Wednesday, May 19, 2010


David Campfield was generous enough to send me a copy of his fantastically, awfully, ridiculously, campy (sort of) horror flick, Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre. He wrote me a little note saying that "its more of a goofball comedy than horror" and he wasn't kidding. I laughed at pretty much everything that happened, and the fact there was some slaughter made me love it even more. If you aren't some film snob who expects PERFECT film making and can't relax and take a joke (but done properly unlike some stupid overly awarded indie vampire films), then this film is not for you. As a publicity and promotional project, they have created a youtube station. The shorts are absolutely hysterical and well worth a watch

Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre to screen at The Light House International Film Festival.

Dave Campfield's comedy-horror was chosen as the midnight movie at this year's Light House Film Festival in New Jersey. Director Campfield will be in attendance. Caesar and Otto is now on youtube, with weekly videos being uploaded to the site:

Screening info:

Friday June 4th at the Light House Film Festival in New Jersey.

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InvisigothOo said...

Wow! Is that Felicia Rose?! I hope this makes it to DVD soon! It sounds like something I could easily fall in love with!

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