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So we recently bullied out the contender for the Bloody-Disgusting blog awards. Why? Because they aren't "one of us". You know, the ones who obsess over horrorblips, vote up each other's entries, give each other the silly little graphics, have sarcastic commentary together over twitter. Well, he did what I did for Ms. Horror Blogosphere, and what everyone else and their mom did for it as well. I'm not going to badger someone for campaigning even if it means they pull most of their votes from outside sources that aren't us horror blogger fools. I got like 500 something votes for Ms. Horror Blogosphere and I guarantee you those 500 were more so the people I harped down on facebook and less likely people sitting at their screens reading what we all had to say.

Look, I'm not trying to step on toes here but we're getting all upset over something that I'm not sure why we're caring about. Think of it this way. IRL, the awards that hold ANY sort of water are the ones that are chosen by Academies. You know, Grammys, Golden Globes, Oscars, the sort...and the award shows that award Twilight-Best Film, Megan Fox-Best Actress, and Miley Cyrus-Album of the Year are the ones that are voted on by the general public.

The person who wins this award isn't going to be the person most deserving of it, its going to the one of us who has enough time to sit at home on their computer all day harassing their readers and friends on social networking sites.

All I'm saying, is let it go m'loves. It's okay, its just the internet. Don't let the little blog monsters scare you


A very VERY Happy Birthday to my first gal-pal in the horror blogging world,
Ms. Harker of Musings Across A Continuum
Hope your birthday is Fang-Banging my love!!!
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If you stalk me hard enough on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know that I have been a bit under the weather (what else is new?!). Sometimes, when you're feverish you do some absolutely unthinkable things. Last night, was one of those moments. I laid in bed completely ill and decided that I needed to write an article with some sort of substance rather than a funny picture I found while surfing teh intewebz. I flipped channels with the hope that I would come across something to trigger my interests and that's when I saw it. It was white, it was soft, it was was TWATLIGHT. Now, I could have very well thrown up, laughed, and changed the channel...but I didn't. I KEPT IT ON. Now before you think I've gone to the darkside, think again. Instead of actually enjoying the film, I analyzed it. Not only did I analyze it, but I picked up things about the film to make fun of that I never picked on before. Here are my results :D. They go a bit progressive and I tracked down my thoughts as I watched the films. Enjoy!

Why did you show up to school the first day dressed like a homeless factory worker who hasn't heard of a hairbrush? Seriously, it is your first day in a new town and you want to make a first impression, and yet you wear some weird spandex sweater thing and a shirt that I think you pulled out of the garbage behind Holly Star Lanes. Nothing matches, your hair looks ridiculously unkempt, and your weird eyeshadow makes you look like a holocaust victim.

Another thing, you claim to be so depressed about moving and whine about how much your life sucks, and yet the first day of school, 4 EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE GUYS start wagging their tails and drooling over you.

Why does edward cullen catching the smell look more like he shit in his pants. You think if he couldn't resist your scent he would look entranced, or that he wanted to eat you. Instead, he looks like he just shit his pants and has to adjust all weird like to control making it smell bad. When he leaves for two days, it's to avoid embarrassment...not to avoid your "irresistible" scent.

Why is the whole movie blue? I've been to Washington, it isn't blue. Everyone's red lips look really really bad. and the gray eyeshadow on everyone makes them look sunken in and kristen stewart looks like she has a 5 o clock shadown from the lighting. It's just not attractive. As much as I make fun of her, Kristen Stewart DOES have the potential to look pretty and in this movie, she doesn't just look plain..she looks ugly and mannish.

Edward's opening lines are seriously horrible. He stares at her like he needs to win a staring contest. I just don't understand why someone would try to attract a girl by bugging his eyes out of his head and panting like a dog in heat. Another thing. Why does he slide everything like he has no motor skills and he speaks like he has a disorder? Do you have a problem sir? You're a person, USE YOUR HANDS!! QUIT SLIDING STUFF WITH THE BACK OF YOUR WRIST.

Pattison has pretty decent k-9 teeth. Why dear God couldn't he AT LEAST have fangs. Instead, we decide to make him oh so dreamy and yet oh so not wanting to talk to a girl. That scene in the plant garden...he's a complete douchebag. If she had half a brain, she would have forgotten about him in the first place.

The amount of white blonde pale people kids makes it even more obvious Stephanie Meyer is jealous of HP. Malfoy family anyone?

