Saturday, January 9, 2010

DAYBREAKERS: The Vampire Attempt At 28 Days Later (SPOILERS)

It takes a lot for me to admit the fact I like a vampire movie containing a main character named Edward. The fact that the film is in no way associated to Twatlight, makes it much easier. Daybreakers is set in 2019 where the world is almost completely vampiric and the humans who have refused to "go vamp" are considered enemies of the state and are hunted to be farmed for blood. Humans are scarce and while people are hard at work looking for a suppliment to human blood, the government is working on tracking down humans. However, the main character Edward is sympathetic to the humans as he didn't want to go vamp in the first place and spends the film trying to find a cure rather than a supplement.
While watching the film, I knew I liked it...but I couldn't exactly put my finger on WHY I liked it. It was shot wonderfully, the idea was fantastic, and there was a decent amount of gore (including an exploding head) but I knew that wasn't why I liked it. That was until I started comparing it to a zombie film. You see, theres a feeding frenzy in the film that looks like something out of 28 Da-THAT'S IT! This film is the vampire attempt at making 28 Days Later!

I say this because the film gives us a whole new world of vampires. Yes, they're fanged. Yes, they don't have reflections. Yes, they're sensitive to sunlight and wooden stakes. Yet, have you ever seen what a blood starved/mutated/rabid vampire looks like? It gives us a look into a world of vamps that we've never really seen before, and if we's been to clouded by sparkling asshats. We see vampires that begin to turn into these decrepid Jeepers Creepers looking creatures from the lack of human blood. Oh, they have vegetarian vampires too...but they don't get the girl, they deform and become violent. Vampires even get to the desperation point to where they start feeding on each other or themselves which causes them to REALLY get screwy. I loved the fact vampires were actually scary rather than pretty boys with sharp teeth. Great change.
The Government once again shows how heartless they truly are when it comes to situations they can't control. At least in this film they're just killing off the people who've mutated rather than raping the women. I'd like to say they're being heartless when it comes to hunting down the people but in all honesty...I completely understand that, so I'm not holding it against them. Yet, when Edward possibly knows of a cure the government hunts not just himself, but the humans down without knowing he could fix all of this. Don't people talk before they act anymore?! The government is also working AGAINST finding a cure which is really just selfish in my eyes.

The vamps are very zombielike once they get hungry. They don't just bite and suck, they rip apart and DEVOUR to get every last drop. It was pretty neat to see the angle they went with them. The vamps were all completely sane and normal, but once they got the scent of human blood...they went completely savage. HERE'S A HUGE SPOILER. After they discover that sucking the blood of a re-humanized vamp will also humanize creates one of the COOLEST feeding frenzies I've seen in horror. A few vamps bite one re-humanized vamp which makes them turn human, which makes more vamps attack them...etc. etc. It creates this clusterfuck domino effect of gore. I loved it.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. I normally HATE vampire films because I'm a hardcore zombie lover and I think any vampire film made now is just trying to ride the Twilight wave, but this film gave us an entirely new vampire and I feel the ending left it open for a sequel...which I would not mind seeing.

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B-Sol said...

And 2010 is off with a bang! Can't wait to check this out.

Unknown said...

I only skimmed the review to keep away from spoilers, so thank you for the warning. I did get that you liked it and that makes me very happy. My anticipation is rising a little now.

Christine Hadden said...

Going to check this one out sunday I think... I've been anxiously awaiting it, and so far it sounds good.

Like the new background here, BTW;)

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

I can't wait to see this. I was hoping that it would be good, and your review has given me hope. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also not typically a big fan of vampire movies but this one was so different while still retaining the central ideas that are common to vampire flicks.

It helps that it's got some great violence in it. Some blood spray always helps!

CiNEZiLLA said...

Great piece. Love the blogg - it's splendid to see a woman's perspective on the ol' 'orror genre. Keep up the great work!


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