in classical acting and I am an Equity/SAG member and acting is my whole life. To see that these girls made the cut is so laughable & it freaking pisses me off that since I wasn't a model I over looked. Talent is SO much more important than looks so this is such a shame.

Thanks for saying it so well.

p.s: I love that you appreciate Tim Sullivan's campy style. My boyfriend, Jay, played the lead in '2001 Maniacs' so I'm excited when anyone actually has seen any of Tim's films since they're often overlooked.

Kitten said...

How on earth does the administrator who writes "we have nothing but respect for the horror genre" come to that conculstion? They've hired nothing but no-talent bimbos who can't grasp the gore, tone, fear, or camp of any of these styles of movies. I had hopes for this show and it's proved to be horrendous, once again showing that no one cares about horror, not even the people who proclaim to respect it. They care about tits and and ass, which quite frankly come a dime a dozen. There are people with and without such assets who would fare much better actingwise, and those are the people who should've been brought on the show.

Produces- find girls who can act. Find girls who know their shit. Don't bring run-of-the-mill prettygirls into something that will hack them to pieces....unless they can convince us that's what they're there for.

BJ-C said...

@SpikeGhost-I wish Sierra didn't suck so hard, she actually seems like she cares about the genre. Cares about it enough to act like she's putting it in her mouth.

@Sonja-I LOVE Tim Sullivan's films. I watched the second installment of 2001 Maniacs yesterday. Nowhere near as good as the 1st, but equally as entertaining and full of campy fun.

@Kitten-I got you. I'll be keeping everyone updated on my feelings throughout the season :)

The Halloween Blues said...

Honestly, this is the only good thing that came out of season 1:


It kept me laughing for days.

I agree with and applaud your post though. The first thing they need to do is find a truly great Scream Queen host. That would start to win me over a bit. I may be able to tolerate watching these girls if someone like Danielle Harris was conducting the show.

MissSardonicus said...

Like Sonja, I auditioned for this show although it was the first season so I had no idea what to expect and held out hope that it was going to be the most awesome reality series of all time.

It was fairly clear that they weren't particularly interested in my acting experience or my horror knowledge and were way more interested in if I got along with other girls. They were looking for drama-starters, much like ANTM does.

If it DOES make it to Season Three, I hope at least ONE fangirl is selected. Then I'd have someone to legitimately root for! As it is, I'm rooting for Sierra because she went to high school with one of my friends.

I did gain a little bit of respect for the producers of "Scream Queens" now that I know that they read Day Of The Woman though. Clearly they have good taste, why can't they exhibit this in their casting choices?!

Cheesemeister said...

It's sad. I'm sure there are women out there worthy of the title "scream queen," but as you said, it is not these shallow bimbos who don't know the first thing about horror. I'm sure the next Jewel Shepard and Linnea Quigley are out there somewhere, but I don't think that VH-1 will be the ones to find them. They are only interested in the kind of broads that would as easily fit on the Rock of Love as in a contest such as this.
I feel it necessary to point out that the word verification is "poopoodyl."

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