OMG I'm going to a bookstore instead of prom dress shopping. I'm soooooo weirdddd and intellectual!!!

I hate that Alice has cute hair because now I can't ever ask for it. It sounds really bad, but when I first starting cutting my hair super short I wanted to have her haircut/style. However, I brought it into the salon and the woman said OH MY GOD, I'VE BEEN WAITING TO GIVE SOMEONE ALICE CULLEN HAIR!! It was at that moment that I started cutting my hair into an a-line instead.

HOW THE HELL COULD YOU SEE HIM AS A VAMPIRE AND FIND HIS FOLKLORE ON THE INTERNET WHEN.....HE DOESN'T POSSESS ANY OF THE QUALITIES?! After your countless hours of research on the internet, why wouldn't you ask him why he doesn't burn? Or did the only google results you found come from stephanie meyer's fanfics

Dear Edward, if you're so inviting, irresistible, and alluring to come no one at school talks to you other than Bella?

I trust someone who says he wants my blood too.

For being a 108 year old virgin. You have amazing self control Eddie. I know people who go two months without it and absolutely lose their minds. 108 years, dang-a-lang.

I'd be afraid of losing someone i've known for a week of my life, most of it him hating me too. the lion should have eaten the lamb. That would have saved us 3 more horrible books and 3 more terrible films.

First-Edward is NOT a vampire, 2nd-there is a part of him, its quite dominant, that he's a pussy who should have sucked your blood already. and 3rd...stephanie meyer is in love with a weird fantasy.

I think Edward Cullen raids Simon Cowell's closet. It's all black, white, gray, and v-neck. ALL of it. Try some color dude.

Jacob and I have the same purple hat. How cute. I have my Sharkboy 3-D glasses too! We're like twinsies!!!

Jasper looks like Will Farrell and Edward's curly headed fuck of a brother. I can't look at him and not burst out into flaming laughter. Come on Alice, you're the cute one! Go for a guy as equally as cute!

Okay. I do have something positive to say...Edward Cullen has a sweet fucking room. Then again, after 108 years of interior design. I'd really hope that you'd have some cool shit to show for it. They may be really really lame vampires, but they at least have sense of interior design. The graduation cap collage thing is a pretty sweet idea and I'll be honest, I chuckled. One point for you.

"You better hold on tight spider monkey"...BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHO WRITES THIS SHIT!? Oh yeah... that's right....If some guy EVER called me spider monkey he better be named Walker or Texas Ranger. It sure as shit won't be Edward fucking Cullen.

I feel the need to open my shirt when I play piano too. I just find its truly necessary to show off the fact I have the inability to grow chest hair.

The Forks, Washington chamber of commerce actually has taken its motto to be "the home of twilight" According to the icons at the bottom of the page, they're number #34 on the list of Twilight sites...FML. I'd move out of town.

"I like watching you sleep and I come through your window". So're either a) the sandman, 2) a stalker or 3) the tooth fairy

Rob Pattinson does seem like a good kisser, but I think its more so because he got really talented and trained with this...

When I hear large cracking of thunder and there's no rain around, I assume vampires playing baseball too. As much as this scene is ridiculous...having power like that and playing baseball would be fucking epic. so justice league baseball teams should be going on right now.

Alice Cullen is a fucking fox...and her kick when she pitches causes insane thoughts. Unhealthily insane thoughts. I'm going to hell. Guys don't watch this film for K-Stew, they watch it for this chick. She's a bonafide babe. I'll admit it. PLEASE DO FILMS THAT AREN'T TWILIGHT RELATED
So Laurent is in a Lenny Kravitz stage, James is Lestat in an H&M catalog, and Victoria is that chick Kirsten Dunst played but as a young I gotcha.

"You are my life?" Its been like 3 weeks. What the french is wrong with you?! Ever heard about dating around? You know, getting to know each other. All you do is make out and talk about how perfect for each other you are. How about movies? Music? Oh yeah, you both like Debussey...SO DOES MOST OF THE WORLD! What about TV, hobbies, past times? Anything? What's her favorite flavor of gum? Don't know?! I thought she was your life!?

Dear Edward, you suck her wrists like you're eating corn on the cob. Next time you are going to even remotely act like a least get it right.

