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DotW Salutes: HORROR MUSICALS! *jazz hands*

Hello My Darling Womanizers! I apologize that I have been M.I.A (yes, I do fly like paper, get high like planes) this past week. When I'm not getting completely gang-banged by my classes, homework, projects, and studying for finals; I had auditions and callbacks for my university's theatre program. These three days of theatre wonderment have inspired me to do today's post. As Pax Romano of Billy Loves Stu so delightfully stated...I'm a gay man trapped inside the body of a sexy young college co-ed. What does that have to do with this post? It means I'm a sucker for musical theatre god damn it! That's right folks. I'm finally getting around to a post that has been LONG overdue and doing a showcase on some of the best horror themed MUSICALS! So pull out the chainsaw, polish up those tap shoes, because it's showtime! *jazz hands*


Some people absolutely hate this film, and you know something...I don't. For a while I got highly annoyed with it but after a break from all things Amber Sweet and Infections, I fell back in love with this Rock Opera. The songs aren't the greatest, but some of them are damn catchy. It's shot beautifully and no one can ever deny the greatness that is Sarah Brightman's voice. Word of warning, if songs get stuck in your head easily...beware 'Zydrate Anatomy'


Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. He shaved the faces of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard of again. He trod a path that few have trod did Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet street. He kept a shop in London town. Of fancy clients and good renown. And what if none of their souls were saved? They went to their maker impeccably shaved. By Sweeney, by Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of fleet street.


"In each of us there are two natures. If this primitive duality of man: good and evil, could be housed in separate identities, life would be relieved of all that is unbearable. It is the curse of mankind that these polar twins should be constantly struggling." The longest running show in the Plymouth Theatre's history, and gives us probably the only time singing about Murder in the night will be acceptable...I'm talking about the tale of the scientist who took the wrong dosage: The tale of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde IN SONG!


Out of Brundle's machine came a man, a fly, and an opera. The opera is based entirely off of the cult classic films and our favorite scenes can now be enjoyed, in song.


Just about the only thing better than a chainsaw arm yielding Bruce Campbell with hot one liners and a foxy bod, is a chainsaw arm yielding Bruce Campbell doppelganger with hot one liners, a foxy bod, AND song/dance numbers. Evil Dead: The Musical combines my two VERY favorite things in the world and has created a cult classic. How many shows do you go to that have splatter zones?


When you're blue and you have no place to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits. *tap tap* PUTTIH ON DA RIIIIIIIIIIHZ. Do I really need to go into detail? It's Mel Brooks, put to music. Can it get any better? Thank you Chicago for bringing this to me, I'm obsessed with it.


Before you get in a hissy fit, this IS a child friendly horror flick and this IS one hell of a musical. Probably some of the coolest music to ever come out of Danny Oingo Boingo Elfman's mind is in this flick. Not to mention I guarantee that every single person reading this blog knows the words to "This is Halloween". At least most of them anyway :D


Step aside Fear Factor LIVE! There's a new show taking your spot over in Universal Studios. Granted the show isn't opening until 2010 due to some fire code issues, this looks QUITE promising to me. The venue hosting the show has hosted other horror themed musicals like Beetlejuice's Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue or The Castle Dracula Live Show, so I have a feeling this show will fit right in :D


He's a mean, green, mother from outer space...and he's bad. Little Shop is one of, if not my FAVORITE musical of all time. There's doo-wop, rock and roll, an adorable ballad, Rick Moranis, and a friggen man eating plant! How can I not love this show!? I can sing all the songs and every time Family Guy makes a Little Shop reference, my heart twitters just a little more. FEED ME SEYMOUR!!!


Yes, some more delicious Tim Burton & Danny Elfman goodness. A little bit more on the darker side compared to TNBC but just as fun IMO. Granted TNBC was way more of an impact, I feel this little musical number is highly underrated. I love the sound of Helena Bonham Carter's voice and a surprisingly adorable storyline that makes necrophilia almost acceptable.


Who would have ever imagined that the only man in America to ever be convicted of Cannibalism would one day get a Broadway show in his honor? If you're gonna do something to make yourself historic, at least make sure they can put song and dance numbers along with it. Originally a film directed by and starring Trey Parker (yes, the guy who made Baseketball and South Park), it was later molded into an Off-Broadway show. EPIC.


“Bright colors are for people who have no inner life and no imagination.” Damn skippy. Come visit me in Chicago, we'll hit the Oriental, and catch this fantastic little musical before it hits NYC. Check my recent review of it HERE.


