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WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Erin Rose Tollefsen

Erin Rose Tollefsen was one of the nicest people I met at the Zombie Outbreak film festival hosted by Horror Society. She was this sharp tongued, bubbly, and entertaining horror chick who had just met me and was already being more than welcoming to me. It wasn't until after the festival that Stu from BuyZombie let me in on the fact that she's not just a fan, she's a horror artist as well! She's the creator of some awesome zombie crafts and even designed my V-day card for the boy. I want to showcase more WotW's that aren't just iconic Scream Queens, I want to showcase women that are the future of the genre. So this week's WotW is Erin Rose Tollefsen.

BJ-C: What is your earliest memory of horror in your life?
ERT: Well, for starters, my mom is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Halloween". She always went all-out on Halloween, decorating the yard and house with elaborate statues of ghouls and goblins, so my life growing up was always a little creepy. To my family, everyday really WAS Halloween, so I got used to it at a really early age. However, she never really let me watch horror movies growing up, so I had to learn on my own and with a little help from my friends. One of my best friends, Bob, is a huge zombie fanatic, so he kick started my zombie obsession.

BJ-C: I'm thankful I never had to fight my parents for films! Speaking of which, what are your favorite horror films & why?
ERT: I really love "The Exorcist". It was the first movie I ever saw that actually terrified me. "Return of the Living Dead" is probably my all-time favorite because it is campy, fun, and has the awesomest Silver Screen Zombie of all time in it (in my opinion). "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" is a new favorite of mine. It is funny, and very original, which is refreshing in a world of constant horror remakes. "Freaks" was one of my first favorite horror movies, mainly because of the role reversal it portrayed. The "normal" people were the real monsters, and I loved that. "Cannibal Holocaust" is also a favorite for the same reason. The "civilized" people end up being much more savage than the tribes they found so barbaric. Horror movies that take a stand and make you re-think your values are always my pick.

BJ-C: So meeting you in person and stalking you on facebook has lead me to believe you're just the cat's pajamas. Do people ever look at you funny for being a horror hottie?
ERT: Well, I don't actually consider myself a horror hottie, but thank you. And yes, I do get weird looks from time to time, mainly because of my piercings and tattoos. It was worse when I had black hair and penciled brows.

BJ-C: Well, you did nab yourself a ghoulish guy to perfect your little horror world. How was it planning a dark wedding? (on 06.06.06 no less)
ERT: Nerve-racking. We wanted an October wedding in 2007, then decided to move it to June 6th, 2006, mainly because we got engaged the day after my birthday and thought it fitting to get married the day after Russ' birthday. The fact that 06.06.06 only happens every 1000 years was awesome to. And, I was going to get married in my mother's wedding dress, but she actually convinced me to wear a black dress, because it was more "me", and I am so thankful I did. I would have felt so awkward in a white dress.

BJ-C: I actually may end up specializing in off-beat weddings someday, so I love me some black dresses! You craft though, what inspired you to create Zombikins?
ERT: Well, a dear friend of mine named April made Russ and I a set of clay zombies based on ourselves, and I wanted to return the favor. So, I made my first prototype zombie (named Bubba) and then proceeded to make one for her. I showed them off a bit on Myspace, and a lot of people were interested in buying them, so I made more and started selling them on Etsy.

BJ-C: Very sweet, I'm still saving money to get one of my own! Alright, how about...favorite horror women?
ERT: "Trash" from ROTLD. She's awesome, and her dialogue is hilarious. Plus, she's hot. "Regan" from "The Exorcist" mainly because Linda Blair was exceptional in her portrayal of the character, and she scared the hell out of me.
BJ-C: So other than Regan...what scares you?
ERT: Not anything that would scare normal people. I am not scared of spiders, heights or anything like that. I am scared of Haunted House attractions, because I hate knowing that something is going to jump out at me. But I love going to creepy, abandoned houses and cemeteries at night and searching of ghosts/creatures. My mom thinks it's hysterical. And I have a few phobias that a lot of people think are strange, including marine life, bodies of water, and mustard. Yes, mustard (deep childhood issues, trust me).

BJ-C: I'm afraid of Lawn Gnomes, I get the irrational fear. Where can we find more of you?
ERT: Well, thanks to a dear friend named Stuart, I have a website that showcases my Zombie art ( It also showcases all the products I have available for sale through Etsy and Zazzle. All my other artwork can be viewed on my Deviant Art page ( I also do a weekly feature for on Mondays called "The Ultra-Nifty-Super-Thrifty Guide to Handmade Zombie Goods", where I showcase 5 handmade zombie products that cost $10 or less by amazing crafters.

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B-Sol said...
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B-Sol said...

Officially approve of the Trash comments :-)

Christopher Zenga said...



I know I may be biased but fuck it! Your work is wonderful.

Later days,


Erin Rose Tollefsen said...

Oh wow. YOU, Christopher Zenga, like MY zombies???

I am so giddy right now! ^_^

The feeling is MORE than mutual! I adore your work as well! <3

Daph said...

I read you were featured over here on this site, so here I am reading alllll about you:)

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