So the Cullen family cares enough about Bella to make up a story about how you ended up the way you are? Well I have a question for you Mrs. Bella's mom...Who puts windows at the bottom of two flights of stairs. YOU BELIEVED THIS BULL?! That story holds no water. None. Especially if you're in a hotel. Who has two flights of stairs in a hotel room? You guys are idiots. You'd have a better shot thinking they were IDK vampires or something.


I won't lie to you, this picture is just an edited one I took of myself after my shower. The makeup, is in fact what came off in the shower and smeared all over my face. Any female who wears waterproof makeup looks the exact same way after it :) Anyway, Women in Horror Month is next month and DotW FINALLY has something to do. I actually have three things!
As voted on by you, you've voted for me to expose my "sorority belonging to, high fashion wearing, department store makeup only rockin, yet will drink you under the table", best friends to horror films. Yes, as much as I'd love to say I only hang out with equally as horror nerdy females...I only talk to them through the interwebz. My friends are in fact the dreaded prom queens, sorority girls, cheerleaders even...and I'm going to lock them in a room with myself and a horror movie of my choice. Whenever women on the internet give there opinions on horror films, they tend to be people like myself, you know...nerds. However, what about the opinions of the women who would trade in a shitty Nicholas Sparks adaptation or something starring Anne Hathaway over Bruce Campbell and buckets of blood? Well...WE'RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT!

Tied with the first option is "What if ____ was a woman?" The idea was given to me a while back by B-Sol @ The Vault of Horror. Basically, I'm going to take a beloved horror character that is a man, and I'm going to tell you what it would be like if he was actually a woman. Some of the entries will be serious, but some will mostly be parodied and very stereotypical...because that's fun :D
So I know all of you have seen this picture many times, but what you may not know is that this look was created with makeup I got from Walmart. Not even costume makeup. It's all normal makeup :D Eyeshadows and the sorts. While it may have lost the poll, I was asked personally by a few female horror bloggers to still do this, so I figured...what the hell! Let's do it!

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AMAZING Zombie Artist Chris Zenga chose yours truly along with B-Sol & John (yes Zombo's Closet John) to be models for some absolutely incredible zombie portraits. I'm absolutely honored to be considered a model for this incredibly talented artist's phenomenal work.


Gallery -

Re-Animation Shop -

Blog -


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WOMAN OF THE WEEK 2.0: Zelda Rubenstein

"Cross over children. All are welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light." RIP Zelda Rubenstein 1933 -2010

This week, we are featuring a woman with arguably one of the most recognizable voices in the horror industry. [except maybe that of Jigsaw]. Character actress Zelda Rubinstein is one of those actresses that "everyone knows, but doesn't know who she is." It's about time we paid attention to a true talent, and a downright sweet woman. While she's best known as playing the off-beat medium Tangina Barrons in the Poltergeist series. She also has contributed many other roles and voice overs in the horror world.

Standing proud at a towering 4'0", Zelda was originally working in the medical field. She was hired for a few commercials but because of her very "different" voice, she was picked up as a regular on The Flintstones. She auditioned for the role in Poltergeist and made the role Tangina the iconic character she has become. I'm sure that people all over the place could hear the quote "This house is clean" and instantly think of her. Her haunting little voice gave her character a dose of terrifying, with a hint of sweet.

She did an episode of the cult classic television show Tales From The Crypt where she portrayed a mother of a daughter who has been dead for over 40 years. She did a few little small time movies here or there and even reprised her role as a psychic in the cult classic film Teen Witch. She plays a psychic witch who trains another girl who is in fact a witch. Gives her spells to make her more popular, you know, the usual.

Then one of my absolute favorite shows EVER aired on public television. Hosted by Linda Blair and narrated by Zelda Rubinstein, Scariest Places on Earth showed around the Halloween season for 6 years. When the show started to fall and the hauntings didn't seem real anymore, [maybe because the crew admits to staging events...]the one thing that kept the spook was Rubinstein's eerie voice telling tales of horror.


