Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Oh sequels! It isn't very often that we are blessed with sequels that are anything of substance. Normally, we are given a film that has the same characters we know and love, but the story line is absolute rubbish and the acting tends to have dripped a bit downhill. The same thing could be said for the posters that follow. Happy Tuesday my darling Womanizers. It's been a bit since I've really torn into a poster and today is going to be that day.

This poster is absolutely fucking horrible. I don't think a single part of this poster was shot together at the same time. every kid has a different lighting angle, every part of the farm looks like it was taken from a different location, and this kid in the front seriously looks like he's been super imposed onto a different body with different hands holding onto a scythe. The chick on the right looks like someone stole her out of a poster for Village of the Damned, while the kid on the left looks like a kid they stole from Wal-Mart.

The other thing driving me crazy is that this poster was made for a 1996 film and the poster looks like its from the 70's. Sometimes doing a throwback poster works BRILLIANTLY! *cough* House of the Devil *cough*, this time...it doesn't. It looks like shit. The font is book inspired which I do appreciate, but then someone picked the ONLY "scary" font Microsoft Word has to offer and put it in red font. I seriously don't understand why anyone would do that. It looks tacky. Who made this and said to themselves "This poster will TOTALLY sell this movie" ? This makes me want to buy the movie alright....and burn it.

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B-Sol said...

This may just be the worst one yet. It's certainly up there. At least this time it's for a movie you just knew would be terrible. Sometimes I think it's even worse when a great movie has a terrible poster...

forestofthedead said...

In no way am I going to try to defend this poster but I will say that I like this move and the entire series it belongs too. Sometimes you just want kids murdering adults.

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