Thursday, September 10, 2009

WOMAN OF THE WEEK: True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse

People have been asking me for a while now why I haven't done much with True Blood here on DotW. Well, to be completely honest...I don't get the channel. HOWEVER, I felt it my duty to bring you fangbangers something to sink your teeth in. I may not know the show as well as I should, but my aussie-ome friend Ms. Harker of Musings Across a Continuum is a True Blood EXPERT. I don't think there is a single other person on this planet who expresses the need for a cold shower after an episode of TB than Ms. Harker. She has been a total sweetheart and accepted my challenge of a TB character themed WotW. Check her blog, and enjoy!

G’day! (Come on, it had to be said!) I am both flattered and beside myself with excitement that Madame BJ-C has asked me, Ms Harker to pen today’s Woman of The Week (WoTW)! Being a supporter of all things femme in horror and quivering with anticipation of this weekends season finale of True Blood, it is entirely appropriate that I will be tooting the horn of Miss Sookie Stackhouse as WoTW .

Now let me make this entirely clear I am speaking from the perspective of the television series, not the books. There is heated debate in the Harker household as to whether anyone is allowed to go near the books as JH is whining that it might ruin the TV show and I’ll know something he doesn’t blah blah blah! But I digress, back to Miss Stackhouse.

The fangbanging waitress born and bred in Bon Temps was not always the telepathic perky breasted, Scooby sleuth dynamo we know today. Sookie was sent to a number of doctors as a child due to her gift, to no avail, having experienced the power of telepathy from early childhood. However her life was marked by darkness prematurely, tragically orphaned at a young age, both her parents were killed in a car accident leaving both Sookie and her brother Jason (meow!) to be raised by their Gran.

Gran raised the Stackhouse siblings with values of acceptance and openness; however little did Gran know just how open young Sookie would be!

Tragedy seems to follow this heart on the sleeve girl from the south no matter how hard she tries. Her Gran was slain by a vampire hating serial killer, her brother became a ‘V’ addict (vampire blood, which gives humans a sexual and hallucinogenic high) who could forget Jason’s giant boner! Her brother then joined the ‘Fellowship of the Sun’ a vampire hating cult, her best friend was possessed by a demon. She lost her virginity to the charming dark and handsome vampire Bill only to think he was burnt in a revenge killing, found him buried in the dirt and commenced to ‘get it on’ in the mud restoring his undead juices, this chick will go to great lengths for her man (I don’t do dirt or cars, a woman has to have standards!). Sookie then made a trade with the local vampire Sheriff Eric (meow, meow!) for the use of her telepathic powers to save Bill and Lafayette (her best friends cousin) from certain death. Sookie was kidnapped by above mentioned vampire hating cult only to be rescued by the sexy Sheriff, who also protected her from a suicide bomber from said cult, only to trick her into drinking his blood (which I would require no tricking to engage in!). I have probably missed some events, but to make what has been a fangtastic two seasons short; our young heroine has been through the undead wringer!

So what makes her worthy of WoTW? Not only is our Sookie a survivor, not only has she managed to snare two hot vampires that are now vying for her attention, the woman’s got powers and the perkiest arse and tits I’ve seen in some time! This tidy little package from the deep south has yet to come into her full telepathic strength, but I’m betting this seductive blonde Bon Temps bombshell will play an integral role in saving her home town from the grips of anarchy and that makes her worthy of WoTW in my books!

3 comment(s):

B-Sol said...

Great stuff. I really enjoy Anna Paquin in this role, and not just because of her admirable lack of squeamishness when it comes to onscreen nudity. She's really made the part of Sookie Stackhouse her own.

Excellent guest post, Ms. H!

The Warfreak said...

I do likes me some Sookie.

Becky said...

Fabulous WotW!! Well written Ms. Harker. I love Sookie, Charlaine Harris for creating her and Anna Paquin for playing her so wonderfully. BJ-C, you must bone up on the series before Sunday's season finale. You can find episodes on-line through Project Free TV and Also season 1 is out on DVD and I know (as a sometime employee) most Blockbusters carry it. You're really missing out, and I just hate to see that. Better yet, just come down to Georgia and I'll loan you my set! :)

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