Wednesday, March 10, 2010


As most of you cool kids know, I was elected the title of Ms. Horror Blogosphere 2009. Well, I need my king! Chuck Conry was nice enough to host the Mr. Horror Blogosphere competition for 2009 and he needs you to go over and vote! What we have here folks is 21 very talented male contributors to the online world of horror and they each deserve a follow by you if not your vote. I've already put in my vote for the man I want standing next to me before they drop the pig's blood, but now it's your turn!

Patrick Campbell - Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing
Brian Collins - Horror Movie A Day
Jeff Atencio - The Jaded Viewer
Zombie Hayes - Hayes Hudson House of Horror
Joe O'Connor - Midnight Time Warp
The Mike - From Midnight, With Love
Bryan Schuessler - Shuizmz
James Sugrue - Fear Of The Dark Online
William Malmborg - William Malmborg
Carl Manes - I Like Horror Movies
Uranium Willie - Uranium Café
Marc Patterson - Brutal As Hell
Reverend Phantom - Midnight Confessions
Dod March - WGON Helicopter
Rick Romanowski - The Paradise of Horror
John Cozzoli - Zombos' Closet of Horror
Mike Snoonian - All Things Horror
Matt Hersh - No Room In Hell
Steve - Horror Extreme
T.L. Bugg - The Lightningbugs Lair
Jayson Kennedy - Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

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