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Happy (almost) New Year Womanizers! Not only does this January 1st ring in a new year, but it also rings us in a new decade. What does that mean? It means MORE EXCUSES TO HAVE A RANKED LIST! So I've put together my personal Top 25 Films of the Decade.
NOTE: This means it is MY opinion
I guarantee you may disagree on its placement. If you start drama on this blog over its ranking, I will not be pleased. This is all in fun people, just enjoy it!

Ellen Page's best work, hands down. She plays 14 year-old Hayley Stark who attracts 32 year-old Jeff Kohlver through the internet. In a nutshell, its a psychological thriller that gives an example of what "To Catch A Predator" would be like had it had any balls. It's horrifying, thrilling, and puts men everywhere into a very squeamish position for a good chunk of the film.
It's female empowering and the first attempt in years to bring something new to the Werewolf genre (suck it Jacob). It's a dandy Canadian indie flick that shows the results of getting your menstrual period and transforming into a werewolf at the same time. The acting is wonderful, the film isn't cookie cutter, and the fact that its two girls carrying the entire film always warms my heart :D
You can hate Rob Zombie for the abortion he created with the Halloween series, but he can make one hell of an exploitation film. His second installment of films with the lil' ol Firefly family is friggen fantastic. It's a wonderful tribute to the films of yesteryear and somehow...someway...he makes you root for the bad guys.
I know I'm going to get some slack for ranking this so low, but I feel that because it's a remake (especially of a Romero film) you already have a base to work with rather than starting from I expect you to do something good. This is the best remake of the decade and one hell of a zombie film...I just wish they didn't run ;)
The release date is speculated but it's my blog, my rules. I saw this when I was 12 and I'll admit I only rented it because Rob Zombie said on TV it was the only film to scare him in a while. I figured he was more desensitized than I was and I took his word. That f'ing bag...that's all I'm going to say.
Michael Haneke brings us a scene-by-scene remake of his 1997 film and scares the living daylights out of us all. Naomi Watts is fabulous and good God, I've never been more freaked out about men in white since A Clockwork Orange. The film was fantastic and they gave us probably the best movie posters in a long while.
Patrick Bateman, the things I would do to you...One of the most intelligent films made in the decade, this one showcases Christian Bale's best acting chops since Swing Kids. It's horrifying, clever, original, and has the same heart as the original Psycho. It's a definite cult classic and makes you question what Grandma's plastic couch is really all about.
I've always believed that the Werewolf is the most neglected of the "monster-mash" classic creatures. This film brought them back in a big way. Combining military flicks and horror flicks normally seem to create a recipe for disaster, but the Brits have proved us wrong with this film and it is one to not be missed.
Who knew Bill Paxton was such a creep, man? Who knew Matthew McConaughey could do something other than drugs? This film jumps right into it literally within the first 5 minutes when a guy blows his brains out. Don't let the cast list fool you, this film is provocative as hell and really REALLY creepy.
16) MAY
It took me a while to finally see this film because it was one that I definitely judged by its cover. After I finally bit the bullet and rented the flick, I was kicking myself for waiting so long to watch it. This is a quirky little horror film that you best not know anything about going into it. The less you know, the more insane the film is to sit through.
If you aren't a fan of violence, gore, or more violence...this film may not be for you. As far as violence is concerned, this makes the torture videos terrorists film look like The Little Engine That Could. Honestly, the French are some sick puppies.
14) SAW
Try to remember way back when...before it became the never ending franchise. Think back to when we all had haunting visions of a puppet on a bicycle and little red riding hogs. Think back to when the thought of the reverse bear trap or the barbed wire were completely original and horrifying...You can do it. Remember...try to remember!
If you didn't know any better, you'd think this film was pulled right out of the 1970's. Ti West's perfect example of a horror throwback is a perfect showcase of everything we know and love about the era that perfected the horror film.
I watched this film with a friend of mine super late at night, and never more in my life have I felt so...strange after watching a film. It wasn't that I was scared or disturbed, I just felt a bit off. I still try to wrap my head around the initial impact this film brought to me, but it was quite off-putting. I loved every second of it though. The film is anything but typical and once again...The French are some sick puppies.
