Friday, April 30, 2010


In a little more than 24 hours, I will be sitting amongst the pee-smelling homeless men and over sexualized Navy boys on the train to Chicago. There is just about nothing better in this world than having to take a dead sprint off the platform to catch a Brown line train or having to make fake conversation with the person ahead of you as some guy with no teeth begs you for crack money. *sighs*. The best things in life really are free. As a suburban teenager, the only opportunities that come knocking at my door to go to the Windy City are either cubs games, film shoots, visiting the other half, or film festivals. This weekend, I am lucky enough to be among the ranks of the Chicago horror scene at the Women of Horror 2 Film Festival sponsered by Horror Society. Words do not describe how excited I am for this weekend. I seriously think I need a change of pants just thinking about it. Horror, support of women, Chicago...what did I do to deserve such an opportunity?!

Anyway, other than the sweet films, awesome vendors, and even the all-girl rock band playing at the fest, I GET TO HANG OUT WITH SOME OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET...I mean, people who were voted "Most likely to be cool" or something. Okay, so they're all fantastic and famous and impressive and stuff and they would probably RT the same stuff you do on twitter. Last I checked, that meant you were cool. Well...probably, but that's not the point. The fact of the matter is that I get to spend 8 hours held up in the Portage theater with some fantastic people that I should tell you about ;)First of all, DEVI SNIVELY is going to be there. If you're a fan of women, and a fan of horror, you should be a fan of this woman. She's the mastermind behind some pretty amazing horror films and her film Trippin' will be showing at the fest. Afterward, she'll be doing a Q & A session. Why do I get a hankerin' suspicion that I'm going to be that annoying girl in Lit. class that everyone wants to put a firepoker up her nose because she asks the stupidest questions just because she's really excited about the subject matter?If you're a fan of horror hosts, you should easily recognize Chicago's own Svengoolie. Well, behind every great man is a great women. Enter: Svengirlie. Yes, there is a female counterpart to the black eyed, rubber chicken man, and she will be there. Expect pictures and creepy fangirl banter.Not quite sure how many of you out there got to witness the flick Perkins 14. (Hey, don't hate on it, it was FAN it's your fault). Luckily enough, Horror Society nabbed Shayla Beesley (no relation to Pam) to come around for the festivities. She's also the co-writer of Body of Work which will also be showing. Like Devi, Shayla will be having a Q&A session herself :)Laura Szymber will be there in person presenting her film Gargalese. She was the co-producer on this dandy horror flick about something we all feared as children...the tickle monster. I'm really curious to see what she's like and of course, there will be pictures taken.
BUT THE PEOPLE I'M MORE EXCITED TO SEE THAN ANY OF THESE WOMEN...Horror Wife, wife of the man behind Horror Society& Nicki Nix of Hey! Look Behind You!

Even though they're not women, I guess seeing the Shu of Shu-izmz and that twerp who writes Paradise of Horror will be pretty cool too. ;)

NOTE: Since sarcasm is a wasted art, let it be known that I adore Rick Romanowski aka Freddy's Fingers aka Johnny Sandman aka the doppelganger of the kid from Pathogen aka that twerp who writes for Paradise of Horror.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


You see this blonde bombshell in this photo? This is my very, VERY close friend Melissa Zeman. Melissa was a queen with me in 2008 and placed top 15 in the Miss Illinois USA pageant. She's also one of the girls on my sidebar ;) This year, Miss USA is doing something new, and YOU are allowed to vote in 1 contestant to join the ranks of the rest of the lovely ladies. She's currently 14th in rank, but she needs your help! If you have a facebook, log in and go to :

And vote for her! She's an amazing woman, and despite her looks...she loves horror too! She was actually one of the lovely ladies that I brought with me to the opening of Drag Me To Hell. She's truly deserving of this honor, and I'm asking for your help to get her there. Help break down boundaries and send a girl with a Miss America appearance and a fangirl heart to Miss USA!

Friday, April 23, 2010


You all remember the fantastic film The Commune that I could not stop blabbering about a few weeks ago? Well, I'm not alone in thinking that it was absolutely spectacular! Not only are the AMAZING fellow LoTT-D writers over at Planet of Terror in The Commune loving boat with me, but they had the opportunity to interview writer/director Elisabeth Fies! Cortez the Killer had an amazing interview with her and I think you should all check it out!

