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Oh Horror Society, how amazing you are. This weekend I trecked my happy butt all the way to the city (free of charge thanks to a good friend of mine who joined me on the ride) in order to endure 8 hours of brain muching, flesh ripping, bone gnawing zombie films. I was arm candy for the night of good friend Stu from BuyZombie and when I wasn't loving me some zombie fun, schmoozing with the vendors, or chatting it up with awesome folks like KreepyLady and Nicki Nix from Hey! Look Behind You!, I was picking on Rick Romanowski of The Paradise of Horror. How's THAT for some plugging of my friends? Other than hanging out with quite possibly the coolest horror junkies that Chicago has to offer for an evening, I was given 8 hours of some sweet filmage I luckily got to see and you should be so ashamed that you didn't get to witness. Oh yeah, and I got to hang out with the coolest people you will ever come across.
Have you ever thought to yourself "Gee, this film is really awesome and the music is stellar...I'D LOVE TO HAVE THIS SOUNDTRACK! But oh drat, Wal*Mart doesn't carry it" Well worry no more! run by Joe Wallace will solve this problem for you! He even had the Tenebre soundtrack...EPIC. Check it out!
For Vintage & Out-Of-Print Horror Reference Books. Also features Horror News, Movie & Soundtrack Reviews, Convention Reports/Photos, And more. Out of Aurora, IL (EXCELLENT) I checked out their booth and the guys running it knew their shit and were super sweet to talk to. Gotta love it. Check it out!
Okay, one of the highlights of the weekend was finally meeting The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Shu. He's one hell of an entertaining dude, and he really knows his horror. Do yourself a favor and check out his site, you will thank me later. I would say more, but he seriously speaks for himself.

The night opened with a very short, very low budget, but very very funny film called The Basement. It had absolutely hilarious dialogue and the concept was quite entertaining. Although the film was maybe 5 minutes long, I will say it was one of the most entertaining of the short films. If you were at the festival, you'll totally understand why I chose the image I did for the film :)
We were then given a look at a trailer for Sub-Hub which I will admit was absolutely hilarious. It was a potion that women can slip their husbands to make them better husbands...aka zombies. I really enjoyed the little fake commercial for it, but what I did NOT enjoy, was the Tales from the Script. A sort of parody of Tales from the Crypt, the film is in progress and will be having horror themed tales that take place on the production of a horror film. They gave us sort of a preview of what they've got coming, and let me just tell you...I pray to GOD the storyline is better than their version of the Crypt Keeper. The character was annoying to me and the accent given to him was so harsh it was almost inaudible. The worst part of it was the humor. It was incredibly forced and jokes were only made for the sake of making jokes. The sad thing is that I watched Ron Fitzgerald walk around all night and he's quite charming and charismatic. He would have done better being himself in costume than trying to develop this just dreadful character. I honestly believe they came up with a joke and just threw it in the script to make sure they used it. In other news, the director Claire "Fluff" Ryan is adorable.

Where do I start with Fleshbeast. It was made apparently in 1980 and has been banned in 20 countries. I WISH that this film was banned in America, because it needs to be. This was the most god awful excuse for a film my poor eyeballs have been forced to sit through. The camera shots were incredibly awkward and the experimental lighting was borderline seizure inducing. One of the main characters has single handedly the most obnoxious voice and it was incredibly hard on my ears. The monster was barely shown on screen and when it was, it was this computerized piece of shit that looked like The Terminator raped Tarman. I hated every second of it and was begging for the credits to roll.
Chemical 12-D was AMAZING as usual, and I'll say seeing it at Zombie Outbreak on the big screen was seriously great. Being able to see such a great film on a big screen vs. my macbook made the film so much better. The closeup of the zombies really showed me how absolutely amazing the makeup job was. It was really nice to finally meet Mac Eldridge and David Wagenaar at the convention, if any of you ever have the chance, talk to them. They're pretty stellar people. At their table was Robert Sandoval, Catherine Mihaljevic, David Trojan, and Billy Bitterman. Running around were even the actors Bill Stoneking, Kelli Clevenger, and Wesley Klepac. I even picked up my own personal copy of Chemical 12-D and the behind the scenes look into it is very impressive. As far as the short films were concerned, this one BLEW the others out of the water.
Okay, it took me long enough but I FINALLY saw Colin. Colin is the infamous Cannes Film Festival darling that blew people away on only $70. This film is a much better look into the zombie apocolypse than most films that have big named directors and huge budgets. If you get the opportunity, make sure you see this film. You will be doing yourself a grave disservice if you don't get a chance to see it.
I seriously pray every night that my future daughter someday becomes Emily Hagins. I'm not even kidding. Pathogen was WAY cooler than I thought it was going to be. I understood that it was a 12 year old zombie film, but I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. I'm not judging the acting because it's seriously a bunch of kids she hangs out with, but I was blown away. It was cute, creative, well thought out, well scripted, and for a 12 year old...edited greatly.

I had seen it already though, but I didn't get to see it here so I won't include a review.

but the best part of the night...


If I have to go into details on how epic this is...then you are reading the wrong blog my friends.


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B-Sol said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to see ROTLD on the big screen. I'm serving notice that B-Sol WILL be on hand for one of these zombie marathon thingies in the near future. Fingers crossed for some Fulci!

shu said...

Once again, you are too kind, B.J.. (God, I love that name!) Thank you for mentioning me and I hope it does not go to my already enormously swelling head. It was a pleasure hanging out with you at Zombie Outbreak and I look forward to running into at further horror events in the Chicagoland area. I am just happy that there were no celebs or horror icons for Freddy's Fingers to insult. :)

The Curious Cat said...

You truly are a massive horror buff aren't you?! What an event! Sounds like a lot of fun and I will be checking out those friends of yours too! xxx

Erin Rose Tollefsen said...

I TOTALLY agree on "Flesh Beast". I really think the ONLY reason it was banned was because of how AWFUL it was. It was like a really bad acid trip, only less entertaining. The other movies were great, though, but I missed "The Basement" on account of my husband getting a beer. >.> Lame.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

It was such a pleasure meeting you! I always love meeting cool Chicago people so I hope to see you at other future events :)

Stuart Conover said...

Glad you enjoyed being arm candy and had a good time! Can't wait to see you at the next event ;) [REC] 2 will be amazing!

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