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Some of us cringe at the very thought of replicating...and some of us can't wait to have little demons of their own (raises hand!) but let's be honest, when it comes to the whole baby and mom charade it is next to impossible to buy something that isn't completely hideous or has some kind of stupid pun on the maternity t-shirt. Maternity wear is normally a bunch of disgusting floral patterns that look like a wallpaper adbook threw up all over it.

With the AMAZING news that the fierce, fabulous, and fantastic vampire connoisseur Ms. Harker of Musings Across A Continuum (GO HARASS HER WITH BABYMOMMA LOVIN!) is going to be soon the proud momma of a little terror of her own, it has inspired me to showcase some pretty awesome horror themed baby and babymomma supplies!
I do not in any way/shape/form EVER condone buying a maternity t-shirt with "bun in the oven" or something with tweety bird on it or some stupid crap like that, but I DO support and encourage every pregnant woman to get a shirt that lets the world know she will be having her child explode out of her stomach like an Alien rather than that pushing crap.

A HUGE misconception that women have when their pregnant is that they are stuck wearing oversize t-shirts and moo-moos. This could be further from the truth. Women can very easily still be fashionable and hip while cooking the bun in the oven. Luckily for most horror fans, the Victorian or Gothic look tends to have pieces that work wonders for pregnant women. Jackets with high fronts leave room for baby bumps and can make you look elegant and truly show off how beautiful pregnancy can be. Especially corsets! It sounds crazy but corsets can be used too! Just tie it properly and don't squish your bundle!

Fifties style dresses are some absolutely AMAZING alternatives for pregnancy wear. With the rockabilly craze, its even easier to find these dresses in skull patterns and the like. As long as the waistline has give and you can tie just under the bustline, you have a great way to look fabulous and leave room for the baby!
What about lighting up baby's room? I know when I was little I had your typical princess lights, but I promise you when I have kids, their night lights will look a little bit like this...

I promise you that when I'm a mother and it's rumpus time, my baby will definitely be fitting the part :)Or how about your babygirl who wants to be just as spooky and cute as their momma? Give them this little skull cap and if you look hard enough, you can possibly have a matching one!
Both hats are at:

Shouldn't your little monster dress the part? This adorable hoodie reminds me a lot of Boo's costume in Monsters Inc. If you don't want to buy it, it looks quite easy to make, I'm sure you could put it together yourself easily. Maybe if you're not so crafty, you can buy it online :)
If there is anything I hate about hospitals, it's the godawful "show your ass to all the people in the waiting room" hospital gowns. If you want to have a hip baby, they should come into the world with you looking hip as well. So why not opt for a non-traditional "keep it forever" hospital gown?[]=tags&includes[]=title
Pregnancy clothes are NOT cheap by any means so it would be nice if you could reuse your maternity wear after the baby has been born. This awesome piece turns into about 4 different ways of wear and could be used for pregnancy or after birth too :)[]=tags&includes[]=title
And lastly, I love baby clothes with mature quotes. Show off your horror chops by plastering it on your kid ;) This shirt has "I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge". Fabulous :)[]=tags&includes[]=title

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Anonymous said...

May I also recommend this site for the inner punk and hesher in all of us?

The Mike said...

Very nice. Allong with the last point, clothes with inside jokes for babies are awesome. My old roommates' newborn has a shirt that says "Uncle The Mike Lets Me Watch R-Rated Movies", and it pretty much is the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

Ms Harker said...

Loving the skull caps and alien symbiot maternity t-shirt! Must go hunting Etsy for ore horror bub goodies! Oh and people should check out Baby's First Boo!

Unknown said...


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