To add amazingness to already existing amazingsauce...

Elisabeth was nominated for a Golden Cob Award which recognizes the best in B-Movies. She was nominated in the Best Emerging Director Category. Show some support and vote for her here:

NOTE:: I have taken the video blog from yesterday down as my point was made. If you didn't see it, it was directed at someone who had been stealing my article titles and my catchphrase. After attempting to contact him subtly, a more drastic approach needed to be made. It was, and an extremely hostile and hateful response was put on my facebook page. I clearly made my point so I took it down.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


“To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about”


I've never been one to hide the fact that I'm a baton-twirling pageant queen, just to seem like some kind of horror bad-ass. Yes, I've been a queen (more than once), and I'm damn proud of it...but I'm also a completely fanatical horror geek, as you probably also know if you're reading this. Some may find this a little unusual, even contradictory, but I'm living proof that you can love blood and guts and still wear a crown with pride. No, I'm not your stereotypical "horror chick"--but i'm also not your stereotypical beauty queen either...Somehow I've found a balance and have gained the ability to get the best of both worlds.

I've recently been assigned a job for my local pageant system to be the official "Contestant Mentor". The pageant board decided that my years of pageant training and achievements in public speaking/interviewing have made me the ideal candidate to guide the new contestants vying for the coveted title and crown. All of this pageant talk has inspired me to let you all in on a part of my life that I don't necessarily talk about a lot on DotW. Here's how I have learned to combine beauty with BRAAAAAAAAAINS.

The first thing we are to always remember, is to be yourself. It sounds trivial, but there are so many girls that pretend to be something they're not. From day one, I've always been extremely open on the person I am. So I might not have any other girls to make Batman jokes or who will get my obscure horror references, but I'm not necessarily alone. I made it my goal to show my queen friends exactly why I am the way I am. They all follow my blog, they love seeing my zombie makeup, and they've even tagged along to horror movies with me. I'm not 6'0, I'm not skinny, I'm not blonde, and I'm much more comfortable in black and red than I am in pink and blue. I won a pageant based off of my merit and off of who I am, why should I change that just because there is a crown on my head? Of course there were other girls who saw me as "weird" and "crazy" for liking what I like, but more often than not, the girls accepted me with open arms because I wasn't shy about it. I never lied to them or hid the fact I'm a horror junkie, and I think that more than anything made them accept my "weird" way of life.

Pageantry has also helped me when it comes to my appearance. It's not about vanity or being full of myself, it's about having pride in what I look like. I'm not going to say "Oh, I'm sooo hot", but I will say that I always look at least presentable. When you're a queen, you don't have the option to walk out of the house in pajamas when you go to Wal-Mart, because EVERYONE knows who you are. Not to say that horror girls are slobs, but I have been to many MANY a convention where the women are wearing their horror tops that don't fit, hair that isn't brushed, makeup sloppily tossed on all over their faces, and honestly...just not put together. I love my "Vampires Don't Sparkle" t-shirt more than most of my wardrobe, but since I've gained a bit of doesn't fit. Therefore, I'm not going to wear it until it fits because if I DO wear it, I will look ridiculous. For some people, that's their deal and if they don't mind looking like a candidate for "What Not To Wear" that's fine, but I have found that the more "put together" one looks, the more approachable they are. I'd rather look out of place because I look nice than be out of place because I look like a slob.

Being able to speak publicly and intermingle with people I've never met before is also something I attribute to pageants. Thanks to the internet, most people have no problem talking to someone for hours on end through the safety of their computers...but once you put them in front of someone they freak out and don't know how to handle themselves. Doing pageants at an early age established an ability to talk to just about anybody. Anyone who has met me can tell you that I'm extremely outgoing, not afraid of conversation, and willing to talk to just about anyone who crosses my path. At conventions and film festivals, I tend to introduce myself to just about everyone and without pageants...I'd probably just keep quiet to myself and hope someone approaches me.

