Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Ramblings from the Mistress of Macabre

Yes, I did just completely and utterly rip this off from The Vault of Horror. Then again, the man is the Dr. to my Frankenstein...so it's all out of love and not out of "I'm unoriginal and steal other people's stuff"

Speaking of which. Thank-you to the horror blogger who made me contemplate driving cross country to personally kick them in the gonads for ripping off my catchphrase. I understand that "peace, love, & brains" is a rip off of "peace, love, and happiness", but no one was saying anything similar to it in the horror blogosphere and you are blatantly ripping me off. You know who you are.

If you haven't been listening to the Heidi Martinuzzi & Stacie Ponder variety hour aka The Scare-Ening, you are doing yourself a grave disservice. These two cover topics from anal bleaching to Joe Bob Briggs and it's one hell of a ride. NOTE: The ability to appreciate sarcasm isn't mandatory...but highly recommended. Oh, and I HAVE shared Georgia O'Keefe's with Stacie Ponder. It was legendary, and she is a goddess.

In case you didn't know, I'm the coolest of the cool. In fact, I'm so cool that people put words I say on movie cases. The first quote I've ever had printed was on the zombie short Chemical 12-D that I whored the hell out of (BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT, DAMN IT!). Today, I was shown that there's a quote of mine on the new DVD case of The Commune. What was even cooler, is that today I was sent a plethora of awesomeness from The Commune's director Elisabeth Fies. She sent me her short film, some autographed pics, and a top secret film I'll be posting on here eventually ;)

So Stu @ BuyZombie is a huge tool for having an amazing new layout and because he got to go on a cruise AND DIDN'T INVITE ME. So to repay him, I'm not going to link to my guest post...because I'm still that pissed. I was 20 minutes from him, and he couldn't even ask if I wanted to tag on. Some friend. *pouts*

I might be donating my eggs for money. So if you have any horror buds that want prodigy children, I will give my genes. Hey, it beats the tips at Hooters.

Worth1000.com aka the photoshop contest website has some of the sweetest posters. I will be showing more tomorrow, but here's my favorite from their "One Letter Off" competition.

Oh, and congratulations to everyone at the Rondos! I have to agree with 99.9% of the results and I will formally be congratulating tomorrow! Now, off to do B-D reviews!

5 comment(s):

Chuck Conry said...

I've been thinking about doing this new thing called terrible poster Wednesday, you think it'll catch on??

The Mike said...

WOOT! My car insurance bill envelope was just featured on Day of the Woman! I've finally hit the bigtime!

:) Good Stuff, Miss C.

Stacie Ponder said...

Some may say I only slept with you to get an endorsement on this blog, but we know the truth! I slept with you for an endorsement and five dollars. But still, it was a magical afternoon-into-night I'll never forget.

Peace, love, and hair grease

B-Sol said...

And here I always thought you ripped it off from Don Cornelius on Soul Train!

Nice picture choice. I look ravishing.

Unknown said...

I'm DOTW!!! Cool!

Dammit. I'm too tired to think of anything witty to say.

But the brain deadness is for a good cause...I was doing stunts beating up Lainey from GILMORE GIRLS all day. She is rad; if you ever get the chance to hire her, DO IT! :)

Tomorrow: stunt car driving. Yea women making horror movies!!!!

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