Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My hard drive crashed.
Expect sparatic posts from my dorm computer lab!

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James C. Sugrue said...

The funny thing is that this is going to get more votes on Horrorblips than some actual horror related article on some other blog, then we're going to have to read a bunch of rants about it, followed by the rants responding to that rant.

PS- I'd like to proudly present you with FOTD's "Best Crashed Hard Drive of the Day" award, I hope nobody else is offended that they did not win.

B-Sol said...

Going to vote this up immediately :-)

Chet Of The Undead said...

not only do you hate your computer, but apparently so does a mime with a chilli bowl haircut.

'Course if I had to spend and 99.999999999 and 1/2% of Pi of the time pretending to be trapped in an invisble box I'd pretty much hate everything too...

...err...or that COULD be a cartoon cat-burgler...hmmmmm :P

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