Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Womanizers! Have you missed your favorite day of the week? Have you been too excited to sleep on Monday night knowing that the very best day of the week was upon us? No...well, just humor me! It's Terrible Poster Tuesday and today's victim is the religious/horror/fantasy/AWFUL film one-sheet for Legion. This is only one of 9 or so one sheets that have been released for this film but I felt that this one really exemplifies how the film (IMO) is going to turn out. So let the sarcastic ripping begin!

First of all, HOW CLICHE CAN YOU FRICKIN BE?! Not only is there an angel looking to God, but there's the light coming down from from the clouds representing "God" looking back at him. Alright divine light, we've had enough, we know it's just a hole in the clouds and a reflection of the Sun. Stop looking up, you're going to burn your retinas.

Second, the photoshopping of this is absolutely dreadful. The wings of this angel don't look attached at all. It looks like someone hit a raven on the way to work, took a picture of it, and plastered this dude over it. Your 8 pack isn't real either, I really like the photoshopping job to make you look so ripped. At least the Twatlight werewolf actually made his abs legit. They look mutated! It's not even attractive, it's frightening.

The weapons the angel is armed with look like they were cut out of a magazine and then rubber cemented on. They're not even remotely close to matching the lighting of the rest of the picture. I'm pretty sure he stole that knife from Crocodile Dundee and that gun was a rejected Alice weapon from Resident Evil.

I'd also like to point out the super sweet tribal tats he's rocking. Stay out of Cali, they might think you're in a gang. Oh right, you are...OF EVIL ANGELS!!!

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raculfright_13 said...

The gun alone just made it stupid and trying to be controversial.

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