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How many people out there have dreamed of being a rockstar? Screaming fans, sold out arenas, groupies? Well it is no surprise that rock & roll and horror go together like spaghetti & meatball. However, being a rockstar takes a lot more than just's a way of life. I've asked the boys from absolutely fucking AWESOME hardcore band Elysion Fields to help compose a guide for all you kids out there who want to be a rockstar earn a little street cred. This list was put together by band member Scotty...and he did a pretty bang up job if you ask me :D
Old School Horror...

5.) A Nightmare On Elm Street
This is a very unique movie and the first of its kind to where you were scared to go to sleep. Sleeping is where you are most vonurable and its worse when you Robert Englund chasing you around.

4.) Suspiria
Suspiria offers great suspense that is backed up by a great musical score which keeps your hair standing. Dario Argento knows how to create great fear by making you uncomfortable.

3.) Halloween
A classic that made everyone afriad of masked killers and not wanting to go out on Halloween. A silent killer with another great suspenseful score to back him up.

2.) The Evil Dead
This movie made everyone fall in love with Ash (Bruce Campbell). A perfect blend of comedy and horror made this movie climb to be one of biggest underground horror movies to date.

1.) Phantasm
It was hard on what to put as number 1 between Phantasm and The Evil Dead, but Phantasm took it because I have met the cast and they were wonderful. This is one of the most unique movies I have ever seen. This movie has suspenseful scenes, creepy characters, one of the best musical scores ever, and one of the most clever objects to ever reach the screen. This amongst the rest on the list are movies to not miss!

New School Horror...

5.) Hatchet

Hatchet brings us back to old school slashers. Kane Hodder re-establishes himself as a horror icon and the brutal Victor Crowley. This movie is great and fun gore.
4.) Session 9
This movie is very suspenseful and does it not by using graphic images but by an uncomftorable atmosphere, much like something you would see Dario Argento use. A great climax and ending make this movie one not to miss.

3.) 28 Days Later
So many movies like to use "zombies" but not actually call them zombies. 28 Days Later captures this perfectly with infected people running wild. A great success in the genre and another great score to back the movie up.

2.) Trick 'R' Treat
Plain and simple...if Quentin Tarantino made a horror movie, it would be something along these line. The movie has multiple stories that blend perfectly in and out of one another with main back stories that blend within the mix.

1.) Paranormal Activity
This movie had a huge hype to it before its nation wide release. Arguably one of the scariest movies of all time. The only movie I have seen that had more of an effect than this movie was the Exorcist. Paranormal captures fear perfectly keeping you scared of your own home. Go into this movie with an open mind and put yourself in the characters shoes. The characters are very likeable and stay true throughout the movie. A must see!

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Anonymous said...

Um, BJ-C, you just earned some MORE major street cred with me. Supporting horror AND indie metal? Two of my biggest passions. Not too shabby a list and band. Mad respect yo!

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