Thursday, October 8, 2009

HALLOWEEN HIJINKS: Festive Trinkets!

Yeah, I'm sassy.
Wanna fight about it?

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Unknown said...

I bought Grace for $10 buck too...such a good price for a new movie and they have a ton of other cool horror flicks on sale right now with Halloween and all.

I have a box of Boo Berry that I haven't broken into yet, because I am rockin' a box of delicious Capt'n Crunch Halloween edition right now! Mad good!

And thank you for showing us your underwear.

Anonymous said...

I have a Dawn of the Dead (1978) action figure of the zombie that attacks Ken Foree at the airplane refueling station. I've got countless foreign toys like Swedish trolls, Norwegian Dragons and Japanese monsters (Godzilla, Destroyah and others), and I've got other horror related action figures from Todd McFarlane and Co.
Never really got into the Jack-O'-Latern though, which is kind of a stupid thing since Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.
And in responce to your previous posting, I've got a marathon of my own going on for the night before and Halloween night.
I'm watching Young Frankenstein and The Rocky Horror Picture show with my parents the night before. All through the next day it's Vincent Price with both Dr Phibes, Theater of Blood, Madhouse, Pit and the Pendulum, Fall of the House of Usher and Witchfinder General. And finally at the end of it all it's a bad movie marathon with friends as we attempt Asylum, Satans Little Helper and The Blair Witch Project, and then I'm not watching another movie for a week at least.
Oh, and thank you for the showing of underwear, the most I have is a pair of Pink Floyd drawers.

Pax Romano said...

Love you in black and white, so film noir!

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