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Chuck over at Zombies Don't Run recently had an extremely heartfelt post where he spoke about the importance of his blog and the things he wants to accomplish with it. He called it his "blood bucket list". I found the article to be very inspiring and decided to do one myself.
Something a lot of people don't know about me, is that outside of the horror world I am still just as well known as I am in the blogophere. In the past few years I've won a beauty pageant, won countless scholarships for writing, awarded top honors for vocal performance, acting, character acting, baton twirling, and even made it to nationals for speech team in the humorous interpretation event. Acting, baton twirling, singing, theatre, film, public speaking, and community service is my life. I don't have a family to provide for, I don't have a full time job, and I'm not going back to school until the fall. Yet, I still spend my time doing things to try and make the world a little better. I volunteer at soup kitchens, puppy shelters, domestic violence sanctuaries, teaching baton to little girls, and host an annual tri-city food drive. It's something I take pride in and something I love to put on a resume. However, this isn't the only side of me. Horror is a huge part of my life, and yet I don't think I measure up in that department the way I do in my other interests...that's something I want to change. Here is my horror (blood) bucket list.I want to meet Bruce Campbell in person
It's not even the fact I think he's sexy. I genuinely want to talk to him and ask him questions that I'm sure he's been asked over 1000 times by every other fangirl on the planet. Even if I don't have the time to ask questions, I want to just thank him for the work he's done and the impact he's left on the genre. I admire the man deeply, and I've yet to meet him.I want to review for money
I've written reviews for countless websites and other blogs, and yet this is a labor of love. I'm broke, and it would be really cool to be respected enough that people give me money to jabber about films.I want to be a horror model
I don't care if I'm a Zombie Pinup, Spooksmodel, Scream Queen, or just a model for some horror makeup artist, I would LOVE to do something like this. I find it incredibly inspiring that there are women out there who use their love of the genre and their looks to their advantage by drawing people in to the horror world. Maybe that makes me vain, but I think it would be awesome to show up to a convention and people know who I am and want to talk to me.I want to be in a shitty B-Movie
I'm in school to become an actress, and I aspire to be in a god awful, gory, bloody, boob-tastic B-Movie. It's ridiculous that I aspire to do something most actresses see as a last resort, but it's something I want so badly.I want to host a blogging convention
Chicago is home to some of the coolest horror conventions on the planet, but it seems that we bloggers are sort of kept in the dark and scurry in as humble guests. Yet, while we walk around we are noticed by fans and other bloggers and seem to make as much contact with strangers as some of the guests. Sad part is, there's a possibility that we as bloggers will never meet each other. We talk to each other daily and in some cases consider other bloggers to be our most trusted friends. Why can't we have a convention of bloggers, show films, get guests, invite the public, and share our secrets to success? Oh yeah, cause we're all poor from the zero money we get from blogging :D

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Bryce Holland said...

Excellent list. I especially love the blogger convention thing. Great idea.



oducerproducer said...

Could've met Bruce Campbell but didn't know he was in town, is a dark day in my life not knowing that info.

I've done make up for Horror Models in the past plus i direct B Horror shorts, and eventually features.

The Mike said...

Good stuff, ma'am. Keep the dreams alive!

Chuck Conry said...

Now isn't that top pic just the cutest ever lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I know someone who met Bruce Campbell at a gas station. He said 'Oh my god, you're Bruce Campell!' And he said 'Well someone HAS to be.' True story.

Anonymous said...

I met Campbell a few years back at Flashback Weekend, and he was a nice enough guy, though a bit rushed (of course. He had a HUGE line). Though, I did get to speak briefly to him about a screenplay of mine that was optioned he (supposedly) was on tap to direct (through the same guys he did that Alien Invasion, or Alien Apocalypse movie with. Where it was all snowy and took place in an airplane hanger? I never saw it all). To my surprise, he remembered it, but not the circumstances behind it falling apart. After I told 'em that the fuckers didn't even pay me for the option, his final words to me... "Welcome to Hollywood, kid." So while not the experience I'd hoped for meeting The Chin, I did get to take away something cool from it.

And rest assured BJ-C, if one of my scripts actually DOES go through and I'm able to realize a dream of mine? I'll do my damnest to get ya a role to help out that dream of yours. That's a promise! :)

Cinema Suicide said...

I got burned by Campbell the time I met him. It was a huge hit for me. I went around cursing the guy's name for six months before I got over myself and figured "fuck it". I wrote about it on Cinema S. I guess meetings with Campbell can go both ways and it's a crap shoot.

I'll tell you what, though. I live in New Hampshire and there's always some kind of low budget horror production going on from Maine on down to Rhode Island. Opportunities to be in crappy movies out this way are in abundance. You live in a much more populous area. Take the New England formula and apply it to your local exponent. There MUST be a ton of small time productions you can get into out there. You have the beginnings of an acting background and if you don't mind the creepy internet guy saying so, you're also quite pretty and have the sort of personality people flock to. Getting into any production local to you should be as easy as showing up to an audition.

And in the unlikely event you make it out to New Hampshire in the next couple of months, I'll gladly cast you in the web series I'm producing right now.

James C. Sugrue said...

You don't make money blogging? I made like 40 cents from Amazon last month. Bling bling muffhucker!


If you ever get that Horror Bloggers Convention going, count me in!!

Christopher Zenga said...

This was a fantastic read BJ, the best thing is your young, and have your shit together. You have LOT'S of time and If you keep focused on these goals you will achieve them all.



Spike Ghost said...

You are gorgeous, you would have no problem becoming a horror model. That would be awesome.

I would watch that awful B-movie too XD
anyway, in all seriousness, i believe you can achieve these dreams. Reading your blog and seeing how smart and determined you are i have no doubt you will realize them.

(sory for my bad writing, i'm not very good at ... like, saying and explaining things)

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