Friday, June 4, 2010

HORROR HACKDOWN: Chucky vs. Candyman

I first must give a round of applause to the winner of the Battle of the Bible Bangers...FATHER KARRAS! Congrats, now go clean yourself reek of demon a special kickoff for my Illinois series, I present to you...

Chucky vs. Candyman

*ding* *ding*

In this corner, wearing the jean overall shorts, hailing from the Play Pals Inc, it's play time motherfrencher, CHARLES LEE RAAAAAAAY. When the Lakeshore Strangler got himself cornered by the fuzz, his only option was to use his voodoo magic and place his soul into one of the "Good Guy" dolls. After a lightning fire, and a homeless man theft, the Chucky doll is purchased and given to a child as a birthday present. Let that sink in for a second, you gave a child a serial killer for his birthday. Yippie! Charles Lee Ray is hell-bent on getting back into a normal body and is willing to kill absolutely anyone who gets in his way. No matter how big, or small. The man has such a hard time as a doll that he nabbed five films total out of it, a wife, and a kid.

Compared to other serial murderers and slashers, Chucky has one of the better alibis. By being an "intimate" object, he often fools the Chicago police. It's like Toy Story...but people get nails to the face. The entire concept of Chucky is one of the more horrifying in the horror genre. A toy, something that children cherish and confide in, is coming after them.

When it comes to the slasher genre as a whole, Chucky is quite the poster child. Despite his every cheesy one-liners, he's become a slasher staple. However, Chucky is one of the easiest to parody. First of all, he's a fucking doll. Watching people struggle to push a doll off their body is laughable. Second of all, he's a ginger. I think that comment goes without saying. Thirdly, he has one-liners that even Mr. Freeze would envy. As iconic as he is, he's probably the least scary. So there you have it, one of the most infamous Chicago a doll.

And in this corner, wearing the bee stripe shorts, hailing from Cabrini Green, say the name the fifth time and he's coming after you, CAAAAAAAAANDY MAAAAAAN. When graduate student Helen Lyle begins her research thesis on urban legends, she's lead to the scary Chicago projects known as Cabrini-Green. Despite being notorious for gangs and extreme amounts of violence, there seems to be an urban legend that keeps even the toughest gang bangers away from mirrors. Once Helen and her friend poke fun at the urban legend and summon The Candyman, a string of murders take place surrounding Helen. A baby goes missing and Helen swears up and down that The Candyman is responsible, but are the Chicago PD the type to listen to crazy accusations? Needless to say, Candyman tells Helen that she will be the one to carry on his tradition, and continues to scare the daylights out of anyone that comes near her.

Spawning two sequels, The Candyman goes down as one of the most prolific African-American characters in the horror genre. As the son of a slave, the culture behind the Candyman is much more in depth in comparison to other slashers. The Candyman character is one of horrific proportions due to the fact that he is a character from an urban legend. Unlike other slashers that are specific to their location, the Candyman can be summoned from any location. The downside is that one will never encounter the Candyman unless by requesting his presence, thus making him useless.

The Candyman will forever be a film that genre fans hold dear to their heart. For sleepovers to come, there will always be people who risk the chanting in the mirror of Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman...


4 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

I went with Chucky--the Brad Dourif factor just gives him that extra edge.

Another great HHD!

eTxZombie said...

Gotta go with chucky on this one. He manages to juggle his life as a serial killer, with the responsibilities of parenting. And he has a super hot wife. But as far an him being an "intimate object", I hope you meant inanimate, because intimate makes him seem like a sex doll. And THAT would be horrifying

deadlydolls said...

Really not a question here. Chucky could talk his way out of trouble or one liner you to death if need be. Candyman does what? SLowly dribble out bad poetry a creepy 8th grader would write on looseleaf then occasionally hack people up when only his beloved is around. Lame. *

*Please note that I love Candyman. But I effing love Chucky so very much more.

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