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I won't be harassing as much as I did for Ms. Horror Blogosphere...since I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER

so please. do me a favor and spread the word :D

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And so it first entry from the computer lab. Luckily, we're a mac school so I can iChat and tweetdeck while I do this. It's just like old times! The past week I have been realizing just how much I rely on my technology and how much I'd rather hang from the Sears Tower by my ankles than to sit in this god forsaken computer lab for an hour longer. Alas! I love you all enough to suffer through the poor connection and the fact I can't watch Chelsea Lately while I write. Anyway, it's brought to my attention how much of an Epic Fail the film industry has been committing as far as technological horror films are concerned. When I say technological horror, I'm not referring to hyped up star ships or Terminators, but rather the things that we use on a day to day basis. Where are the literal blue screens of death, where it doesn't matter if you're red or blue...YOU HAVE NO MAP, websites that kill you (and aren't feardotcom), DVD torture, RED RING OF DEATH?! Come on now! Why can't we tackle this yet? We've tried effortlessly and yet we keep cranking out these horror films that suck six ways to Sunday.

I did a showcase of phones in horror films, but if you recall correctly, the only good examples of them were land lines. Cell phones are one of the greatest tools invented and being only 19, it blows my mind how people went on without them in the first place. They're extremely vital to our lifestyles at this point and if something were to ever go horribly wrong with them, we'd all be fucked. The only cell phone film that made any sort of impact was One Missed Call which arguably is a god awful film. The potential was great because I can tell you if my phone rang and it wasn't my ringtone, I'd lose my freaking mind. The movie was completely overtaken by that stupid red ball thing and just really took me out of the film because it was less about cell phones (which is what I was promised) and more about the stupid back story. What about text messaging? There's nothing creepier than getting a text message from an unknown number saying something threatening or weird. Maybe its a generational thing, but I get at least one weird text message a week and every single time...I lose my mind and start becoming absurdly paranoid. ZE INTERWEBZ

For the amount of time people spend on the internet blogging, tweeting, e-mailing, and facebook creeping; you'd think we'd have figured out a way to make it scary. The internet is a really screwy place and creating a horror based around the internet shouldn't be that difficult...key word being shouldn't. There was that movie about chain mail...STUPID. Feardotcom? STUPID. The Net wasn't exactly horror but it was still pretty weird. Oh, and then there was Untraceable which was sort of decent but spawned one of THE WORST horror film posters of all time. I'm waiting for the facebook creeper movie...I'll write it, hell I'll STAR in it...because it will basically be an autobiography at this point of my life. Cry_Wolf is the closest example of what I'm looking for...and that's not saying a whole lot.

Alright Frankie Muniz, I know you are so awesome and that Malcom in the Middle is the ONLY person to save the day in the horror world with your magic computer that miraculously picks up a wireless signal outside a house in the middle of nowhere that's been abandoned for years while you can't get cellphone reception and all that jazz...but ROSES?! What the french is this?! Stay Alive is one of the few video game inspired horror films and its the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Then again, I should give them credit for trying. At least they didn't go huge budget and fail like Gamer.

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Macbook Madness...

BJ-C's computer has turned to the dark side, and she unfortunately had to send it in to Apple High Command for repairs. Rest assured that once it returns to her possession tomorrow, posts will resume with customary regularity. Thank you, that is all.

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Needless to say, my heart is breaking. So my posts will be SERIOUSLY out of control and random for the next few days. My sincerest apologies.

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Yes, that face DOES in fact bring all the boys to the yard.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yes, this is a sparatic post from my campus' computer lab! Yay! I'm getting plenty of awkward stares as I shuffle through horror blogs and the like, but you know what...screw 'em! I'm awesome, and they're jealous. This edition of WotW showcases a woman that I feel left us too soon. She's my favorite red head next to Lucielle Ball and my sister. The first pinup girl for the Hammer Horror franchise was only in two films for the company! She was named number 11 on The Vault of Horror & Day of the Woman's 20 Hottest Women of Horror, and by the looks of that picture alone, I'm sure you know why. Her autobiography published shortly after her death was called Horror Queen, and that's exactly what she was.

Despite her long career on both sides of the Atlantic, many film fans know of Hazel Court only from appearances in such productions as The Masque of the Red Death and The Raven. But Miss Court is far more than just someone who once appeared in a Vincent Price movie. The purpose of this page is to call attention to the other aspects of her long and varied career.

A promising British starlet in the 1940s and early 1950s, Court hit her stride appearing in crime dramas and mysteries--even appearing in several of them with her then-husband Dermot Walsh. In 1954, she starred in the offbeat English sci-fi flick Devil Girl from Mars, and before long was specializing in horror pictures. Court was the female lead in two early Hammer productions: The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959). In the former, she played Elizabeth, fiance to Peter Cushing's Dr. Frankenstein.

