Friday, April 2, 2010


Anna Paquin is currently the best example of a nerd's walking wet dream. She's got the sci-fi and comic book kids from her role in X-Men, the horror fans from her roles in True Blood and Trick 'R' Treat, music geeks from Almost Famous, history nerds from Joan of Arc, and pedophiles from Fly Away Home. There couldn't possibly be anything else she can add to her resume to make nerds double click in their mom's basements faster...until now. Anna Paquin has finally admitted she is a bi-sexual. Honestly, this is about as surprising as finding out the ship sinks of The Passion of the Christ. I personally thought she dabbled in muff diving, so knowing she actually digs the peen is more shocking than anything with me. She does have good taste though, Stephen Moyer? Yum. I just wish I knew which girls she's been after!

Anyway, other than the fact she's adding more wet dreams to fangbangers the world over, she came out for a good cause. She announced in a PSA for the True Colors Fund's "Give a Damn" campaign that "I'm Bisexual, and I give a damn". True Colors Concerts is a music touring company founded by Cyndi Lauper and was established as a vehicle for her to empower the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community to reengage and take part in the struggle for full equality. In 2008, the True Colors Fund, the non-profit "sister" to the True Colors Tour, was created to facilitate year-round involvement in the advancement of GLBT equality and support for the GLBT community. (True Colors Fund).

For lack of a better explanation, she didn't come out to further her career, she didn't come out to "shock" the nation, and she didn't come out to try and nab attention for True Blood. She came out, because she gives a damn about equality. Rock on Sookie.

Do you give a damn?

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Pax Romano said...

Yes, at least she did not pull a Ricky Martin and wait until her career was dead to come out.

Unknown said...

I'm a huge supporter of GLBT rights and I think that it's cool that she's being true to herself. However, I must be one dense old gal, because I've never gotten why a guy would want a woman he was hot for to be bisexual. Wouldn't that mean all the more competition for her affections? It makes some sense from the purely watching porn point of view--I like gay male porn because I don't have to be bothered with seeing vaginas. But from a real-life point of view...Ah, hell, I'm rambling. I didn't get enough sleep because of the damn wind giving me nightmares. Sounds like a premise for a story right there. Maybe my protagonist could be a hot bisexual female with a vampire boyfriend!

James C. Sugrue said...

I don't understand women who come out as bi-sexual. I've never met a women who wasn't bi.

Anonymous said...

So Hott

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Glad she came out! Bisexual women unite! Huzzah! *raises fist*

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