I've also found a way to intricate horror into my pageant activities. Other than dragging my queen counterparts to scary movies, I've used my love of horror for good. Last year, my town was potentially going to axe the idea of a haunted house because the townspeople felt it would promote satanism, fornication, vandalism, and countless other problems. Yet, I wrote letters to the newspaper and spoke at the village board meetings showcasing that I was living proof that loving horror doesn't make you a bad person, and I managed to change the minds of the city officials. People fear what they don't understand, but when a girl they know very well for being a positive role model and an outstanding citizen shows up with a tiara on their head talking about being a horror aficionado really puts things in perspective.

There are also very subtle ways to showcase a love of horror while maintaining a queen reputation. At the end of your reign, each girl must give a speech accompanied by music that you feel best represents your year as a queen. While songs like "I've Had The Time of My Life" or "Good Riddance" by Greenday have been done to death, I chose something very beautiful and very horror-centric. My farewell song was "Then We Are Together" from the Let the Right One In soundtrack. I cannot tell you how many people asked me "who wrote it?" and "which movement is it?" The look on their faces when I said it was part of the score for one of my favorite horror movies was PRICELESS.
I've also used Halloween as the basis for one of my favorite community service projects. Every Halloween, we get dressed up in costumes and go Trick Or Treating. Instead of picking up hoards of candy, we ask for canned goods and non-perishable food items to donate to our local food shelters. One year we raised over 10,000 pounds of food and delivered it to the homeless shelters on Halloween night...dressed like zombies. The people LOVED seeing us all scaried up and still doing something good for our community. You can still dress up like a zombie and do good for humanity.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sorry I've been a little MIA lately, I'm actually obnoxiously sick (what else is new?) and have been fighting with this ailment for a few days. Today however, it took no prisoners and made me absolutely miserable. In my request to find things to cheer me up, I came up with a brilliant idea! This week I'm doing something a little different as far as WotW is concerned. I've found some astounding things that women have done around the horror blogosphere and I'm doing sort of a palooza of women awesomeness. Ya dig?
Unless this is your first time on DotW, you should have noticed that things look mighty different around here. I had a banner of Camille Keaton's ass as my header for the blog and after a year, I thought it was time for a change. I posted out a tweet alert, and lo and behold, Britt Hayes of Brutal as Hell is a photoshop wizard. She covers news, Film/DVD reviews, and editing on the site and made my AMAZING new banner. The fact we have the same name makes her rule even harder.I got an email from a woman named Nicole Adams who has also come to terms with the fact that Twatlight has taken over the vampire world. She was very polite and asked that I share this dandy little article she compose of about the 14 Greatest Vampire Stories of All Time.If you're reading this on 4/21/2010, you should know that it is a Wednesday. What does Wednesday mean as far as the horror blogosphere is concerned? It means that another episode of the Pretty-Scary/Final Girl podcast The Scare-Ening is upon us! Tune in every Wednesday night 8PM Pacific/11PM Eastern. Call-in Number: (646) 929-0545Andre Dumas of The Horror Digest is taking a note from the pages of Kindertrauma to do an Ultimate Screen Grab Challenge! Basically, she posts a bunch of screen shots from horror movies, and you have to guess what they are. If you're'll win a prize!Emily of The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense has created something that makes my pants fit a little tighter and my heart beat a little faster. What could it be? Free Chipotle? Zombie John Lennon? Lady Gaga riding a unicorn? Nope..SHE'S MADE A PODCAST DEDICATED TO GLEE. That's really all that needs to be said.


All is right with the world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's been such a long time since I've had the opportunity to really just lay into a particularly awful poster. Recent events however have fueled me with a massive hell-fire that needs to be let out, and luckily enough for you fabulous Womanizers...I'm taking it out TPT style.

Oh Jean Gray, what have you done to yourself? Actually, let me rephrase that...Oh idiots who think they know how to photo edit, what have you done to Jean Gray? I know it's extremely hard to tell by the wax figure of Famke Janssen ironed onto this poster, but that is our beloved. What the hell did they do to her? Either she's standing entirely too close to a fire, or she's been going to the same tanning salon as Snooki. My god, I'm waiting for Gene Wilder to beckon her with a flute. I'm assuming they were trying to make her appear scary, but she just looks like a five year old couldn't find the peach crayon so they tried to lightly use the orange/red one. Good try, but anyone past Kindergarten can tell you, it's just not the same.

