Monday, October 26, 2009

HALLOWEEN HIJINKS: Things I HATE about Halloween


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B-Sol said...

BJ-C Lives!!

P.S. The bit about little kids dressed like assholes may be Video Blogging Moment of the Year.

Amanda Rock said...

ha ha! awesome. but my dog likes dressing up. so there. ;)

The Igloo Keeper said...

I'm dressing up as cheese this halloween.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I agree with so many of your observations and, unfortunately, have to deal with most of them every Halloween.

Glad you are alive (and not a real Zombie).

jazmyne616 said...

You are officially my 2nd favorite person in the world!! (I'm #1 of course!)

I came looking for ideas to torment my irritating neighbors with "Christ Gave Himself, Not Candy" and "Halloween is Pagan" signs in their yard. They don't even let their kids dress up like assholes, they won't let them leave the house and keep them HOME FROM SCHOOL during the Halloween party. That is evil!!

I think they are trying to guarantee he worships Satan and she has a crack-baby at 13.

Thanks for making me laugh at such travesty!

RayRay said...

Great rant, except for the part about the dogs. My wife dresses up our two dogs, and my little girl dog, Phoebe loves it. And, by the way, they need to wear sweaters in the Fall/Winter.

Oh, and the churchy folk that can't seperate their faith from Halloween need to get a grip.

Unknown said...

I walked through the JC Penny on my lunch break today and the store was decorated for Christmas. Full-on garland, music playing and everything. I almost passed out.

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