Friday, November 13, 2009

Megan Fox Seriously Makes Me Hate Women

Alright, you gotta admit...that title REALLY grabbed your attention didn't it? In case you don't religiously follow my blog like most of you crazy womanizers (love you all =]) you should be aware that I absolutely HATE Megan Fox. I think she's the most idiotic actress to ever hit the screen and the fact she thinks her good looks are the reason she can't get a serious role makes me want to punch her. Look at Angelina, she gets GREAT roles and she's a knockout. STFU. AAAAAAAANYWAY, this past week she did an interview with the NY Times about herself and all that mambo jambo, when she said one of the most insulting things ever to come out of her mouth.
“People expected ‘Jennifer’s Body’ to make so much money,” Fox said flatly. “But I was doubtful. The movie is about a man-eating, cannibalistic lesbian cheerleader, and that pretty much eliminates middle America. It’s obviously a girl-power movie, but it’s also about how scary girls are. Girls can be a nightmare.” “ ‘Jennifer’s Body’ wasn’t rated PG-13 like ‘Twilight,’ ” she continued. “It was a hard R, and kids couldn’t get in. So they bought a ticket to another movie and snuck in.” She smiled. “If I was to have a message, it would be to be a different kind of role model to girls. With ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ I want to say, It’s O.K. to be different from how you’re supposed to be. I worry that’s totally lost.”


I honestly don't think this woman thinks before she opens her mouth. I really don't. First of all, man-eating and cannibalistic when describing a human mean the same thing, so you're just getting a little redundant don't you think? I don't think she was "doubtful" about the film not making money. If she was, she wouldn't have signed on to do this role, so you're acting like the popular girl in school who teased her hair in the 80's but now looks back at it and says "I never thought it looked that cute". You're full of BULLoney. You thought you were gonna crank in the big dough and when it flopped you tried to look "too cool" for it. Eliminating middle America? Um, HELLO!? What are you new? The average man loves him some lesbians, some cheerleaders, and some gore! As far as I'm concerned, combining them all together just saves fetish time! People live for that crap, you're seriously going to tell me that an average income home raised on Rock Music, South Park reruns, and internet porn are NOT going to be interested in a lesbian, man-eating, cheerleader...played by arguably the sexiest woman alive?! I think the straightening iron took out some neurons. YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND.

You want to be a role model eh? What a role model you are. You talk poorly about the people who are funding your existence, you claim that your looks make it so you aren't taken seriously, and your whole "being different is OK" as inspired by Jennifer's seriously deranged. So you're saying its okay for girls to kill men that they don't like? That's seriously ridiculous, I'm actually a little at loss for words over this. It's women like this that give women like me a bad name. They make unintelligent claims and use their "femininity" without knowing anything about it. This is a girl-power film? Give me a fucking break. It's about a demon that eats boys. Cool, Freddy Kruegar is an old dream demon that kills teenagers, but that doesn't mean the film is going to empower the members of AARP. Honestly, if anything, it makes us look WORSE. Now guys really can say that we're man-eating, bitchy, whores. I mean you made out with like 4 people in that 2 hour film. Way to be. Jerk.

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The Igloo Keeper... said...

You're right, i'd still shag her though.

Pax Romano said...

She is pretty and sexy, I give her that. Her acting is sub-par and she's dumb as dirt.

Don't get all worked up over this bimbo, hot gals in movies are a dime a dozen - check back in twenty or thirty years, see where she's at then. For every Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon there are hundreds of forgotten tramps. Methinks that Fox is going to find herself on that trash heap of forgotten Hollywood tramps eventually.

Andre said...

I never found her to be all that attractive. Her face will always look like she is smelling poop. YEAH it's really America's fault your movie sucked, not your bad acting or anything. Tramp ass.

KPaffenroth said...

thanks! You made me blog about it too, finally!

B-Sol said...

I continue to be totally baffled by Fox and others who tout what a feminist movie this is... Have we really become that deranged and misogynistic that we think it's empowering and not demeaning to depict a woman as a "maneater"? Sad.

CRwM said...

Just my two cents.

I don't think she meant "man-eater" in the sense of "uses humans as food." I believe she means it in a more Hall and Oates-ish sense: "a woman with an aggressively predatorial sexual nature."

Also don't see that she's disowning JB. Taking on a flick doesn't mean you must have a strong conviction that it will rake in the big bucks. I don't know the details, but she could've made bank regardless of the film's financial performance. If she had a cash-on-delivery contract, then she made a bundle no matter what happened at the box office. Indeed, in Meg's position, it is probably best to sign up for anything that pays, regardless of how she thinks it might do, because she has to be aware that audiences tend to lose interest in starlets fast (unless, of course, they opt to add a Spear's-style late-stage public decay phase to their careers). Megs has to know that she's not going to be here for the long run. Fans backlash, she loses her looks, the calls stop coming: Better to make as much as you can now by taking every gig you can land, regardless of the film's commercial prospects.

Finally, I think the feminist project of the flick - successful or not - was not that Fox's character was meant to emulated. Rather, that her character was supposed to reveal the absurdity of modern mores about female sexuality by making that sexuality a literal horror story. (Which is why casting Fox was brilliant - who is a better living example of embodied male ideas of female sexuality?) Hence the fact that the story hits a crazy long litany of every fetish people can imagine. It's parodic rather prescriptive.

Anywho, just my thoughts. Thanks for posting something to get us all thinking.

XanxiuZ said...

Those of you calling her a "tramp", "bimbo" and "dumb", what's up with that? Unless you have intimate knowledge that she, indeed, is a tramp or a bimbo, why would you call her that? Oh, I get it, when a woman seems to be overtly sexual, it's alright to call her a tramp or a bimbo, 'cause you know, she just is. The double standards just make me crazy! As for her being dumb, I've seen her in a few interviews, and unless she's reading from a prompter, she's definitely not dumb. Just because you don't like her doesn't mean you should call her names... names that women have been trying to shake for decades.

Having said all of the above, I'm not a Megan Fox fan at all. I would never go to a movie just because she's in it. She's beautiful, yes, but so what? It takes more than beauty for me to part with my $12.50 and go see a movie.

With the way that the movie making industry is, today, if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress, I suspect that she will try to go the Charlize Theron route, and play an unattractive character. Problem with that scenario is, Charlize is a very good actress, always has been. I don't think Megan has any real acting chops, unfortunately. We shall see.

@B-Sol, in answer to your misogyny question... we've been there for awhile, dude.

Andre said...

I call most people a "Tramp Ass" no proof of sexual history needed. It's just quite irksome that she blames the bombing of the movie on America instead of her acting or Diablo Cody's waning screen writing capabilities.

Anonymous said...

Some will say I'm lying, but she does little for me. I admit she is attractive, but I'd take the lovely Tiffany Shepis (a true Horror babe) over a dozen Megan Fox. Plus Ms. Fox can't act her way out of a paper bag with holes in it. She should be thankful she has looks, because her talent won't get her better roles.

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