I'd also like to acknowledge the extremely weird background. I think they cut and pasted the rejected Jessica Alba "Eye" poster and reused it to make this one. Not only does it look stupid, but the eye isn't even scary. It's not making eye contact with the audience, it's half open, and just looks sort of bored. Maybe if the eye were looking at her or at us it would have some sort of effect, but it honestly just looks like a window that happens to be shaped like an eye.

Her name is in the most awkward place imaginable and the font is so overused it makes me want to vomit. However, I can't even complain that much because the tagline is so bad, you can't even read it unless you're practically doing the poster. Yet, after squinting and groping the poster to read the tagline, you're left with a big flaming bag of disappointment as the tagline is one of the stupidest expressions ever heard. "Til Death Do Us Part Wasn't Enough?" What does that even mean?! It doesn't tell us anything about the script other than she has a weirdo husband. Call a priest and move on with your life, jeeze.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


What can be said about George A. Romero that hasn't already been said? He's the father of the zombie, and created the most impacting franchise in the horror genre history. If it wasn't for this adorable old man in the thick, black glasses, half of the horror films to come out since 1960 wouldn't exist. He may be praised and cited as one of the most influential horror figures of all time, and lately he's been the subject of harsh and what I feel, unnecessary criticism.

Alright, so we can all admit that Survival of the Dead and Diary of the Dead aren't universally accepted to be the best films. Fair enough. I'll even bite the bullet and admit that Land of the Dead and even Day of the Dead have both come under speculation for being less than stellar films. However, why should these films be the reasons that he hangs up the hat? He's the director, yes, but what people need to realize is that there is so much more that goes into a film other than the choices of the director.

Think of it like the court systems. George A. Romero is the Supreme court and Actors are a parking ticket. Do you send the problem with the parking ticket to the Supreme court? Hell no, you complain about the casting director aka the traffic court! Alright that was a stretch, but it works. Anyway, a lot of the problems people have with his movies, have nothing to do with him. Day of the Dead was probably the last zombie movie that was totally of his vision. After that, the big studios got involved. While he oversees it, film makers have to sort of obey what the studios want. Why? THEY PAY THE BILLS. Does George A. Romero have a lot of money? Honestly, not really. NOTLD is a public domain film and I highly doubt he gets royalties from every zombie movie made inspired by him. He doesn't have the money to make a film off his own merit, so he has to do what the studios want. If they want a big budget explosion and CGI vomit out of a mutant zombie without an arm...he has to give them a big budget explosion and CGI vomit out of a mutant zombie without an arm. For some reason, people also like to complain about the social commentary. Have we really become a society where we can't watch a zombie movie with hidden meaning about how much we all suck? We must be, considering how many people complain that they just want to see zombies munching. So we complain and complain about how the zombie movies have fallen behind and that he should just move onto a different project.So he does, and what happens? He's ostracized and told to go back to what he's good at. Wait a minute, I thought we just said he was losing his touch at zombie films? If he stops making zombie films, he's told to get back to what he does best, and when he does go back to the very genre he established, people complain and whine this he's lost his touch. Cut him a friggen' break! No one likes to see Romero zombies being "smart" and using guns, but if he put out a film with the same gore level as NOTLD, people would call it weak. Thanks to films like Hostel and Saw, Romero HAS to add insane amounts of unnecessary gore in order to even keep audiences interested. He just can't win.Whether or not he's lost his touch is irrelevant to me. He's the man who started it all for most of today's horror films, and he deserves the utmost respect. Let's be honest, where else can you really go once you've made two seemingly perfect zombie films in a row?

