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So we recently bullied out the contender for the Bloody-Disgusting blog awards. Why? Because they aren't "one of us". You know, the ones who obsess over horrorblips, vote up each other's entries, give each other the silly little graphics, have sarcastic commentary together over twitter. Well, he did what I did for Ms. Horror Blogosphere, and what everyone else and their mom did for it as well. I'm not going to badger someone for campaigning even if it means they pull most of their votes from outside sources that aren't us horror blogger fools. I got like 500 something votes for Ms. Horror Blogosphere and I guarantee you those 500 were more so the people I harped down on facebook and less likely people sitting at their screens reading what we all had to say.

Look, I'm not trying to step on toes here but we're getting all upset over something that I'm not sure why we're caring about. Think of it this way. IRL, the awards that hold ANY sort of water are the ones that are chosen by Academies. You know, Grammys, Golden Globes, Oscars, the sort...and the award shows that award Twilight-Best Film, Megan Fox-Best Actress, and Miley Cyrus-Album of the Year are the ones that are voted on by the general public.

The person who wins this award isn't going to be the person most deserving of it, its going to the one of us who has enough time to sit at home on their computer all day harassing their readers and friends on social networking sites.

All I'm saying, is let it go m'loves. It's okay, its just the internet. Don't let the little blog monsters scare you

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Christopher Zenga said...

Accolades are nice but I agree, I would want my peers to vote for me because I am the most enjoyable, not because I have the most friends with the most free time.

Later days,


Chuck Conry said...

My whole issue with it was that I simply don't believe them.

They can say they promoted themselves all they want and maybe it got them some votes but I'd bet anything an IP mask (which is why is shows up normal) is how they got such a big lead.

Tony said...

To Chuck,
I ensure you nothing was done other than facebook campaigning, myspace campaiging. Actually signing onto both and speaking to people. If we're guilty of anything it is trying too hard. You can please everyone. I was told that there were a few instances where there were indeed a few accounts signed up in succession that may be a tad questionable. Even a handful from the same IP. With that said, all of those votes, especially those that were signed up in succession and from within our own state were removed after I brought attention to the guys at BD themselves. I was told that even after the fact we were still in the lead. But the whole ordeal has already managed to snag way too much negative energy, and when all was said and done, I felt compelled to simply bow out and let it be.

To Day of Woman, I really appreciate you taking the time to offer up your sentiments. You've been very honest and spoke your mind in the correct fashion as opposed to jumping on the attack. There's no way to please everyone. And if being "one of them" means that we have to be ready to go on the attack, I think we're doing just fine as is.

Thanks again. You are appreciated.

Sean - Gay of the Dead said...

I have to agree, and thank you for being the one to say it - people are taking these award things WAY too seriously. So what if people campaign? If anyone thinks that any of these polls/awards are 100% based on content, they're fooling themselves. I actually think it's part of the fun driving people to the website to vote - more like a race than a contest.

Mike Snoonian said...

I can't believe the amount of bellyaching that's going on around this contest.

Honestly, if the biggest concern someone has on their plate right now is the fairness of an online poll, please tell us your secret.

I wish the sites I read would get back to talking about horror instead of focusing so much energy on this contest.

Kudos to you BJ-C for pointing out how stupid reaction has been to this benign contest.

Christopher Zenga said...

THE most important outcome is that BD has compiled a list of blogs that we hope everyone will visit and enjoy.look at all these blogs about the one thing we love the most, HORROR! The ammount of boys and ghouls that are this passionate is inspiring! I am proud to be among there company.
Later days,

Uranium Willy said...

I for one am not too concerned over Internet awards but I do want my site to get out there and be read so I am checking how some of these popular sites do it. I am, as of two days ago, now in the modern age I think with Twitter and Facebook badges in my sidebar.

No need to nominate me or vote for me for anything but please drop by and leave a hello. And now you can add me to Facebook and Twitter, like all the other cool sites out there.

We should all write and do our best whether or not we get all the votes and pats on the backs other get. I wish I could sit here and promote and promote. I have a non-cult movie blog job I have to show up to and usually am the one who makes dinner here and feeds the guinea pigs. I let some award stuff bother me a month or two back but stopped sulking and started studying how others do it. It will take time of course to train my army of hunchbacked lackies in how to maintain a Wordpress blog but soon all horror bloggers will bow before me and call me the messiah of trash cinema! mooohahahaha!

Remember, we do all this for fun and the passion of writing ablut films we love and hate.

Bill @ The Uranium Cafe

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