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Ah, can you smell it? Excessive amounts of hairspray, $300 cologne, corn syrup, latex, and weave glue flitter through the air. That's right ladies and gentlemen...IT'S AWARD SEASON. Things like the "Kreativ Blog" "Lovely Blog" and "Zombie Chicken" awards have all been handed out and whored like hell around the blogging community. Well, one more couldn't hurt. I've created my OWN awards. (specially since all the cross linkage keeps us above the "big names" on horror blips ;] )Here's the deal. If you are mentioned here today, you will recieve the banner on the top left. If you pass it on, you pass them the award at the bottom of this entry. Deal? Deal. If I haven't mentioned you on this post. Do not think I hate you, do not think I've forgotten about you, and do not think that I don't think you're fantastic. If you want to start an outbreak, you bite a few and let them free. Well...I can't bite all of you, but know that once you've been awarded here, to send the bite and transitive've all been bitten by me :D When you pass this along, you have to acknowledge SPECIFIALLY why you've given them this award. When you go to the Oscars, yeah you get an Oscar...but not for the same thing everyone else got theirs for. Make them feel special and unique! Bonus points if you're clever :D


The Blogger who will take out your bad boyfriend's kneecaps and send you a zebra print couch: BILLY LOVES STU! Pax Romano's bambino prowess along with his fabulocity gives one of the most entertaining blogs on the interwebs.

The Blog that sticks it to the recession: DOLLAR BIN HORROR! Eat that economy! You think you can stop us horror nerds with your jacked up DVD prices? THINK AGAIN. Rhonny Reaper tells you to pop shove it and gives us fantastic films on a budget.

The Best Bearded Blogger with a weakness for cute animals who loves horror but hates everything: I LOVE HORROR! I have mad love for Brad McHargue and his powerbeard, and I love nothing more than giving him shit for hating "everything" that is unless its Session 9 or Pontypool. He liked those. :D

The Blog who's layout could kick your layout's ass: MONSTER LAND! Jeanette is one hell of a horror writer and her blog is one of my favorites to read, but everytime I go to her site I seriously feel like my blog is the most bootleg looking thing on the planet. Patrick Bateman has the perfect business card, she has the perfect blog layout. My even has moving articles.

The Blogger that reminds me so much of me it hurts: THE HORROR DIGEST! I honestly believe Andre Dumas is my sister from another mister. Everything she says, I agree with and her wit constantly reminds me that I'm not alone in this world of female horror blogging :D

The Blog written by the kid from Pathogen's doppelanger: THE PARADISE OF HORROR. Unless you've seen Pathogen and met Freddys Fingers himself...this joke makes no sense. Love you Rick :D

The Blog that is the reason I blog: LOVE TRAIN FOR THE TENEBROUS EMPIRE! Kate, you are seriously the biggest inspiration I have for blogging, and I don't think I'd have ever started this if I wasn't stalking out your blog first. You rock.

The Blog that is truly the thunder from down under: MUSINGS ACROSS A CONTINUUM! No one knows vampires like Ms. Harker, no one loves the boys of True Blood like Ms. Harker, and no one has a cooler accent than Ms. Harker. I LOVE this woman, and if you don't know aught to.

The Blog that gives me a small heart attack when I leave my speakers on: FASCINATION WITH FEAR! Chris has added this nifty thing to her blog called trailers on the sidebar. I should know by now that she has them but everytime I go to her site, I forget and the sound of the trailers gives me a small heart attack. So she LITERALLY has the most frightening site :D

The Blog that lives the life I wish I did: ALL THINGS HORROR! Not only do Mike and Chris completely OWN in every aspect of horror writing, They host freaking fim fests. WHY CAN'T I BE YOU?!

The Blog that has the best blog headers ever created: CHUCK NORRIS ATE MY BABY! I can't lie, half the time I go to his blog its to see the insane blog headers he's created. His blog is damn hilarious and a hell of a read. Oh, and you should type "how to find Chuck Norris" in google and click "I'm feeling lucky" just do it :D

The Blog that I miss more than size D bras: FREDDY IN SPACE! Dear Johnny. Stop slacking, I miss you. Love, BJ
The most underrated blog on the interwebz: PLANET OF TERROR! I stalk out blogging worlds all the time and I've been seeing a lack of love for this one. I think it's brilliant and yet forgotten. only 75 followers? What is wrong with the world. Do yourself a favor and FAVORITE this one asap.

The Blog that started it all: ZOMBOS CLOSET OF HORROR! Children, he is our fearless leader. Bow to him....I SAID BOW.

and our final award goes to...

The Blog I Owe My Life To: The Vault of Horror. B-Sol is my Obi-Wan, the reason 90% of the internet even knows I exist, the founder of the Ms. Horror Blogosphere competition, a fantastic podcast, fabulous vlogs, and the nicest guy you could ever know. He does it all, and he does it with class and intellect. I don't think there's a single person who doesn't like B-Sol...okay maybe 2 people but they suck anyway :D. 2009 was the year of the B-Sol and I thank him for everything he's done not just for me, but for the entire horror blogosphere. Do him a favor, BUY A VAULT T-SHIRT.


12 comment(s):

Unknown said...

Some awesome blogs you have awarded and Planet of Terror is the shit! Thanks for the love - I shall spread this love even more, just like herpes.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH! Thank you so much BJ-C. This really means a lot. You dear, never cease to amaze me. If I wasn't engaged, I'd be stalking you ;)

PoT will display the award proudly!!

Cortez the Killer

Pax Romano said...

This award means so much to me, thanks baby girl! Oh and thanks to your mention, I have requests for breaking knee caps and zebra print lounges out the wazoo.

XOXO - love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and we will definitely spread it like the herp as Matt mentioned.

Andre Dumas said...

Awwwwwww I'm rolling on the floor in Awwwwwws. I feel the same way about you dear although I'm afraid to say you've discovered my secret--I just try to be exactly like you....and soon I will take over...mwahahahahahah : ) you are the greatest (Even greater than Mo Ali)

Rhonny Reaper said...

OMG I LOVE this! This has got to be one of the coolest awards i have gotten! you are simply amazing

B-Sol said...

I'm pretty much speechless. Thanks so much, and I will happily be continuing the blog awards mania post haste. Absolutely fabulous kiddo :-)

Tenebrous Kate said...

My goodness, lady! Thank you so much for the extraordinarily kind words. I'm honored and touched all at the same time! It's a lovely thing to share an internet with fellow saucy, outspoken folks like you who appreciate the spookier side of the street ;)

Christine Hadden said...

Awesome! Thanks so much, BJ-C! I'm honored that you chose me, and just so you know - I'm okay with being upstaged by someone half my age. In fact, you rock!
And BTW, I scare the shit out of myself sometimes with those trailers on my site...and I'm the one who put them there;)

Unknown said...

This award combines two of my favorite things: horror and feeling up unsuspecting boobies from behind. I am honored!

jmcozzoli said...

Excellent list! A Who's Who of horrifying proportions. A--okay, stop bowing, will you, it's annoying--a primer for what lame Total Film should have done!

Bill Dan Courtney said...

Britteny i hope you have an empty space on your mantel place for yet one more award. I visit your site regularly but am not much of one to leave comments as I am often pressed for time. I just want to give you some recognition before the awards season is over. Pick up your Dangerous rad Award here:

Keep up the great work here.


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