Monday, May 24, 2010


So I partially lied to you all yesterday. I haven't been completely MIA, I actually have been up to no good and writing for some other sites. I know, I'm a total traitor. I expect an angry mob with pitchforks and "fire on a stick" outside my door. So, I think it's only necessary I let you all know just what I've been up to. I also am taking this time to show some of the COOLEST stuff happening on the interwebs.

I was honored enough to have an interview with the AWESOME folks at the clubhouse with the strangest kids in the blogosphere. They even made a super awesome graphic for it!One of my favorite horror homies, Johnny of Freddy in Space, is hosting a week fully dedicated to the man behind the modern zombie. I've even got a guest post lined up for him :DMy poppa Pax over at Billy Loves Stu did a tribute to the fabulous women of George A. Romero =]
I'm proud to say that I'm now writing for the FABULOUS website

and last but not least....
Day of the Woman's brother blog,
The Vault of Horror
just celebrated their 1,000th post!
Congratulations B-Sol!

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Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

Honey, that's called freelancing, and there's no shame in it. Personally, I'm proud of you that you're in such high demand!

Zach S. said...

Read your interview, great stuff with the Strange Kids!

I'm excited to see your contribution to Romero Week and what you'll have in store with the Blood Sprayer.

What don't you do??

Pax Romano said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Aleata Illusion(GoreGoreDancer) said...


B-Sol said...

Zach, the answer is: Windows!

These are the jokes, folks. What is this, an audience or an oil painting?

But seriously, thanks for the mention and for being part of the Vault--well on the way to #2,000 as we speak.

Strange Kid said...

Congrats to you, BJ, sounds like you're plenty busy! Its great to see someone with such talent making their mark in the industry.

Also wanted to offer thanks for the shout out. Now when you really blow up, you'll have to give us an exclusive, haha. ;)

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