Monday, May 17, 2010


It's no surprise that I am an absolute Let The Right One In fanatic. The film, the soundtrack, and the novel are all examples of pure perfection in the horror world. After falling head over heels for the chilling world of Eli and Oskar through film, I rush ordered the novel the second I had money for it. I took the massive book and cranked it out in just under a week. I barely took breaks to blog while reading it, I just couldn't put it down. Now, vampires are NOT my favorite creatures of horror as zombies reign supreme in my book. Yet, LTROI is easily my favorite horror novel in the last decade. So when it was announced that John Ajvide Lindqvist was writing a zombie novel, words cannot capture the sensation that took over my body. I'm a self-proclaimed zombie obsessed, literature freak. The announcement of this book was like Christmas coming early.

On September 28th, Lindqvist's story Handling the Undead will be released. As expected, the story isn't to be traditional and sounds just as horrifically beautiful as his last masterpiece. The novel is to be apart-dramatic, part-satiric study of what happens when the undead return to their families. Special thanks to Stu from BuyZombie for bringing this to my attention.

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Pidde Andersson said...

Well, Lidqvist isn't "writing" a zombie novel. Handling the undead came out in Sweden 2005. Since then, he's put out a collection of shortstories and two more novels, the latest one published just recently.
Unfortunately, his homepage is in Swedish only, so Google Translate it!

Emily said...

Excitement! I also loved the novel of Let the Right One In (and yes, film too) which also explains why I'm mildly okay and almost looking forward to another film version. If Matt Reeves is to be believes, he's adapting the novel as opposed to remaking the film, and while I think the original is near perfect, I'm curious to see some of the other story threads explored.

Also, I'll totally be checking out this book once it's translated in good ol' English.

Emma said...

it's been out in the UK since the start of 2009. It is a very good book, not as good as let the right on in though

Rabid Fox said...

This one is definitely on my wish list, the novel that is, after I was thoroughly impressed by Let the Right One In.

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