Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TERRIBLE POSTER TUESDAY: Zombies of Mass Destruction

As a daughter of a politician, (a republican no less) I've come to discover that it is nearly impossible to screw up parodying anything political. With Obama's socialist antics, Bush's inability to speak proper English, and the economy raping 90% of the country with a grapefruit spoon, political jokes are some of the easiest to make. Now, to combine that with the almost fool-proof Zom-Com seems to be a stroke of genius. However, if there ever was a way to screw up the political parody & zom-com combination, Zombies of Mass Destruction have jihaded the pants clear off it.

First of all, they called it a Zomedy. Last I checked, the proper lingo expression is a Zom-Com. Secondly, it's got "mass destruction" and a zombie terrorist on the poster...you're insulting my intelligence by saying "a political zomedy". The reason it worked with Shaun of the Dead with "a romantic comedy, with zombies" is because it didn't spell it out for the readers. This poster is what I like to say "like pistol whipping a blind kid".

The long running joke in the industry is that zombie filmmakers have been making EVERYTHING zombies. Zombie strippers, Vegan zombies, and even zombie clowns have been showing up at film festivals and silver screens all across the country. However...zombie terrorists? Don't they blow themselves up? How the hell does that even work? Unless this is in the same world as Return of the Living Dead, there isn't any reason as to why the blown up bits of terrorists can come after you.

I'd also like to know who the crap these kids are. If you're going to go political comedy, shouldn't you go with the secret service or congressmen over college kids? No? Normally I spend a decent size paragraph bitching about the standard fonts being used, but this poster...speaks for itself. I didn't know there was a font that resembled letters dipped in strawberry syrup, but I have been proved wrong.

2 comment(s):

Blooming Psycho said...

The dorko expression on the central zombie's face, uh...slays me! Maybe he's been Clized, which is the Word Verification.

Simon said...

That dude in the back looks constipated.

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