Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SENSUAL DAYDREAMS: The RHPS Cast You Need To See Before You Die

In case you're new to DotW, BJ-C here has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Some may argue that RHPS has no place on a horror blog as it is "technically" not a horror film, but all I have to say is "my blog, my rules". Rocky Horror has been an absolutely pivotal part of my existence. The past two years I have been grateful enough to be associated with one of the greatest men I've ever known. We met through a teacher when she transferred to his school and we became fast friends. It wasn't until we both discovered our mutual love of RHPS that we became as close as we were. I had always attended shows in Chicago, but my "Eddie" exposed me to something I would fall in love with...Milwaukee.

The first time I laid eyes on the Oriental Theatre, it felt like Doc Brown himself picked me up in a DeLorean and dropped me off in a time where cinema was at its prime. I walked to the corner of North & Farwell and stared in awe. We walked past diners enclosed in glass and flaunted our costumes to midnight coffee dates gasping over cigarettes. Cars honked as we passed by in sequins, and for a moment, I realized that everyone on the street was staring at me. Despite all of this, I held my chin high and strutted to the theatre. The line stretched down the block and wrapped around the busy street corner. Drunken bar hoppers and bros upon the plenty gave us awkward stares, but the "freaks" clearly outnumbered the "normal". The atmosphere was something indescribable and I had an overwhelming sensation of acceptance...just from standing in line. There were men dressed like women, women dressed like they lived in a brother, and everyone loved everyone. While the average person would have felt extremely awkward, and rightfully so, I felt like I was at home.

When we finally walked into the theatre, my head started spinning. The tapestries were beautiful, the pillars were elegant, the concession stand was classic, and the ceilings resembled the theatres my grandfather used to tell me about. It was then that I heard the shrieking call of a Transylvanian. "ROCKY HORROR SURVIVAL KITS! DON'T BE A CHICKEN SHIT, BUY OUR SHIT!" Suddenly, a hoard of people coated in sparkle, powder, and fishnets approached Zack and I. "Fucking great costumes. Thanks for coming out tonight, guys!". Janet Weiss examined our costumes in delight, and left with a smile. The ticket takers signaled us to the theatre and we walked into a screaming fest of homos, heteros, and everything in between. The show began with a set of rules, the virgin games, some photography, and perverse jokes a plenty. Yet no matter how vulgar, how rude, how controversial anything was...the entire crowd and cast still felt like one. The cast is absolutely brilliant at what they do, and they captivate an audience just as well as Tim Curry and the clan. If they're not running around the theatre acting out the show, they're sitting front row screaming call-outs with the rest of us. They laugh with us, they play with us, and they truly show a passion for what they do. If you remotely have any interest in Rocky Horror at all, whatsoever, I highly suggest you make a trip to Milwaukee to see the cast of Sensual Daydreams. From the outside looking in, it's something you can't understand. From the inside looking out, it's impossible to explain. This show isn't something you can understand, only experience. The cast of Sensual Daydreams may in fact be the greatest RHPS performing cast in the midwest, if not the country, and it's a show you cannot afford to miss. If you live the life of an unconventional conventionist and need a place to truly feel at home, do yourself a favor and come up to the lab...and see what's on the slab.

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Picture Credit to : Sensual Daydreams

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Wolfys Den said...

Ahh, Rocky Horror Picture Show.. I remember those days..The span when a local theatre ran it for what seemed like forever..I can't recall how I or who turned me on to go that first time..I can somewhat recall some reaction to those patrons who were in costume--while waiting--and not having seen the film yet you know how one reacts. Anyhow me and a few buds continued going and it became weekend tradition..(a couple years later though 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' became a midnight show and we also had that one memorized along with our own original inserted lines).LOL

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