Later, she starred alongside the likes of Vincent Price, Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre in three of Roger Corman's classic Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, Premature Burial (1962), The Raven (1963) and The Masque of the Red Death (1964). In between her Hammer and Corman stints, she topped the 1961 British cult favorite Doctor Blood's Coffin.
Perhaps it was her experience with Corman--in addition to her marriage to American actor Don Taylor--that encouraged Court to relocate to Hollywood in 1964. From that point on, focused on raising her daughter Sally (who, incidentally, played her as a child in Curse of Frankenstein). She also did occasionally work in television, appearing on shows like The Twilight Zone, The Wild Wild West and Mission: Impossible. In 1981, she made one final film appearance, an uncredited walk-on in Omen III: The Final Conflict (a horror picture, naturally). (

She was a redheaded, leggy, green-eyed dansel who was an iconic film actress and a pinup girl in England in the 1950s, and who went on to make dozens of guest appearances on American television. Hazel Court had a long and varied professional life, including a second career as a sculptor. However it was her cleavage and screaming that made her the Scream Queen that we all know and love her as.


My hard drive crashed.
Expect sparatic posts from my dorm computer lab!

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I usually have a very strict rule with myself not to review films on DotW because I don't want this to be a strictly review site. However, every once in a while I'm compelled to speak my mind about something I've seen. Usually it gives me an opportunity to completely rip apart some awful film, or completely gloat about how cool I am for seeing a film before you. This is one of those films were I feel compelled to say I SAW IT BEFORE YOU DID! Okay, in all honesty, I threw this film a shout out on my vacations & horror post and I hadn't ever seen it. I had heard good things about it and knew it was an indie film so I figured I'd throw some traffic there way. It did get me in contact with the director David Campfield who was generous enough to send me a copy of this fantastically, awfully, ridiculously, campy (sort of) horror flick. He wrote me a little note saying that "its more of a goofball comedy than horror" and he wasn't kidding. I laughed at pretty much everything that happened, and the fact there was some slaughter made me love it even more. If you aren't some film snob who expects PERFECT film making and can't relax and take a joke (but done properly unlike some stupid overly awarded indie vampire films), then this film is not for you.

The first thing I must bring up that this film is in NO way a horror film. When you see it, do not expect jump scares, monsters, an insane demon killer, or compare it to anything Evil Dead. This is more so a comedy film that just happens to have some slasher bits in a summer camp. It's as if Sleepaway Camp took everything humorous about it, played it up over the top like a Drag Queen on speed, and then made sweet sweet love to a bottle of corn syrup and some latex. THAT is what this film truly is. I don't want to say the film is bad, but let's be completely's not winning an Oscar anytime soon. Yet, the film is just so ridiculous its hard not to love everything about it. From the overacted voice, to the ridiculous amount of gore in the first 5 seconds, to the fact that Felissa Frickin' Rose is playing in another summer camp movie, the film is a laugh riot a minute.

The two main characters remind me so much of Harry and Lloyd it hurts. We have the scrawny over confident kid with dark nerdy hair, and the lazy fat guy with whacked hair who's weak to his gothic "girlfriend". The fact that this Lebowski looking dude agreed to do this film with his gut hanging out for most of the film earns him a gold star in my book. The comedy contrast between the two of them is truly magical and a riot to watch. Caesar is played by David Campfield himself and I am in LOVE with the character. The fact that he gets in a fight with the mentally handicapped brother of the police chief who uses a pinwheel (and a water gun) as a weapon...fucking brilliant. Caesar is just campy enough to not be annoying and everytime he opens his mouth I normally burst out in laughter. I really would love to see the character development notes on him, because I can only imagine the inspirations Campfield took to make this character.

Then there's that whole Felissa Rose thing that is too epic to put into words. So you'll have to see the flick for yourself for that one :)

Now, I've been around the horror block a few times and I've been seeming to find that amongst my colleagues, I'm the minority. Then again, I love some of the worst things I've ever seen. So while I may be obsessed with it, keep in mind that I also believe that Hard Rock Zombies is life altering. So if you don't like it, keep your pitchforks at home. It's not meant to be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure as hell is a whole pot of awesomeness to me :)


Hello there Womanizers, it's BJ-C here and I've brought to you (what was a vlog until blogger decided uploading wasn't on its list of things to do today) a bit of a rant. Now before you all start jumping up in excitement over a good ol' fashioned Twatlight bash or some shit talking on Megan might want to be sitting down. I have to be honest and clear.

