Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes my womanizers, you read this title correctly. I am NOT spending this Tuesday ripping apart a shiteous poster, in fact...I'm going to recognize something that is an absolute double bottle of awesome sauce. I was blessed to finally see Ti West's The House of the Devil. Had I not know any better, I'd swear it was made in the late 70's or early 80's. It's one of the best throwbacks I've seen in I don't know how long. However, I'm not focusing on the film because we all know I suck at doing positive reviews, but I really believe that these movie posters are the best movie posters to come out in the past 5 years. Granted, the posters are total tributes to the horror posters of yesteryear, but hey...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I'd first like to point out how easy on the eyes the colors are. This is the first poster in I couldn't even tell you how long that was so aesthetically pleasing. The color contrast is absolutely fabulous and draws your eyes in exactly where they should be...to the title.

They actually made the poster look very 70's and to be honest, it's got a very Amityville vibe to it. I say this not as a comparison, but something I can relate it to. The tagline to the film is even very throwback. "Talk on the phone, finish your homework, watch TV, die". This honestly could have been the tagline to When A Stranger Calls. It's that bad, cheesy, ridiculous tagline but one that actually works.

I personally feel that these posters are restoring my faith in artistic horror promotions.

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Unknown said...

yes, lets hope that more horror films go with classic style posters like this one! But even a poster can't improve some of the crapfest horror films that get released.

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