Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After almost two months of not being able to sleep, having my articles taken over for Women in Horror month, and that whole nonsense with leaving university...I've almost completely forgotten some of the things about this blog that make you fine, fine womanizers double clicking to me. It might be a few hours late, but here is a weekly dose of everyone's favorite...Terrible Poster Tuesday.

Now, looking at this poster, it's almost 100% impossible to say what the hell this film is about. There are two other posters for this film that are a little more obvious (shown at the bottom). We have a couple of kids who look like they've been photographed with an "Emily Rose" lens on the camera. It honestly looks like a rejected Twatlight poster thrown into a garbage disposal...and then pooped on and smeared around for the background.

I understand this is a super underground film (which I actually love) but having an indie, underground, low budget, film does not give you an excuse to make a shiteous poster. All of the text on this poster is so wrong in so many ways. I'm pretty sure the text came from a Photoshop 101 class and looks like someone discovered the fading technique! Yippie!

The tagline "A Godawful Love Story" is exactly what this film is, but you could never tell based off of this poster. It doesn't show "godawful love story" to looks more like "spent all the budget on editing the film and not on marketing" love story. I will say, that the other tagline is "death by orgasm" which I personally think should have been on every poster. Sure as hell would grab more attention than this piece of crap poster. When the best thing on your poster is that it was made by the same people who did Basket Case and know you've got a problem.
NOTE: I love Basket Case and Frankenhooker, but I'm not stupid and know that they don't fly with most people...and here's the other poster.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love Frank Henenlotter but I had a copy of Bad Biology sitting around for probably two months without watching it, just because of that poster.

Fnord said...

I've never heard of this movie. And really the poster isn't THAT bad.

The fact that it says "Dead by Orgasm" makes me want to put it straight to the top of my Netflix list. Which I'm probably going to do right now...

gord said...

I was just about to post somewhere that I hoped that this feature would come back soon. Great entry!

Cinema Suicide said...

Trust me on this. That film is so patently unpleasant that is probably benefits from having such a bad poster.

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