Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hello my darling Womanizers. I apologize for keeping you all up worried sick trying to figure out what happened to dear ol' BJ-C. I can assure you that I am alive and well...WITH GREAT NEWS!

I got cast in a college short film. So yes, my title is the most misleading post known to man. It's not a horror film *sigh* but it's a foot in the door. Lest we not forget, BJ-C has a future career as a blogger and barista struggling to make it big in the film world ahead of her!

With that said, I'm going to be in Chicago filming this weekend. I'm hoping to squeeze in a post about my experiences on the other side of the camera.

Peace, Love, & Brains

4 comment(s):

gord said...

Congrats! Hopefully people outside the Chicago circuit will be able to see the film.

Simon said...


I trust you will be posting it here at some point?

Hey! Look Behind You! said...


Pax Romano said...

The road to, I called this one!

So when we do we head out to the coast? Break a Leg!!!! XO

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