Friday, April 30, 2010


In a little more than 24 hours, I will be sitting amongst the pee-smelling homeless men and over sexualized Navy boys on the train to Chicago. There is just about nothing better in this world than having to take a dead sprint off the platform to catch a Brown line train or having to make fake conversation with the person ahead of you as some guy with no teeth begs you for crack money. *sighs*. The best things in life really are free. As a suburban teenager, the only opportunities that come knocking at my door to go to the Windy City are either cubs games, film shoots, visiting the other half, or film festivals. This weekend, I am lucky enough to be among the ranks of the Chicago horror scene at the Women of Horror 2 Film Festival sponsered by Horror Society. Words do not describe how excited I am for this weekend. I seriously think I need a change of pants just thinking about it. Horror, support of women, Chicago...what did I do to deserve such an opportunity?!

Anyway, other than the sweet films, awesome vendors, and even the all-girl rock band playing at the fest, I GET TO HANG OUT WITH SOME OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET...I mean, people who were voted "Most likely to be cool" or something. Okay, so they're all fantastic and famous and impressive and stuff and they would probably RT the same stuff you do on twitter. Last I checked, that meant you were cool. Well...probably, but that's not the point. The fact of the matter is that I get to spend 8 hours held up in the Portage theater with some fantastic people that I should tell you about ;)First of all, DEVI SNIVELY is going to be there. If you're a fan of women, and a fan of horror, you should be a fan of this woman. She's the mastermind behind some pretty amazing horror films and her film Trippin' will be showing at the fest. Afterward, she'll be doing a Q & A session. Why do I get a hankerin' suspicion that I'm going to be that annoying girl in Lit. class that everyone wants to put a firepoker up her nose because she asks the stupidest questions just because she's really excited about the subject matter?If you're a fan of horror hosts, you should easily recognize Chicago's own Svengoolie. Well, behind every great man is a great women. Enter: Svengirlie. Yes, there is a female counterpart to the black eyed, rubber chicken man, and she will be there. Expect pictures and creepy fangirl banter.Not quite sure how many of you out there got to witness the flick Perkins 14. (Hey, don't hate on it, it was FAN it's your fault). Luckily enough, Horror Society nabbed Shayla Beesley (no relation to Pam) to come around for the festivities. She's also the co-writer of Body of Work which will also be showing. Like Devi, Shayla will be having a Q&A session herself :)Laura Szymber will be there in person presenting her film Gargalese. She was the co-producer on this dandy horror flick about something we all feared as children...the tickle monster. I'm really curious to see what she's like and of course, there will be pictures taken.
BUT THE PEOPLE I'M MORE EXCITED TO SEE THAN ANY OF THESE WOMEN...Horror Wife, wife of the man behind Horror Society& Nicki Nix of Hey! Look Behind You!

Even though they're not women, I guess seeing the Shu of Shu-izmz and that twerp who writes Paradise of Horror will be pretty cool too. ;)

NOTE: Since sarcasm is a wasted art, let it be known that I adore Rick Romanowski aka Freddy's Fingers aka Johnny Sandman aka the doppelganger of the kid from Pathogen aka that twerp who writes for Paradise of Horror.

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Mr. Johnny Sandman said...

LOL BJ-C, I'll be seeing you there as well!! ;) No Hawaiian shirts I'm afraid. They all need to be washed.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

See ya there :)

The Mike said...

Have fun peeps! I seriously considered making the trip over for this one, but work denies me. Someday I'm gonna hit one of these things.

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