Monday, February 22, 2010


Today is February 22, 2010. As I type this on my macbook I have three tabs open of three different and completely unrelated websites, skype messager, iChat, and meebo running messaging systems, facebook as well as facebook chat, and of course the every present tweetdeck. Our society is over caffeinated, over stimulated, over wired, and over networked. It's almost impossible to even network yourself anymore without having one all of these little tools. And thus....Not The Satellite is born.

If you were in the mix of a zombie apocalypse, desperate to find other survivors, and armed only with your blackberry...what would you do? TWEET. duh. Let's be honest, we have kids who can't take a crap anymore without tweeting it and if there was a zombie outbreak...they'd be tweeting that too.

This is an ongoing "twitter tale" about a man struggling to survive this zombie pandemic, to explain the information he knows about the outbreak, and a look into what is important to us when everything we have crumbles around them. Not the Satellite is brought to you by Christopher Zenga...the guy who made the awesomely titalizing zombie portrait of yours truly.

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Christopher Zenga said...

Thank you so much for this BJ!

you are always so eloquent when you write about me or The Day is BEYOND an honor to be mentioned on DoTW and I truly, truly thank you. I hope everyone enjoys Not The Satellite as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Later Days,

Christopher Zenga!

Unknown said...


Oh this is very cool, and it gives me some IDEAS.

Thanks for posting this.

Christopher Zenga said...

Thanks Mike, I'm glad your enjoying NtS, can't wait to see those IDEAS!
Later days,

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