Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(WARNING: MY "H" KEY IS STICKING SO IF YOU SEE WORDS WITHOUT AN "H" IN IT...PLEASE TELL ME). Today is Tuesday, so as you know today is the day that I find a poster and rip it to shreds. Normally I find a horrible photoshop job, a stupid idea, or something that's just too damn awful to function. Today, is something a little bit different. You see, the poster to my left isn't horrible by any means, this is more a "principle" of the fact sort of deal. Now, it isn't that I dislike this poster, it is just an absolutely STUPID advertising idea.

This poster is one of what I firmly believe is one of the worst marketing schemes for what seems to be an awesome film. This poster right here is a reference to a famous scene from the iconic film. However...how many people going to the movies are going to know this? Not a whole lot. I appreciate the throwback to draw us horror nerds in...but to be honest, we were going to see the film anyway. This serves no purpose in "winning us over" because they're remaking a classic and we're all uber nerdz. It's like when a new comic book movie comes out, you may not want to watch it-but you do anyway.

So here we have a black and white, off centered poster of some chick in the woods making a face that resembles something the poor man's excuse for Megan Fox would make in The Unborn. Wow, it went from being a classic throwback to every gothic girl's high school photography project. Congratulations. You turned a classic image and made it stupid. You could have at least done the scene where the monster is leaning her back in a "dip" in the middle of the forest. That way, the average theatre goer sees the beast and its a more obvious throwback. Ta-Da! Problem solved.

There are those who thought maybe thy were trying to keep the Wolf Man a secret and that is why this poster was created. I beg to differ. If it isn't this poster fluttering around, it is the one to my right. Now, this isn't a theatrical poster (notice the lack of font) but I have seen this gem in two theatres, in two different states. So this isn't just a piece of viral campaigning going on, its in the theatres teasing us as well. So the beast is in no way a secret as you can clearly see him in this shot. Now I wonder...since when did Wolverine stop shaving? I've seen this before. What's worse, is that the "fading" effect they've got going on all of these posters are also very X-Men looking. I'd also really like to know when the Wolfman had time to tease his hair or blowdry and hairspray...it's a little too "organized chaos" for me. Not to mention, I highly enjoy the shirt that has been ripped and distressed so distinctly that It's a wax job shy of an Abercrombie ad.

To wrap it up...I'm not mad, I'm disappointed. This could have been something absolutely amazing and...its not. It's just one flaming disappointment.

3 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

Still think the top one is cool :-P

Scare Sarah said...

I do hate that much hair.

christopher zenga said...

Nothing says "Wolfman" like a girl hiding in the woods!

(wasn't it Odette Yustman in the Unborn?)

Later days,

Christopher Zenga

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