Thursday, July 1, 2010


I'll be the first one to admit that when news broke of an Americanized remake of Let The Right One In was in production, my heart died a little bit. However, listening to interviews with Matt Reeves, Chloe Morentz absolutely mind-blowing performance in Kick-Ass, and seeing the released images have put my worried soul a little bit more at ease. Bloody-Disgusting announced today that the international trailer for Let Me In has been released and I'll be honest, it doesn't look terrible. It does look a bit shot-for-shot, but it's also a trailer. I did notice slight differences that remind me more of the novel than of the Swedish film, and that gives me some feeling of promise. View the trailer yourself and make your own opinion!

Let the record show that I do not believe it will be anywhere near the same level as LTROI, but I don't think it's going to be a total bust.

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Monster Scholar said...

Wow. I too had my doubts but I like where this is going, especially the voyeurism angle going on with the kid and the fact that they cast a boy with the same pouty lips as the original.

Ms Harker said...

Hmmm, the atmosphere looks good, but the stating of the obvious 'I need blood to live' makes me gag and was exactly what I was afraid would happen in this remake. All the subtleties washed away :(

willy jerk-off said...

The ludicrous hypocrisy of Hollywood never ceases to amaze me, they supposedly deplore so-called "pedophilia" (whatever that means anymore in this day and age) and yet they are prepared to sexualize Chloe Moretz every chance they get for the masturbatory delectation of all the geezers in the audience. By the way, she is gorgeous and i`d love to bugger her.

Syd Lexia said...

That actually does look surprisingly not bad.

Rabid Fox said...

After seeing this trailer the other day, I must admit that my reservations about an American remake are lessened a good deal. Though I've yet to see the original film, I read the book and loved it to pieces, and I just don't want to see it ruined with a subpar adaptation.

I watched The Lovely Bones this past week, and was heartbroken to see one of my favorite books given such a disappointing film adaptation.

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