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We must first give a hearty congratulations to last edition of Horror Hackdown's winner. SHAUN RILEY! That's right, no one died and he IS the king of the fucking zombies. Sorry Tallahassee.
*ding* *ding*

In this corner, hailing from Elm Street in the sleepy town of Springwood, rocking the shorts striped green & red, 1-2, she's coming for you NANCY THOMPSON! Nancy is your average teenage girl who has begun experiencing nightmares about a mysterious, disfigured in a red and green sweater. The man has "knives for fingers", which he scrapes along objects in the dream. You know, and induces that "nails on a chalkboard" sound when he puts them against pipes. Nancy is the first to suspect something is up with Freddy Kruegar once she learns that her friend Tina is having similar nightmares. It is after Tina is murdered at night that Tina's boyfriend Rod tells Nancy that he saw four "invisible" razors cutting her at the same time, a revelation which convinces her that the man from her dreams is connected to the murder. DING DING DING, WE HAVE A WINNER!

Nancy is one of the few final girls to actually use her fricken brain. Rather than be the lucky virgin who happens to survive, Nancy actually plots and tries to find ways to survive the terror. Nancy begins relying on caffeine to stay awake, and eventually discovers that she can pull things out of her dream after she takes the killer's hat, labeled "Fred Krueger". It is Nancy's mother *glug glug* who explains that Freddy was a kid killer burned to death by mega pissed parents after being freed from prison on a technicality. Nancy comes to the conclusion that he is exacting his revenge on the children of his killers from beyond the grave...in their dreams, WHERE NO ONE CAN HELP YOU! With all of her friends whacked, Nancy forms a plan to face Krueger alone and pull him into the real world. She sets up traps that even Kevin McCallister would be proud of and exacts a little revenge of her own. Nancy defeats Krueger by taking back the energy she has given him and stripping away his power.

Despite making the exact same face the entire film and rocking a Rogue inspired gray streak, Nancy has become one of the most influential characters in the horror genre. She uses her melon, goes against what everyone tries to tell her, and uses everything in her power to not just survive...but to win.


And in this corner, the pride and joy of Haddonfield, in the bright Orange shorts, we have the first of the final girls LAURIE STRODE! It's no shocker that altough she may not be the strongest in this fight, she surely is the reigning champion. After seventeen-year-old Laurie has plans to babysit Tommy Doyle on Halloween night, 1978, she went from average girl to final girl. Throughout the day, she kept seeing a mysterious masked man watching her wherever she went; unbeknownst to her, this masked man is the infamous Michael Myers, an escaped mental patient who murdered his sister fifteen years ago and has begun stalking Laurie.

As Laurie babysits Tommy, Myers stalks and kills her best friends, Annie and Lynda, in the house across the street. Laurie worries for her friends' safety due to the irrationality of a phone call from Lynda. She walks across the street and discovers the three bodies plus Judith Myers's missing tombstone. As she cringes in fear, Myers sneaks up behind her and gaffs her left arm, causing her to fall down the staircase. Myers gives chase but Laurie manages to escape back to the Doyle house. Myers manages to gain access to the house but Laurie jabs a knitting needle into his neck, apparently killing him.

Laurie defended herself by stabbing him with a knitting needle, a metal hanger, and his own knife, but nothing kills him. She goes upstairs to reassure the children when Myers again follows her. She hides the children and locks herself in a closet but Myers then tries to break open the closet door. When he does, Laurie stabs him in the eye with a wire hanger causing him to drop his knife. Then she stabs him in the torso with the knife, by which he falls down, apparently dead.

As he rises once again and begins to strangle her, Laurie is saved by Dr. Loomis who shoots Myers off the balcony. When you really analyze it, Laurie lucked out. She struggled, used the resources around her, and managed to survive. Despite her luck, Laurie is arguably THE first final girl. She stands for everything that a final girl should. She's pure, she's virginal, she's sweet, and she's a survivor. She has escaped death more times than any other horror character. At a mere 17 years old, plain and bookish Laurie had no idea that her destiny was to be attacked by, battle, and then escape from her deranged brother Michael more times than any other horror character would ever face anyone. Her final girl status escaped her teenage years and went straight into her mid-life.


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Pax Romano said...

See, Nancy is great with the weapons, but then she get's trapped in that damn car...at least Laurie is smart enough not to get in a convertible with her previously dead friends.

Considering her bloodline, I have to give it to Laurie. ;)

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

Nancy all the way. Once she found out what was going on, she got ready to throw down with Freddy. Laurie just kind of whined for the first 2 Halloween films, she didn't start kicking ass until she was way old and drunk.

Chuck Conry said...

Nancy Thompson was a grade A bad ass so I take her over any other final girl I can currently think of.

And remember Pax she got out of the car she was in Dream Warriors! lol

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...
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CSY said...

I can't say which one I like better. Laurie was the first final girl I watched and LOVED her! When NOES came out it scared the bejesus out of me and I fell in love with Mr. Kruger! I love both girls, PLEASE don't make me choose!!!

Unknown said...

nancy! cause myers has human and freddy was a dream with big marbles...

Anonymous said...

mr.x nancy runs circles around laurie,nancy single-handedely put fred kruger out of comission,laurie was a weakling,NANCY THOMPSON the worlds no. ONE survivor GIRL.

Anonymous said...

NANCY Thompson she IS a Hundred times better than laurie strode/jennilee curtis?,nightmare on elm street is the only true landmark horror film!

Anonymous said...

nancy thompson bar none the best final girl!,laurie strode was a WEAKLING!.three cheers for NANCY THOMPSON!

Anonymous said...

i'm going to say this only once,nancy thompson from NOES is the all time champion final girl,laurie strode from halloween is a has-been!

Unknown said...

Noup, Nancy Thompson is cheap copy of Laurie Strode, like Sidney Prescott! Laurie has everything.. she is bad ass, she had two childs, she gave the greatest battle against horror killer in any horror franchises and horror history! She was pure, no longer afraid her brother, stand strong, and fought back!

She more, than deserves this honor, as well, she is known from her title - Ultimate Scream Queen of any horror movies!!!

Jamie Lee Curtis aka Laurie Strode is the greatest of all ;) that girl kick everyone's ass!

Unknown said...

Nah! Laurie has everything! She is badass, pure, and no longer afraid her murderous, massmurderer, MICHAEL MYERS! She more than deserves this honor, as well, she is known from her title - Ultimate Scream Queen of any horror movies! Laurie beats everyone! Nancy Thompson, Sidney Prescott, both of them are cheap copies from Laurie!

Laurie Strode all the way! ;) ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Nancy all the way. She was strong throughout the original movie, even after her boyfriend Glen got killed along with all her other friends. She was still determined to take Freddy down. And in Dream Warriors the last thing she did was take down Freddy and saved her friends life. Can't say she's not the ultimate final girl.

Unknown said...

LAURIE STRODE all the way!!!!!1


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