Stephen King knows how to freak us out, and this film is no exception. People are the most afraid when they are helpless and completely out of touch with what is really going on. We fear, what we do not understand. The film is fantastic and not only creates a monster film, but makes us really wonder what happens to society when fear takes over. I don't care what anyone says...I LOVE THE ENDING
This film isn't so much horror as it is just an all-out gorefest. J-Horror creeps me out 85% more than American horror and this film truly takes the cake for freaking me out. It's another one of those films that is better witnessed rather than told about, but let me tell's intense.
Three absolutely amazing tales intertwining on Halloween night and giving us the cutest and most loveable horror character EVER. It's creepy, clever, entertaining, and just amazing. I have nothing bad to say about it, at all. It's very original and the three stories are very interesting. Just watching the three all wrap together gives an awesome sensation of the mind. I'm obsessed with this film. OBSESSED.
This is another film that you really need to think back to a time where the film hadn't been parodied up the ying yang and completely made parody. When it came out, this film was the first in a while to really freak people the frick out. It's all anyone could talk about, and people left theatres waiting phone calls to warn them of their week coming demise. Samara is horrifying and that damn tape still gives me nightmares. I think its the nail through the nail thing...*shudders*
Brad Anderson, you are a friggen genius. This film is IMO probably the best example of a psychological horror film that exists. It's a complete mind fuck and one hell of a film. If you haven't seen it, you've done yourself a grave disservice and should be ashamed. Go watch it now, it will change your life...okay maybe not but you'll seriously enjoy it.
05) 28 DAYS LATER...
There was a Zombie drought in the 90's and it took a little British import to completely change the rules of the zombie and completely revamp the genre. Infected, zombie, undead, whatever they are...this film is why Zombies run and make a bloody stinkin' mess. The film is breathtakingly shot and intelligent as hell, not to mention Cillian Murphy is a freaking sexpot.04) THE DESCENT
You know those slumber parties girls have where they sit around and gossip and cheer each other up? This movie isn't about those kind of women. When tough times come they find a more life threatening / exhilarating / horrifying way to push past the pain. Holy. Mother. Of. God. That's all I can say. That's all there is to say. I have never been so freaking scared in the theatres in my life. Granted I was a little young to be seeing this film, but screw it. I am traumatized. This film was insane even before the cannibalistic little buggers showed up.
To keep it simple: It's THE greatest zombie comedy if not horror comedy ever created. A film that, when I watch it, I cant really find something wrong with it. Not only is it a brilliantly hilarious film that helped introduce Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to the world, but its a good zombie movie in its own right. The characters are loveable, the storyline is honest, and the results are absolute perfection
02) [REC]
What a thrill ride. This is the film BWP and Cloverfield want to be when they grow up. The entire film is seen through the camera lens and it puts the audience member right into the horrifying action. It doesn't feel as if you're watching footage, you feel as if you're in the film which makes it all the more horrific. The ending is fantastic and the entire film will literally keep you on the edge of your seat.
Come on. Did you honestly think I was going to pick anything else? LTROI is the most morbidly beautiful, aesthetically breathtacking, horrifyingly cute, and endearingly macabre film ever created. The film is absolutely perfect. There are a few films that I will say has "nothing wrong with them" and this is one of them. Carried by two of the most impressive child actors to ever breathe, we see the awkward tortured love story of two adolscent children. Oskar, who is constantly picked on by bullies but dreams of his violent revenge finds a friend in the dead-on vampire persona Eli. Eli isn't effected by the harsh cold, smells weird, only comes out at night, and never claims to have a gender or an age. The relationship between the two is something to be desired, mostly because it's real. The story is haunting, the film is beautiful, and the score is absolutely earth shattering. You don't need a ton of blood, gore, or jump scares to make a quilty horror film, and this is the shining example of it. This film is EASILY the best horror film of the decade and I'd easily put it on my top 5 film list for the decade.