Friday, April 16, 2010


An extremely important celebration is upon us, and I would be doing my readers a grave disservice by not acknowledging it. Thanks to the folks at AMC, it has been brought to my attention that it is the 30th anniversary of "The Shining". This marks an important date for the horror genre and announced that for three decades, the collaboration of King, Kubrick and Nicholson have reigned supreme.
That's right my friends. The snow covered labrynth wasn't ever mentioned in the book. Instead, there is a roque court, a playground, and an animal-shaped topiary. Kubrick decided that having the hedge animals come alive (as they do in the book) was unworkable due to restrictions in special effects, so he opted for a hedge maze instead. That could have been even creepier to see, but I still love the maze ending with a Jack-sicle.29) DANNY LLOYD NEVER KNEW HE WAS ACTING IN A HORROR FILM
The actor who played "Danny" was only 6 years old at the time, and to protect his mental state of being, Kubrick never told him what he was really doing. They kept him secluded for much of the shooting and sheltered him from the real meaning of the film. He only realized the truth seven years later, when, aged 13, he was shown a heavily edited version of the film. He didn't see the uncut version of the film until he was 17 - eleven years after he'd made it.28) THE CARPET IN THE HOTEL IS THE SAME AS THE CARPET IN SID'S HOUSE IN TOY STORY
How creepy is that? The geniuses behind the film gave the same patterned carpet to the villain/toy-torturer Sid as is shown in the Overlook Hotel. The colors are different, but it is CLEARLY the same carpet in both rooms. One of my most beloved kid's movies was secretly harboring horror film references. Holy Hidden Mickey Batman!27) THE SHINING HOLDS A WORLD RECORD
And it isn't for creeping people out either. Apparently the scene where Hallorann explains what "shining" is to Danny...was shot 148 times. Which is a world record for the most re-shoots.26) THE ROOM JACK TYPES IN, IS THE SAME ROOM INDIANA JONES FREAKED OUT ABOUT SNAKES IN
All of the interior rooms of The Overlook Hotel were filmed at Elstree Studios in England, including The Colorado Lounge, where Jack does his typing. Because of the intense heat generated from the lighting used to recreate window sunlight (the room took 700,000 watts of light per window to make it look like a snowy day outside), the lounge set caught fire. Fortunately all of the scenes had been completed there, so the set was rebuilt with a higher ceiling, and the same area was eventually used as the snake-filled Well of the Souls tomb in Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Louisville Slugger baseball bat with which Wendy Torrance bludgeons Jack is signed by Carl Yastrzemski, Hall of Fame Red Sox player. Stephen King is a huge Red Sox fan. I'm a Cubs fan...but I get how cool that is for King.
Despite many beliefs, the Grady sisters (which are one of the most iconic and creepy scenes of The Shining) didn't play a major part in the book. They are only discussed as the kids who were axed to bits by the previous caretaker. That's it. Kubrick was just a really sick puppy apparently. Oh, and they're not twins either. They're actually two years apart.
Stephen King has said the title as well as the act of shining came from the chorus of "Instant Karma" in which they sing "And we all shine on..."21) THE BATH WOMEN DON'T DO MOVIES
Neither Lia Bedlam (young woman in bath) nor Billie Gibson (old woman in bath) appeared in another movie before or after this one.20) GARRETT BROWN DID SHINING & ROCKY II CONSECUTIVELY
When Steadicam inventor/operator Garrett Brown was hired to work on the picture, he was assured that there was no way the shoot would run over six months, as he had to be back in the US in six months time to shoot Rocky II. Six months into the shoot, less than half the film had been shot, and for several months, Brown worked one week in London on "The Shining," one week in Philadelphia on "Rocky II," commuting by Concorde every Sunday.20) DANNY MOVED HIS FINGERS ON HIS OWN
The inspiration for Danny to use his finger when talking as "Tony" was his own acting idea. He did it spontaneously during his very first audition.19) WENDY TORRANCE RAN UP THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING
Okay, not exactly...but the scene towards the end of the film, where Wendy is running up the stairway carrying a knife, was shot 35 times; the equivalent of running up the Empire State Building.18) THE PHOTO AT THE END IS 99.99% LEGIT
The 1921 photograph at the end of the film was a genuine 1920s photo, with Jack Nicholson's head airbrushed onto the body of another man. Kubrick originally planned to use extras and shoot the photo himself, but he realized he couldn't make it look any better than the real thing.17) GRADY AND LLOYD HAVE GOOGLY EYES.
Grady never blinks once throughout the entire film. Lloyd blinks twice: in his first scene, after telling Jack, "no sir, I'm not busy at all," and in his second scene, when he tells Jack, "your money's no good here."16) JACK NICHOLSON HATES DOORS
According to Shelly Duvall the infamous 'Heere's Johnny!' scene took 3 days to film and the use of 60 doors. 15) THE MUSIC SELECTION WAS AHEAD OF IT'S TIME...LITERALLY
The two Ray Noble and His Orchestra songs used were not actually from the 1920s: "Midnight, the Stars and You" (played in the ballroom) was recorded Feb 16, 1934, and "It's All Forgotten Now" (heard faintly when Grady is talking to Jack in the bathroom) was recorded July 11, 1934.Bold14) JACK TORRANCE IS A WIMP
Despite this film being cited as one of the scariest of all time, there is only one on-screen murder in the film. Pussy.13) ROOM 237 DOES NOT EXIST
The real Overlook Hotel is near Portland, Oregon. It has no room 237 because the owners specifically requested that a fictitious room number be used, believing that after people saw this movie (or read the book) no one would want to stay in that room.12) JACK'S MAZE PIMP WALK WAS REAL
Jack's limp at the end of the movie was an actual injury sustained when Jack Nicholson got drunk and fell out of a hotel window the night before shooting this scene. Old habits die hard I guess.11) THE SET WAS A WATER HOLE OF BRILLIANCE
Jack Nicholson’s visitors on the London set included Anjelica Huston, Mick Jagger, George Harrison, John Lennon and Bob Dylan.10) THE SHINING & TRON ARE MUSIC SIBLINGS
The electronic stuff comes from Rachel Elkind-Tourre, pieces based on works of Hector Berloiz, and Wendy Carlos who also worked on Tron.

