Tuesday, November 3, 2009


What's this? Could it be? Is this really happening? I can't believe it! It is THE RETURN OF TERRIBLE POSTER TUESDAY!!!! Yes my darling Womanizers, Miss BJ-C has ended her Halloween Hijinks series and is bringing you back some shiteous horror movie posters and some sassy commentary from yours truly. Today's program is brought to you by the letter C and F. C & F are the letters today because this poster is just one giant clusterfuck of awful. I had decent hopes for the actual film, but this poster is just horrendous.

First of all, this looks like Steven Tyler had sex with the poster for One Missed Call and had a child. The screaming jaw looks more like she's doing the wail in "Dream On" rather than being horrified. I'm also a little bit concerned as to why this she-manster's jaw is so long. Are you an alien from The Invasion? No? Then what the french is your deal!? I'm just highly confused as to why she's just standing there screaming. Unless this film was called "Posession" or "Frozen", the girl just standing there is really stupid.

Can we please also be concentrating on the fabulous hair-do this woman is rocking. I seriously think that she went to the Paul Mitchell intsitute and asked for the Bill Kaulitz. Maybe if the person in this picture was running or in a wind tunnel would this sort of hair be acceptable...but they're not. This person is standing upright and doesnt' show any signs of struggle. Maybe her hands are on those static electricity balls, or maybe she's just out of her mind.

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

that could very well be steven tyler if not for the boobs.

Unknown said...

That poster is so bad it's actually pretty funny.

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