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Mike Snoonian said...

Great list. It's good to see the criminally underrated Frailty get some love. My old roomie and I were so creeped out after walking out of the theater we had to sneak into Van Wilder to get rid of the willies.

I usually think of the French as the masters of foreign horror, but this list is a great reminder hof how many good british genre films we had this decade.

the jaded viewer said...

Solid picks all around. No argument here

Anonymous said...

Ditto. Not a single argument. And thank you for including Martyrs and Inside. Sometimes you get one on the list (or none at all) but certainly not both. Bravo.

Pax Romano said...

Great choices, I only disagree with two of them, but hey, this is your blog ... thanks for including May, I LURVE that movie.

Oryx said...

Love the list, one of the few this time of year I can agree with.

Andre said...

YesYesYes to all the French horror LOVE. Simply superb list dear.

Jessica said...

I definitely agree about Let the Right One In. It's one of those movies where it doesn't matter that it is a foreign language film. My hubby and I loved it.

Now Saw on the other hand is something I will agree to disagree. I actually got pretty bored within a half hour but forced myself to sit through it. I never watched any of the sequels because I strongly disliked the first.

A few of these I haven't seen so I am adding them to my list. Thanks for sharing :)

Matt said...

While I respect your blog and your general knowledge of the genre, I'd have to respecfully disagree with The Devil's Rejects. I really found little redeeming value in this film and the fact that people cite it as Zombie's best work doesn't say anything to me. I laughed out loud at the Free Bird ending and many other scenes. I appreciate that he's trying hard, but Zombie can't write a decent horror film to save his life.

I dare to say that High Tension is overrated too. I was left underwhelmed after hearing all of the hype.

That said, I agree with the rest of your picks, especially The Descent and Let The Right One In (did you read the book?). It has been a decent decade for horror and I hope the trend continues.

Matt-suzaka said...

Only issue I have with the list is Saw, but one out of 25 is pretty fucking good, so kudos to your tight taste! Love Ginger Snaps!

Rinny said...

Dear Brittney-Jade,

You forgot Drag Me to Hell somewhere in the twenties.


BJ-C said...

@Jessica: You gotta remember I was 14 when I saw this. I was also with a ton of 14 year old girls screaming their heads off. That film was EPIC when I saw it. I guess I can't shake my initial love for he first one.

@Matt: My God. The book is fan-friggen-tastic

@Erin: Its fantastic, but not the best of the decade. Sorry :\

Matt said...

Agree, the book is even better than the film.

The Divemistress said...

I love love love that you included Battle Royale! But I hate hate hate both Hard Candy and Funny Games.

Happy New Year :)

Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

What a great list. Absolutley loved Frailty, very creepy. Shaun of the Dead wonderful example of Brit romzomcom. And Let the Right One In was just beautifully shot with the blood and snow. Great book too.

Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

AND Funny Games, watched the whole film open mouthed!

Cins said...

I gotta admit I agree with almost all of these...and this ones I don't are actually the ones I haven't seen yet.
BTW, Full frontal Cillian Murphy FTW!

jeffreygmm said...

nicely done :)

Chris said...

Totally agree with Let the Right One In. I, too, selected it as my #1!

Great list.

P.S. Love your description of Inside! Wonder what the French have in store for us next...

Evilmonster said...

great call, outside "the mist"... and i did not give that one a good chance, so i will revisit it...

Ghidorah said...

I didn't made one myself, but of all the "top xx movies of the decade" I saw so far, yours is the one I most agree with...

You are a woman with great taste!

Anonymous said...

That was me you saw High Tension with in the wee hours of the night/morning.

it did indeed leave us saying, wtf.

badgerdaddy said...

I think LTROI is better than the book... It's a brilliant adaptation. Imagine the book on screen - it would be all over the place. He's refined the story down to its absolute essentials, and done it brilliantly. The book was disappointing in many ways - very, very good, but mainly it made me appreciate the movie even more.

ToxicDeath said...

Brilliant list, of the ones I have seen including the top 5 i agree they should be on everybody's lists and the ones on your list I have not seen most of them are on my to watch pile.

Aaron said... put Let the right one in as # 1?

What, did you read some top 10 artsy horror lists and want to be part of the club of fanboy/girls for this subpar euro borefest?

The movie was lackluster in every sense, predictable and had such horrible stilted and un-inspired dialogue it nearly put me to sleep.

Trick'r'Treat was campy and cool... but doesn't deserve to be anywhere near as high up as you put it.

The rest of the list is alright, and I guess it comes down to personal taste but I cant say I agree with a lot of your choices.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

i loved INSIDE and have it as my top pick but LTROI was also a very good pick

Spike Ghost said...

is my favorite movie, thank you for putting it in your list :D

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