Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I usually have a very strict rule with myself not to review films on DotW because I don't want this to be a strictly review site. However, every once in a while I'm compelled to speak my mind about something I've seen. Usually it gives me an opportunity to completely rip apart some awful film, or completely gloat about how cool I am for seeing a film before you. This is one of those films were I feel compelled to say I SAW IT BEFORE YOU DID! Okay, in all honesty, I threw this film a shout out on my vacations & horror post and I hadn't ever seen it. I had heard good things about it and knew it was an indie film so I figured I'd throw some traffic there way. It did get me in contact with the director David Campfield who was generous enough to send me a copy of this fantastically, awfully, ridiculously, campy (sort of) horror flick. He wrote me a little note saying that "its more of a goofball comedy than horror" and he wasn't kidding. I laughed at pretty much everything that happened, and the fact there was some slaughter made me love it even more. If you aren't some film snob who expects PERFECT film making and can't relax and take a joke (but done properly unlike some stupid overly awarded indie vampire films), then this film is not for you.

The first thing I must bring up that this film is in NO way a horror film. When you see it, do not expect jump scares, monsters, an insane demon killer, or compare it to anything Evil Dead. This is more so a comedy film that just happens to have some slasher bits in a summer camp. It's as if Sleepaway Camp took everything humorous about it, played it up over the top like a Drag Queen on speed, and then made sweet sweet love to a bottle of corn syrup and some latex. THAT is what this film truly is. I don't want to say the film is bad, but let's be completely honest...it's not winning an Oscar anytime soon. Yet, the film is just so ridiculous its hard not to love everything about it. From the overacted voice, to the ridiculous amount of gore in the first 5 seconds, to the fact that Felissa Frickin' Rose is playing in another summer camp movie, the film is a laugh riot a minute.

The two main characters remind me so much of Harry and Lloyd it hurts. We have the scrawny over confident kid with dark nerdy hair, and the lazy fat guy with whacked hair who's weak to his gothic "girlfriend". The fact that this Lebowski looking dude agreed to do this film with his gut hanging out for most of the film earns him a gold star in my book. The comedy contrast between the two of them is truly magical and a riot to watch. Caesar is played by David Campfield himself and I am in LOVE with the character. The fact that he gets in a fight with the mentally handicapped brother of the police chief who uses a pinwheel (and a water gun) as a weapon...fucking brilliant. Caesar is just campy enough to not be annoying and everytime he opens his mouth I normally burst out in laughter. I really would love to see the character development notes on him, because I can only imagine the inspirations Campfield took to make this character.

Then there's that whole Felissa Rose thing that is too epic to put into words. So you'll have to see the flick for yourself for that one :)

Now, I've been around the horror block a few times and I've been seeming to find that amongst my colleagues, I'm the minority. Then again, I love some of the worst things I've ever seen. So while I may be obsessed with it, keep in mind that I also believe that Hard Rock Zombies is life altering. So if you don't like it, keep your pitchforks at home. It's not meant to be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure as hell is a whole pot of awesomeness to me :)

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Unknown said...

Wow. Felissa Rose in another summer camp movie... This is easily the best news I've heard in a while.

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