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THE TOP 10 PRANKS IN HORROR FILMS (gone terribly, terribly wrong)

There are some who say that our society has become overly PC, and in a misguided attempt to combat this, people can sometimes be blatantly rude and cross the lines. Instead of apologizing for feelings being hurt or offending people, they seem to blame those offended for "not getting their joke". Thanks to the internet, people feel as if there are no boundaries on how to treat each other, and very often when people do apologize, what they’re really only apologizing for is getting in trouble. What starts off as an "innocent" joke and a way to gain attention, has been seen to completely backfire on occasion, often with dramatic results. As a tribute to this rampant phenomenon, here is a little list of some of horror’s most catastrophically misfired practical jokes. Enjoy =]

Oh high school girls and your crazy cliques. Teenage girls are quite the odd species as they actually DO pull pranks on each other for the hell of pulling pranks. I have pictures of my jeep saran wrapped shut with lawn ornaments on the roof to prove it...Marcie, Julie, and (the epitome of Queen Bitch) Courtney tie up their friend Liz on the morning of her seventeenth birthday, by performing a fake kidnapping on her and Courtney ramming a jawbreaker down her throat to silence her. When they open the trunk to see a dead best friend (still in bra & panties) with a Jawbreaker lodged in her throat, all hell breaks loose. "I killed Liz, I killed the teen dream. Deal with it".
Everyone has done their fair share of participating in urban legends. I'm personally one of those "hold your breath while you drive by a graveyard" kind of girls. In the cheesetastic 90's film completely dedicated to urban legends, it looks like playing the "follow the guy who flashes your brights" game can end up in disaster...and possibly start a crazed series of serial murders based on different urban legends.
When an extremely popular girl joins forces with the crazy new guy in school, problems are guaranteed to form. Not only does he totally not like fit in with like our crew, but he like also totally likes to like KILL PEOPLE!!! A series of pranks between the two hoodlums left a town in an uproar and some kids wrongfully assumed to be homosexual.07) THE BURNING
One of the most underrated slasher flicks of the 80's, this tale of a joke gone bad ends with quite the grizzly results. A super obvious rip-off (but might be better) of Friday the 13th gives us a new look into the side effects of picking on people at summer camps. Some teenagers pull a prank on him leaving him horribly burned and disfigured, so the only logical way to get revenge is to kill 'em all with gardening shears. I mean, it's only right.06) SLAUGHTER HIGH
It's not easy being different or being the nerd in school, but someone has to do it. Poor Marty the science nerd had all the kids in school on his back. From having the popular girl convince him to strip naked while the school jabbed his junk with a javelin, to giving him joints laced with poison, and even rigging a science experiment to explode in his face...the kids made his life hell. However, every nerd has his day and Marty decided to make his mark at the high school reunion.
Oh the little film that built Troma. Melvin was the 98 pound weakling janitor at a local gym until a prank went terribly wrong and dropped him into a vat of toxic waste. What arose from the fire and slime wasn't the little Melvin...but the superhuman monster man, TOXIE! Using his newly found superpowers, Toxie travels across the corrupt land of Tromaville and shows those who did him wrong, who the new boss in town is.
During the time when Jamie Lee Curtis reigned supreme, she did another slasher film that wasn't with Michael Myers. At a fraternity party, Jamie Lee Curtis lures an awkward pledge into a dark room to have some frisky fun between the sheets. However, those pesky frat boys put a dead corpse in the bed. Nice, right? Well, he loses his mind and comes back years later with a vengeance and hacks them to bits on a train costume party.
Going along with the consistent theme that teenagers are assholes, a prank between sorority sisters goes horribly wrong and their house mother winds up dead. Strangely enough, the sorority girls start dying one by one and it seems that the prank gone awry is the source of the terror. Who woulda thunk?
Muffy has set up what she believes is the perfect weekend leading up to April Fool's Day for her friends. She's rigged up their house with little party jokes like whoopee cushions and dribble glasses all over the house. It's going to be perfect weekend. What she didn't account for was the deckhand being seriously injured before they get there as part of a "joke" and coming after them or was it someone else?
Stephen King's tale of the poor nerdy girl getting her revenge is the absolute greatest example of a "joke" backfiring to the nth degree. As funny as it would be to send the most popular guy in school out with the jesus thumping uber nerd and cover her with pig's blood after you rigged the votes to make her prom gotta think that expulsion would be the least of your worries. There is no better film representation of a "joke" going bad, and after recent events...I WISH I had telekinesis...

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deadlydolls said...

Ha! Love the post and its timely theme. The best response I've seen thus far.

I also love the ridiculously mean-spirited and downright dangerous prank played in Slaughter High. The scale is huge and great.

Kristi Nommensen Dorson said...

haha, I wonder what could have prompted THIS post? :P Good points you make though, people think they can behave in all sorts of ways that they would never behave in real life on the internet. And I am BY FAR not a PC person at all, but there's still a lot to be said for a) recognizing when you're crossing a line and b) apologizing and behaving with grace when you didn't realize it, cross the line, and someone calls you out on it. Geez.

At any rate, great list. April Fool's Day, man, I know you can't say more about the movie without giving things away, but that one might be the TOP prank movie of all time in my list. It BLEW MY MIND when I was a kid.

Pax Romano said...

Darling Daughter, what a timely post, wherever did you get the inspiration for this (he asked innocently).

Ah yes, the internet...well that and the lack of critical thinking skills (and a bucket of pig's blood) are going to be the downfall of society.

Erin said...

this is not directed to anyone or anything in no way, shape, or form whatsoever, i just know it

Simon said...

Teenagers are assholes, aren't they? That sums up every movie prank ever committed ever.

The Mike said...

Love it! Great work.

Unknown said...

Love it!

Hey did the poster ever arrive in the mail?

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