Thursday, March 4, 2010


This morning I had a magnificent experience when I awoke to the wondrous aroma of hamster cage and Lucky Charms. After I stumbled off of the living room couch, my mother immediately barked orders to organize my dorm and to clean out said hamster cage. Come on, it's the ass crack of dawn and I have a sleep disorder...LEAVE ME ALONE. After I stopped acting like a six year old and actually got my ass in gear (even though I think child labor laws should still apply to me when I'm feeling like crap...even if i'm 19), I was finally allowed to calm down I flipped on the telly to be blessed with the work of cinematic GENIUS that is They Live. So I obviously have to write about why its so cool. Cause let's be's really flippin' cool.

Look at them...LOOK AT THEM. Her eyes alone are worth watching this film. The ice blue is absolutely intoxicating and its impossible not to get sucked in by the vortex that is her pupils. It is in my belief that Zooey Deschanel gets all of her acting inspiration from this woman.09) THE GEORGE ORWELL OVERTONES
George Orwell's 1984 is one of my favorite books of all time. Whenever I pictured the Big Brother dystopian society, I always thought it would look something like this. This film just sort of puts my 6th grade dreams to life. 08) FRANK WILL LATER BE A VOO-DOO PRIEST LOVECHILD OF CAPTAIN HOOK AND CRUELLA DeVIL
Yes. It is true. Our smooth talking, right hand man, Frank is the voice of Doctor Facilier in Disney's The Princess and the Frog. He has a lot of other awesome things to his resume...but how can you turn down anything associated with Captain Hook? You can't. It's communism.
I am one of those cliche people who think b&w makes everything look better. (Shindler's List anyone?) All of the scenes shown through the sunglasses in b&w look very cool to me. It's an 80's flick which means the colors are either VERY bright or VERY dull, b&w just makes it look so much better. Not to mention, it makes those googly eyes on the aliens look electrifying.06) THE ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE THE SAME AS THEY ARE TODAY!
just saying...

Roddy Piper as Nada is probably one of the coolest and most quotable characters ever made. He honestly gives ol' Bruce Campbell a run for his money in Army of Darkness. Everything he says is pure gold and he knows how to make a mullet badass.03) ONE OF THE BEST ENDINGS EVER
My friends and I have a blind friend who's girlfriend is just really unfortunate looking (I'm going to Hell already, sue me). We always joke about "what if he got his sight back mid-coitus?" Well...I'm pretty sure it might end up something like this...02) NADA & FRANK ARE THE TWO COOLEST SIDE-KICKS THIS SIDE OF SHAUN & ED
Admit it, you love these two. They're funny, badass, clever, and have absolutely fabulous chemistry. It really feels like the two of them could be buds in real life. You know, even after that fight thing. Speaking of which...

The clip shows it all, and this isn't even the whole thing!

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Pax Romano said...

for all the campy, silly stuff in this film - I honestly feel that Carpenter was giving us a terrific satire on Reagan's America.

OH and don't forget that RP wore the tightest jeans in cinematic history!

Pax Romano said...

PS for a real chill, go find the short story 8 o Clock in the Morning. Which is the inspiration for They Live.

The Mike said...

Fantastic. The only other thing I'd mention is the introduction of OBEY Magazine, which has lead me and my friends to many happy jokes whenever we're near a magazine rack/stand/magazine.

Good work.

Unknown said...

Sucha great scifi/horror flick Roddy Piper should have had a terrific action star career. Back in the 80's he had charisma coming out the yin yang. The Snuka Piper's Pit segment is still burned in my memory.

B-Sol said...

I think part of the reason '70s and '80s movies can sometimes look grainy/garish/washed-out is that they were using a cheaper film stock for a lot of the lower-budget flicks. That's why black and white looks so much more glorious. It's also why so many color movies from that era have such a distinctive look to them.

Piper could have had a much bigger movie career, but I think that was Piper's own fault more than anything else. You don't act as wacky and zany as he did for no reason *hint hint*

Bobby Bless said...

I love this movie... thank you for having the videos included, besides me, no one at work ever saw this movie before... a few thought it was stupid, but my boss and I laughed hysterically at it.

The Taxi Driver said...

I've kind of avoided this movie for the simple reason that every post Halloween John Carpenter movie I have seen has really been quite awful. However, your post has inspired me to hunt this one down and give ol Carp another try.

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

I completely agree that this is one of the best fight scenes ever! It is one of the few things that husband and I completely agree on.

Great review!


forestofthedead said...

Great list. Love this movie. Real good look at the world we live in.

sroman said...

If I remember the story correctly, Carpenter said he based the fight scene on the big brawl between John Wayne and Victor McLaglen in "The Quiet Man."

And with St. Paddy's Day coming up, there'll be no better time for checking it out. Sure it's not horror, but that fight seems to go on forEVer!

Angela H. said...

I freaking love this movie... god it just makes me think of USA UP! All Night..oh how I miss those days.

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