Not only is he absolutely delicious, but his band 30 Seconds to Mars' music video for "The Kill" is an absolutely AMAZING tribute to the film.08) STEPHEN KING HAS A CAMEO (even though he hates it)
Surprisingly, the most universally accepted of his film adaptations is the one he hates the most. Stephen King has gone on record numerous times to express his dislike for Kubrick's version of the film. Yet, he still agreed to do his signature cameo as the conductor of the band in the "empty" ballroom.07) MIRRORS = GHOSTS
Everytime Jack Torrance talks to a ghost, there is a mirror somewhere in the background. (except in the food locker)06) SHELLEY DUVALL WAS LITERALLY TORTURED
Kubrick tormented Shelley Duval on set and convinced the rest of the crew to do so as well, so she would feel off balance and better portray the stress her character was going through. Duval herself became sick from the stress of the mood on set during the filming. She lost a lot of hair during the making of the movie.05) DANNY NEVER SAW THE GRADY GIRLS
The scene in which Danny is riding his tricycle in the halls of the Overlook and sees the Grady daughters is spliced. This was one of the ways Kubrick spared the actor playing Danny Torrance, Danny Lloyd. He was told to turn the corner of the hallway, look frightened and cover his eyes. At a later time, the two girls were shot standing in the hallway. The scenes were then spliced together.04) KUBRICK MADE HIS CAST WATCH A JACKED UP MOVIE TO SET THE TONE
Kubrick mandated the cast to view the film Eraserhead to put them in the proper mood for the movie. What a sick freak. I would NEVER make someone sit through this film. Unless they wanted to of course :)03) THE TENNIS BALL SCENE WAS IMPROVISED AND TOOK SIX WEEKS TO GET
The original movie script simply specified "Jack is not working." It was Jack Nicholson who improvised the idea of playing handball with the walls of the Overlook. It also took six weeks to shoot with a camera on a ball constantly to get the scene where it hits the wall just right.02) THE FILM WAS SHOT IN SCRIPT ORDER
Which means there were tons of sets created and in a line to be ready to used at any given moment during production.01) KUBRICK LIED TO GET THE TRAILER PUBLIC
When the film was first released, the MPAA prohibited the depiction of blood in any trailer that was approved for all audiences. Kubrick somehow managed to convince the MPAA board that the blood pouring out of the elevator was rusty water.
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