The horror blogging community is something that I hold very near and dear to my heart. The people I associate with or "work" with are some people that I trust and care more about than people I see on a day-to-day basis. You all get me on a level that many people don't fully understand, and you keep me entertained day in and day out. You've shown me that there ARE people in this world with passion for what they love and I respect you people more than I respect most people I have daily contact with. I thank you for what you do and who you are and the work you create.

HOWEVER...and its a big however

There has been some completely unnecessary animosity and an overabundance of hostility between the community lately and I will NOT stand for it.

It all started with the Ms. Horrorblogosphere competition. First, there were people bashing on B-Sol for starting the contest. Not only did they bash him for starting it, but they brought up things on a personal level; including his wife and family. That's absolute bullshit. As the daughter of a politician and someone who has been brought up when I've had NOTHING to do with the situation at hand, I can tell you that there is nothing more disrespectful than bringing up personal issues as ammo in an arguement. Then, there were people who bashed the contestants who competed. Just because you disagree with what someone is doing, does NOT give you the right to bash on them. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Remember? Something that I really don't want to bring up, but I the fact that people talked very poorly about me after the competition ended. Yes, there were hearty congratulations and I appreciate them very much...but the twitter comments talking about how I don't deserve something were very unappreciated. It really hurt me to know that people I care so much about could get so wrapped in an INTERNET competition that they would take to a public outlet to express their frustrations. If you're discreet about something, I could care less...but when you actually use my name...I have an issue.

Now we have the debate on Total Film vs. Bloody-Disgusting. I don't care if you have some personal vengeance against them or something...that doesn't mean you can talk shit about something they're doing that is POSITIVE. They may be the "big bad website", but lets face it. In this world, they are Wal-Mart, and we are Ma & Pa's grocery store. Get over it, its a fact of life. Moving on from that, they DO support horror blogs and always have. A good chunk of my hits come from their links to my blog when I help B-Sol do top 10 lists for them. They're trying to help us out man, quit biting the hand that feeds.

Then we have horrorblips. Seriously, its a link ranking website. Stop getting your panties in a bunch because "so and so beat me and they're not as good" blah blah blah. It's a site that ranks us by how often we're linked by other blogs on horrorblips. It in NO WAY ranks you by your quality or your popularity amongst the general public. It seems that it always has to be about "ME". WE as a horror community overtook the 5 powerhouse websites and instead of being happy for the little guys...we bitch that we aren't ranked higher. Seriously?

I don't know if its the time of the season or what have you, but this internet drama has got to stop. Let's be nice, support each other, and grow up.

Peace, Love, & Brains

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello darlings, I'm moving back into the dorms and my semester is starting so as always, I'm on a slight hiatus until I get situated. Some things you can look forward to seeing are...

  • A GRACE debate with I Love Horror's Brad McHargue
  • Another fantastic edition of Horror Hackdown
  • A review for Ceasar & Otto's Summer Camp Massacre
  • A list of "Women in Horror who shaped my existence"
  • &&

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Lady Gaga: Pop Idol or Horrific Genius?

(I'm not neglecting you, my computer hates me. I'm getting it fixed when I get back to school tomorrow)
I admit proudly that I'm OBSESSED with Lady Gaga. She's by far the most interesting performer in a long while, her songs are catchy as hell, and if you haven't seen her piano work YOU SHOULD, because she's a flipping genius. While she may be an exploding pop/club/gay community sensation, she's also horrifying and creepy. Inspired by The Divemistress' fantabulous post about her "Paparazzi" video, I've decided to showcase some of Lady Gaga's most horrific moments

I want your psycho...If the nurses in Silent Hill liked black...She likes them skinny.Attack of the 50 Foot Fame Monster!Big Bird + Saw + Christmas Wreath = This
Hi, I'm Max...ITS RUMPUS TIME!I think this is what Kings of Leon meant when they said "Your Sex Is On Fire" I mean, I use razorblades to make my sunglasses tooCarrie...OF THE FUTURE!Argentino would have been so touched.I still can't figure out how the hell she walked in that.It may not be King Kong...but Kanye is a big enough douchebag to be a monster stealing a blonde.Note there are fang marks...Edward Cullen, you are NOT the father.Linnea your back babe.

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