Sunday, September 20, 2009

Words of Wisdom brought to you by FIDO

Every so often a film comes out that is absolutely brilliant but because of idiots behind marketing and DVD box goes unnoticed. Fido is one of those films. It's hilarious, it's cute, it's entertaining, and it takes place in the best time possible-a zombie infested Pleasantville. The best part about this film is by far the script and in has some incredible lines in it that I feel need to be recognized. So just like last time with Scream, I'm going to put up pictures of OTHER horror films so you can see how art imitates life...or whatever cliche quote DOES work for this situation.
Bill Robinson: I'd say I'm a pretty darn good father. My father tried to eat me, I don't remember trying to eat Timmy.
School Children: [singing] In the brain and not the chest. Head shots are the very best.
Man on TV: The elderly seem friendly enough, but can you really trust them? No.
Mr. Bottoms: Without my job, well we'd all be dead. And then where would we be?
Mr. Bottoms: That's right.
Timmy: So zombies are sinners?
Mrs. Robinson: I suppose we're all sinners honey, but God sees the good in anyone.
Timmy: So, does that mean God loves zombies too? Even when they kill?
Mrs. Robinson: I think zombies kill because its they're nature.
Timmy: So its not really they're fault?
Mrs. Robinson: No. Not really.

2 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

LOVE the top photo, but of course I prefer this version...


oducerproducer said...

my favorite line i believe goes, "Help Grandma's fallen and she's getting up"

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