Friday, June 25, 2010


It's hard to believe that I've spent 500 different points of my life in the last year or so coming to my laptop and delivering something to you fine folks. It's been quite the journey, and I felt it necessary to take a look back to some of my more redeeming moments for my 500th post celebration.

1) BJ-C's VERY first post on DotW. It's a jab at the VH1 "Reality Show" Scream Queens, and how it sucks long duck dong.

2) The First WotW: PJ Soles. Anyone who knows me, knows I have quite the hankering for the red hat wearing, telephone wire choking, rock and roll high schooler. PJ is one of my favorite women of all time, and I had to make her the first Woman of the Week.

3) The Top Zombie Women. This article to date is still my most widely accessed page. It draws in more hits than anything else on DotW, and it's the list I am most proud of.

4) Bitch Of The Month: Chris Hargensen. The first feature voted on by the readers of DotW, was Bitch of the Month. My favorite article as well as my first in the series is this one.

5) The Paradox of The Female Horror Fan: If it wasn't for B-Sol of The Vault of Horror, there's a good chance you wouldn't be reading me right now. He helped me put my name on the map and occasionally contributes a guest post for the site. This one is by far my favorite and I think the most under-appreciated.

6) Officially the Queen of Twatlight: This one is a little self-explanatory :) The best part is the Twi-Hards in the comment section.

7) Twatlight, Mullets, and Megan Fox: One of my more critically acclaimed vlogs, this one is the one that spawned my email requests for topless vlogs.

8) TERRIBLE POSTER TUESDAY: Mirrors One of the worst poster campaigns in the past decade fell delightfully into my lap one Tuesday morning...and I just HAD to rip on it.

9) BJ-C Interviews Amber Steele: That's right folks. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to interview the Queen of the Zombies herself, Amber Steele.

10) WOMANIZER!!! I get a lot of questions from my newer readers as to why I refer to everyone as a Womanizer,'s why!

11) An Afternoon In A Monster House: My cousin JD is my absolute most favorite person in the world. He may be pint sized and unable to be in a car without a booster chair, but watching movies with him is a past time I will forever cherish.

12) Things I Hate About Halloween Part 1 & Part 2: I've been known to go on quite the rant when I'm irritated about something. This is one of those occasions.

13) 30 Things You Might Not Have Known About The Shining: It took me almost 4 hours to compile something in celebration for the masterpiece's 30th anniversary, but I got it.

14) Why I Hate Hellraiser: Everyone has something that they just don't like when it comes to the genre. My personal vendetta is against Hellraiser.

15) Ode To Bathroom Scenes: Back when DotW was female empowerment all day, everyday, I created a tribute to the one horror movie cliche in which women rule the roost. NOTE: This was before I learned how to properly upload photos, so some are missing :\
There you have it. I want to thank all of my fans past and present for there continuing support and readership. It means the world to me to know that there are people that not only read what I write, but love it as well. Here's to 500 more!

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Erin Rose Tollefsen said...

Congrats hun! Here's to 500 more! <3

Strange Kid said...

Congrats, BJ! What a great run thus far and here's to another 500 points in your life over the next year or so, you've got so much potential.

Loving to Army of the Dead costume BTW, very DIY chic. Bonus points for making Ash look sexy.

Sarah E. Jahier said...

Woooooo congrats on the 500 posts! Here's to 500 more! :)

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

Congrats on 500 posts... I don't know if my blog will ever make it there!

Loved your Ode to the Bathroom Scenes! I'm glad I'm not the only one that was completely traumatized by the jaw rip scene from Mirrors.

I see here that you hate Twilight, too. I just posted something on my blog about that... I'd love to hear what you think!

Keep up the awesome work!

deadlydolls said...

The Mike said...

Great stuff! Keep up the fantastic work!

gord said...

Congratulations. Nice to see you haven't sold out or mellowed any in your old 'blog age'.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Brittney, you are one of the most gorgeous birds i`ve ever seen and i desperately want to bugger you senseless, how about it?.

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