Allright, theres about 234234 different types of musicals related to Stephen King's Carrie, but the one I'm focusing on is the cult classic that is in DEPESRATE need of that rumored revival. Could you imagine a song number for "They're All Going to Laugh At You?" How. Awesome.


You should all know me well enough by now to know that this film appearing on my salute was inevitable. I'm well aware that there is an actual theatrical show, but come on now...who doesn't love Tim Curry in drag, frozen Meatloaf, unconventional conventionists, making a man with blonde hair & a tan, and Susan Sarandon in a film she pretends she never made? It's just a jump to the left my friends NOW GET OFF MY DESK AND FIND YOUR FUCKING NECK!


Yes, this exists. Yes, it's a movie. Yes, it is epic. Yes, Ben is white. A musical comedy adaptation of the copyright free George Romero classic, about a group of strangers trapped in a house by the walking dead. When these characters aren't destroying ghouls, they're bursting into song.


Ever want another reason to visit me in Chicago? Look at the picture above and try to tell me that's not outstanding. That's right kids, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE THE FUCKING MUSICAL. Got 15 bucks? Live Iin Chciago? GO SEE IT.


I love looking at Gerard Butler as much as the next person, but face it: The role of Christine was LITERALLY written for Sarah Brightman. In arguably Andrew Lloyd Webber's most iconic production *STFU Cats & Joseph. YOU CAN DIE (except the Rum-Tum can stay)*, we see the tale of a man cast away in the attic like some poor kid on Black Christmas who falls in love with someone raised in the Opera house and then preceeds to stalk and kill people...all to music. The beginning of the song "Phantom of the Opera" I firmly believe has the most recognizeable opening than any other song ever written for the broadway stage. I'll put money on it.

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B-Sol said...

Love this post! And love horror musicals too. I do love musicals in general more than any straight man alive. I've seen Phantom three times, and even met the cast after the show once. The Fly is something I really NEED to see, hopefully it gets a NY revival. And how amazing was the ED musical??

Rhonny Reaper said...

omg I LOVE this! now i wanna watch RHPC, Corpse Bride, TNBC, The Little Shop Of Horrors, and Sweeney todd in a horror musical marathon XD
I actually never seen repo (please don't shoot me) I want to but when it came out I was broke and damnit I still am! maybe for christmas!

P.S. I know its not horror but what did you think of Wicked? I watched the whole thing online and LOVED it

Pax Romano said...

I fear I am going to have to sue the makers of the Chainsaw musical...

see for your self.

oducerproducer said...

Of course i'm gonna jizz all over RHPS, possibly my favorite thing ever created! But great list besides that, Repo, i like but i'm not diehard on, perhaps the January midnight showing will change my mind. Sweeney didn't age too well for me, it's still good but it doesn't hold up for me on repeated viewings.

As for the plays, i've only seen Evil Dead, which i'm still raving about 3 weeks later.

s for something semi horror themed, Satan, what do you think of The Pick of Destiny?


Silence of the Lambs, the musical...hilarious. "Put The Fucking Lotion in the Basket" is amazing.

deadlydolls said...

The marriage of horror and musical is a beautiful, beautiful thing...

Repo! got a lot of hate from a lot of people, but it's an ambitious film made with some super spirit. It requires a certain mood to watch, but for what it tries to do, I think it works quite well. I went to a "shadow box" performance out in Long Island, where Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich came for a Q&A. Very nice guys with a lot of love for their work and fans.

Also, the Toxic Avenger musical is currently playing in NYC and it's a darn good time if it comes anywhere near you. Similar in spirit to Evil Dead, but a little more jokey for the musical theater crowd.

I second Satanslilsunbeam: Silence! The Musical is absolutely hysterical.

Let's all cross our spirit fingers that Carrie is indeed revived soon!

Christine Hadden said...

This is a fantastic post! I can't believe how many of them I didn't even know existed. (Creature from the Black Lagoon, really?...and Cannibal? Holy shit.)

I'm definitely partial to Sweeney Todd (Depp version) but he hangs the moon for me, okay?

And B-Sol, my totally straight (engaged, even) brother is a huge musical fan... 'course he is a Music Education teacher. What's your excuse? LOL.

B-Sol said...

HAHAHA--My excuse is growing up around a lot of old people. They were raised in a golden age of musicals, and before homophobia was rampant in our society (since gays were so far in the closet that homosexuality wasn't on most straight ppl's radar) So it was still totally cool for men to dig musicals...

Belle Dee said...

Great Post! I've often thought about making a list such as this. Another good one is 'Phantom of the Paradise'. It's one of my favs!

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