Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As you may know, I'm on a medical leave from school for the rest of the semester and for the rest of the summer. That means, I do not have an address at my university. If something IS sent to me there, they will forward it to me. However, they have requested that I let you all know that my address is no longer there as I've apparently given the mail lady a ton more work now that she has to forward me all my mail. If the address you have for me IS my university address, please email me at
and let me send you my current mailing address.

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deadlydolls said...

Hope you feel better fast!

Cinema Suicide said...

I gotta tell ya, that Jeffersons riff never gets old. I made a "movin' on up" reference back when I updated the Cinema S design and laughed for days about it.

So did you really wind up in a DE-luxe apartment in the sky?

elsbethlily you'r favorite girl in the world said...


that picture made my day.

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