Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sorry I've been a little MIA lately, I'm actually obnoxiously sick (what else is new?) and have been fighting with this ailment for a few days. Today however, it took no prisoners and made me absolutely miserable. In my request to find things to cheer me up, I came up with a brilliant idea! This week I'm doing something a little different as far as WotW is concerned. I've found some astounding things that women have done around the horror blogosphere and I'm doing sort of a palooza of women awesomeness. Ya dig?
Unless this is your first time on DotW, you should have noticed that things look mighty different around here. I had a banner of Camille Keaton's ass as my header for the blog and after a year, I thought it was time for a change. I posted out a tweet alert, and lo and behold, Britt Hayes of Brutal as Hell is a photoshop wizard. She covers news, Film/DVD reviews, and editing on the site and made my AMAZING new banner. The fact we have the same name makes her rule even harder.I got an email from a woman named Nicole Adams who has also come to terms with the fact that Twatlight has taken over the vampire world. She was very polite and asked that I share this dandy little article she compose of about the 14 Greatest Vampire Stories of All Time.If you're reading this on 4/21/2010, you should know that it is a Wednesday. What does Wednesday mean as far as the horror blogosphere is concerned? It means that another episode of the Pretty-Scary/Final Girl podcast The Scare-Ening is upon us! Tune in every Wednesday night 8PM Pacific/11PM Eastern. Call-in Number: (646) 929-0545Andre Dumas of The Horror Digest is taking a note from the pages of Kindertrauma to do an Ultimate Screen Grab Challenge! Basically, she posts a bunch of screen shots from horror movies, and you have to guess what they are. If you're'll win a prize!Emily of The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense has created something that makes my pants fit a little tighter and my heart beat a little faster. What could it be? Free Chipotle? Zombie John Lennon? Lady Gaga riding a unicorn? Nope..SHE'S MADE A PODCAST DEDICATED TO GLEE. That's really all that needs to be said.

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The Mike said...

I have to say that a) each of these people is awesome, including yourself; and b) the link color makes the page kinda seem Mad Libs. My eyes suck though, maybe it's just me. Just sayin', keep up the good work!

Andre said...

Ahhhhh yay! Being woman of the week was one of my lifetime goals FYI. So thanks : )

Feel better shnooks!

See you in the chat room tonighhht

Simon said...

Woo! Go Lady day!

(I'm a girl, actually, I just like the name Simon. So I'm allowed to celebrate!)

Emily said...

Free chipotle on a unicorn? That's such a better idea than the gleeKast! I quit.

And kid. Thanks for the shoutout!

B-Sol said...

Worthy women all. Love the new banner Britt made. FYI though, I think that Twilight link is a scam/spam site.

John said...

The new banner's great, but since I've spent way too many hours in design classes I can't help but point out that the lettering up top could really use something to distinguish it from the background. A 1pt stroke around the edges or something would probably do it. Keep up the good work. (Is that how a compliment sandwich is supposed to work?)

Ulitmate said...

Lovely Blog, By The Way, Andre Your "Women Of The Week", SUCH A TURN ON!

Call ME!

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